Thursday, June 22, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Zhane

Artist:Zhane f/Fam
Song:Hey Mr. DJ
Album:Pronounced Jah-Nay

The female duo Zhane scored a top ten hit with Hey Mr. DJ in 1993. It turned out to be their only big hit. But the song is very durable and it gets sampled a lot by hip hop guys. Renee Neufville and Jean Norris met at Temple University in Philadelphia. They sang together on some of the same shows. After they appeared on the 1991 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince single Ring My Bell, former Warner Bros. exec Benny Medina suggested they become a group. The name Zhane is a mix of their names. The Jah-Nay pronunciation is to make it sound French. It's not a real word. They recorded Hey Mr. DJ for the various artists CD Roll Wit Tha Flava featuring Queen Latifah. Hey Mr DJ did so well as a single from that album that Zhane got a record deal with Motown. Hey Mr DJ reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Most of the album including Hey Mr. DJ was written and produced by KayGee of Naughty By Nature. KayGee has had a lot of success as a producer and owner of Divine Mill Records. Renee wrote the lyrics of Hey Mr. DJ and most of the album. It samples Looking Up To You by Michael Wycoff, Step To The Rear by Brand Nubian and Troglodyte by Jimmy Castor Bunch. And Hey Mr. DJ has been frequently sampled. The rapper is Abdullah "Fam" Barr from Rottin Razkals. The album Pronounced Jah-Nay was certified Platinum. It's available as a budget CD. Zhane had a couple more hits like Groove Thang and a cover of Evelyn "Champagne" King's Shame from the film A Low Down Dirty Shame. Their 1997 album Saturday Night didn't do as well and then Zhane split up. Jean married drummer Marcus Baylor of Yellowjackets and most of her music has been with him along with studio work. Renee was lead singer of Roy Hargrove's RH Factor and she writes songs for other artists. Here's the video for Hey Mr. DJ by Zhane.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tecia Torres in for Amanda Ribas on July 7 UFC show

Yesterday the Las Vegas Journal Review reported that Tecia Torres will replace Amanda Ribas and face Juliana Lima at the TUF 25 Finale July 7 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. This show will air on Fox Sports 1 in the US and TSN in Canada. Amanda was flagged for a USADA doping violation. She is suspended pending a hearing. This is the fourth straight time Juliana will face a late replacement. Tecia is pretty good for a late replacement. Tecia began her career with eight straight wins. But her lack of a ground game was exposed on TUF 20. She suffered her first official loss when Rose Namajunas exposed that flaw. She bounced back with a win over Bec Rawlings. At the same time, she was talking about retirement. She is now married to Raquel Pennington and they train together in Colorado. Tecia also has a criminology degree. I can see her winning if she can keep the fight standing and outpoint Juliana. On the other hand, if Juliana can take her down and sit on her, I can see her winning. That's how she won her last fight over JJ Aldrich. Both are points fighters so I don't see a finish. And I would not be surprised if Tecia retired if she lost.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Natalie

Song:Goin' Crazy

Natalie Alvarado scored a top 20 hit with Goin' Crazy in 2005. When follow up singles and her second album stiffed, she returned to dancing and choreography which is what she was doing in the first place. She was born Sept. 2, 1979 in Clear Lake City, TX which is a suburb of Houston. Natalie studied criminal justice in college. She answered an ad for Houston Rockets cheerleader auditions. She got the job. To make extra money, she started doing choreography in videos for local rap artists. She also started rapping and singing mainly to add to her dancing. Latium Entertainment owner Charles Chavez thought Natalie had potential. Obviously her looks were part of the deal. He decided to turn her into a singer. Chavez is the man behind Chamillionaire and Baby Bash. He had a distribution deal with Universal. Nathan "Happy" Perez produced most of Natalie's 2005 debut CD. She co-wrote all of the songs. Perez had already worked with Chamillionaire and Baby Bash. Goin' Crazy reached #13 on the Billboard Hot 100. Perez didn't produce that song. It was written and produced by local Houston guys Eddie Guardian and D. Botts. Natalie made some guest appearances on recordings by Chavez' other artists. A second album Everything New was released in 2006. She worked with some of the same producers. But a lot of the songs were produced by the duo of Play-N-Skillz. They are brothers Juan & Oscar Salinas. Unfortunately for Natalie, there were no hit singles and the album didn't sell. After that, Natalie returned to the Houston Rockets and she runs the Houston Rockets Power Dancers. Here's the video for Goin' Crazy by Natalie.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Analysis of Invicta FC 24 card

