Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yahoo LAUNCHCAST song of the day

Artist:Bebe & Cece Winans


Album:Greatest Hits

Of course Benjamin "Bebe" & Priscilla "Cece" Winans are from the Detroit based Winans gospel singing family. They were one of the first black gospel artists to really crossover to the mainstream. They first surfaced on Jim Bakker's PTL Club in 1981. They were in the PTL Singers. They became kind of famous for singing Up Where We Belong from the film Officer & A Gentleman. Their talent was obvious but Bakker insistance that they sing the song repeatedly on live TV was weird. Bebe laughs about that today. Of course we all know what happened to PTL. Fledgling Contemporary Christian Music producer Keith Thomas convinced Bebe & Cece to record with him. Their 1987 self titled release was released independently but it earned them a contract with Capitol Records. Their 1988 CD Heaven featured this song written by Bebe & Thomas. It not only was a hit in the gospel & CCM market but it crossed over to mainstream R & B. It probably helped that Whitney Houston was a fan and had them appear with her on stage. The 1991 CD Different Lifestyles was even bigger and featured this video for Addictive Love. Bebe & Cece Winans split up in 1994 and they continue to have successful solo careers. And Cece continues to work with Keith Thomas. This comp is great for beginners. They're both tremendous talents. Some of the Bebe & Cece arrangements may be a little dated but Bebe has proven that he can take these songs, update the arrangements and the songs still hold up.

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