Yesterday Invicta announced the full card for Invicta FC 24 July 15 in Kansas City. This will air on UFC Fight Pass. As usual, I will analyze the card. A few weeks ago, Megan Anderson defending her Welterweight belt against Helena Kolesnyk was announced. Since Megan is going to the UFC, Bantamweight champ Tonya Evinger will move up to Welterweight. It's not a title fight anymore. It doesn't matter. It's a weak main event because Helena is a nobody. She does not belong in a main event anywhere. So who is she? She's from Russia. Her nickname is Pretty. Like a lot of Russian female fighters including the other ones on this show, she is heavily protected at home to a ridiculous level so when they come here to fight, none of them are any good. Her record is 5-0-1NC. Four of her six fights have been for WBK in China against beginners. And then I found this video of her June 9, 2016 fight vs Xiaomin Wing. Wing wins the first round probably by 10-8. At the start of round two, Helena gets called for an illegal knee. Then they are clinching on the fence and the ref inexplicably calls for the finish and Helena gets the win. He thought Wing tapped but there was no submission. It's a brutal call and everyone in the arena is shocked. When I research fighters, I see a lot of weird stuff. This was pretty bad. I have posted the video. You can see it for yourself. This girl wasn't going to last long with either Megan or Tonya. And when the main event is that weak, it hurts the rest of the card. And it's not a strong card anyway. Milana Dudieva will make her Invicta debut vs Mara Romero Borella. Of course Milana was in the UFC. She was terrible. I knew about her before she was in the UFC. She never belonged in the UFC and she doesn't belong in Invicta either. Mara is Italian. Her record is 10-4-1NC. Italy has produced a lot of great kickboxers but very few MMA fighters because the training is at a low level. This will be Mara's first fight outside Europe. And it's at Flyweight. I would be OK with her on the prelims but she's too high on the card. In a Bantamweight fight Raquel Pa'aluhi will face Yana Kunitskaya. Raquel is a very popular fighter from Hawaii. She currently trains with Robert Drysdale in Las Vegas. Her problem is she tends to come up short in important fights. This is an important fight. Yana has already has two chances at Tonya and she wants another. I like Raquel but I know her history too. In an Atomweight fight, Jinh Yu will face Ashley Cummins. The winner probably gets a shot at Ayaka Hamasaki's title. Jinh already lost to Ayaka. Ashley looked really good in her last fight. Let's get to the prelims. In a Flyweight bout, Karina Rodriguez will face Barbara Acioly. Both are Invicta newcomers. Karina is from Puebla, Mexico. Her record is 4-2. Most of her fights have been for one Mexican promotion. Barbara is from Brazil. She is 4-0. She has fought twice for regional US promotions. Both are unproven which is OK on the prelims. In a Strawweight bout, Sunna Davidsdotter will face Kelly D'Angelo. Sunna is from Iceland. She's 2-0 but she's 32 years old. I liked what I have seen from her but the clock is ticking. Kelly is 30 years old from Missouri. She's 2-0. Her age is an issue. I prefer younger fighters. In an Atomweight bout, Mallory Martin will face Tiffany Masters. The last time we saw Mallory she lost to Sunna in March. She's 1-1 and 24 years old. Who knows? Tiffany is an Invicta newcomer. She's 2-0 from Fond du Lac, WI. She's fought for King Of The Cage twice. The opener is a Featherweight bout. Felicia Spencer will face Amy Coleman. We've seen both of them before. I would describe both as developing talents. There is going to be a demand for good Featherweights. Felicia is from Montreal but she now trains in Orlando, FL. Her record is 2-0 and she beat Madison McElhenny in her Invicta debut. Amy is from Knoxville, TN. Her record is 2-1. She lost her Invicta debut last Sept. My assessment is the top two fights are weak and that hurts the entire show. Don't forget to check out the video.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Linda Ronstadt f/James Ingram

Artist:Linda Ronstadt f/James Ingram
Song:Somewhere Out There

Linda Ronstadt was one of the biggest stars of the 70s. But in the 80s she wasn't a pop star anymore. She was on Broadway and she recorded pop standards with legendary bandleader Nelson Riddle. Those recordings did well but they weren't going to get her back to the top of the charts. Somewhere Out There was a top five hit in 1986 and it not only got her to the top of the charts but it set her up for success recording a more mature sound than her 70s recordings. Somewhere Out There was from the 1986 animated film An American Tail. The film was produced by Steven Speilberg's company Amblin and directed by former Disney animator Don Bluth. The score was composed by James Horner. Speilberg asked the husband wife songwriting team of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil to write four songs for the film with Horner. They were surprised when Speilberg told them that he thought Somewhere Out There could be a big hit. It was decided to play the song over the end credits. He also wanted a high powered duet. At the time, Linda was dating George Lucas. And though she last scored a big hit single in 1980, her albums still sold well. Ingram was known for his success with Quincy Jones and his chart topping duet with Patti Austin Baby Come To Me. Linda brought her producer Peter Asher and Steve Tyrell was associate producer. They used Linda's usual studio band bassist Leland Sklar and drummer Russ Kunkel and Horner associates David Kitay, Guy Moon and C. Wells Christie on keyboards. Veteran session musician Bob Mann played the guitar solo. Somewhere Out There reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and An American Tail was a big hit too. You can get Somewhere Out there on this Linda Ronstadt budget comp. But it is also on a couple of James Ingram comps. Both singers had chart success in the ensuing years. I just think it was a bigger deal for Linda at the time. Here's the video for Somewhere Out There by Linda Ronstadt featuring James Ingram.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Cris Cyborg vs Megan Anderson added to July 29 UFC show

The UFC announced this morning that Germaine De Randamie has been stripped of the UFC Women's Welterweight Championship. Cris Cyborg will fight Megan Anderson for this championship on UFC 214 July 29 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. And so ends one of the most disgraceful episodes in UFC history. As I said a couple of weeks ago, the number one person to blame for all this is UFC President Dana White. I have said for several years that there aren't enough 145lb fighters for a UFC division. This "If you build it they will come" is nonsense from idiots. It was back in 2012 that Strikeforce's Scott Coker first asked Cyborg to drop to 135 because she cleaned out 145. And White admitted there are no 145lb fighters to Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports 1. What changed? Well, Cyborg is somewhat of a draw in Brazil and White needed a title match for the Brooklyn show in February. Cyborg was not going to be able to fight because of a positive drug test that she got a TUE for. So instead of delaying the fight until Cyborg was ready, White forced the Holm vs De Randamie match which sucked anyway. You may recall I scored it a draw. And then it was obvious by Germaine's post fight interview, she was never going to fight Cyborg. This was all caused by White's impatience. So now we have Invicta champ Megan Anderson coming in. Megan is an Aussie who has improved a lot since moving to Missouri to train with UFC fighter James Krause. I doubt she will be able to do much with Cyborg. But there's no one after her. Most Welterweights worth considering are signed to Bellator. It's slim pickings otherwise. None are any good. If only Cyborg had dropped to 135 when Coker first requested it. We wouldn't be talking about this. And for those who claim it's unhealthy for her cut to 135, I have news for you. Cutting to 145 is just as unhealthy and difficult for her. There's no difference. Her natural weight is 165. There are no women fighting at that weight. In her case, extreme weight cutting comes with the territory. And remember the UFC agreed to sign her in the first place if she agreed to drop to 135. Her decision not to do it is a breach of contract. The health concerns were always a Tito Ortiz red herring. Cyborg's former nutritionist George Lockhart admitted the real reason Cyborg didn't want to drop to 135 was she was concerned about losing her competitive edge. That's what I thought but I was surprised someone would actually say it.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Randy Weston and his African Rhythms Trio

Artist:Randy Weston and his African Rhythms Trio
Song:African Sunrise
Album:Zep Tepi

Pianist Randy Weston has been around since the 50s. And he's still touring at 91 years old. He's 6'7" so he's an imposing presence on stage. But his mix of post bop and African rhythms never gets old. He was born Apr. 6, 1926 in Brooklyn, NY where his father owned a restaurant. His dad was from Jamaica and as a staunch Marcus Garvey supporter, he passed his Afrocentric views to Weston. Weston studied classical piano and dance as a child. He got into jazz when he was a teen. He served in the US Army during WWII. Meanwhile, his dad's restaurant was frequented by jazz musicians including Duke Ellington and cousin Wynton Kelly. But Weston's big influence was Thelonious Monk. Weston started as a sideman in the late 40s. His first recording as a leader was in 1954 on Riverside Records. He started working with arranger Melba Liston in the late 50s and they had a very successful partnership in the 60s. Weston recorded for several labels including United Artists, Roulette, Verve, Polydor and CTI. He became known for incorporating African rhythms and Weston toured a lot in Africa. In the 70s and 80s, Weston recorded for a lot of small labels that were poorly distributed. His music wasn't getting exposure until he returned to Verve in the late 80s. African Sunrise was first recorded on the 1991 album The Spirits of our Ancestors which reunited Weston with Melba Liston. So the song was written for a large band. Unfortunately that album is out of print. But he recorded it on the 2006 CD Zep Tepi. It's a trio album with Weston on piano, bassist Alex Blake from Billy Cobham's band and percussionist Neil Clarke from Carlos Garnett's band. These guys have worked together a lot. As I said, Weston is 91 years old and still touring. His latest CD The African Nubian Suite was released Jan. 2017 through CD Baby. It is a concept album with a full orchestra. Weston is still going strong and I suggest you check him out if he's coming your way. Here's Randy Weston and his African Rhythm Orchestra performing African Sunrise at the 1985 Montreux Jazz Festival.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Review of People In Motion 2017

So I went down to People in Motion this year looking for new products of interest. If you have been reading my blog lately, you will know that I recently got a brand new Permobil F3 powerchair. I demoed the chair at the 2015 PIM show and then last year I met Randy Keith of Motion Specialties and he got me the chair. So far the chair has been great. Randy made a couple of adjustments. But I was still having trouble with a vibration that felt like a loose wheel. Permobil was at the show and they told me on Twitter that I should come to their booth and they'll take a look at it. That's the first thing I did when I arrived. I was turned over to one of their tech gurus. We went outside. He wanted to see what the chair looked like while I was driving. He didn't like the looks of the left rear caster. I told him what I thought. He agreed that the caster was loose and we went inside. To save time, he decided to replace both casters. And that was it. That took about ten minutes. He jacked up my chair while I was sitting in it. That fixed it. The chair has been perfect ever since. It doesn't vibrate anymore. I still have plans to do a snow demo with Permobil once I get snow tires installed later this year. I'm very happy with the chair and it all started at the PIM show. Now let's talk about a couple of new products.


I've been talking to Braze Mobility for a couple of years at a couple of these shows. This was their first time at PIM. When I first spoke to them, the BrazeView was a very rough prototype. The idea was to have a sensor in the front and rear of the powerchair that tells the user when you're going to run into something. I didn't think the front device was necessary. But I did think the rear sensor was a good idea. When I spoke to them again, they had abandoned the front sensor and they were building prototypes of the device for the rear sensor. It says in their promotional material that the BrazeView can be installed on any manual wheelchair but it's more appropriate for powerchairs. The device installs in the rear of the chair and it attaches to the controller. When it senses you're going to hit something, it beeps. It's a useful warning device. This is not a prototype anymore. You can now buy one. What they need to do now is get BrazeView approved by ADP so it can be used as a standard addon through ODSP. I am talking to them about possibly doing a demo of BrazeView and then write about it. They can be contacted at


Last year I wrote about a product that turned a manual wheelchair into a powerchair. SmartDrive attaches to the back of a manual wheelchair. It's supposed to give a power boost when needed. One of the biggest problems for manual wheelchair users is shoulder problems from trying to navigate a chair over rough terrain and steep grades. SmartDrive is supposed to sense this and power the user over any obstacle including curbs. The new version of this is called MX2+ and it comes with the PushTracker wristband and an app for iPhone or Android. It not only allows you to track your activity. But it also allows customization for acceleration, speed and other things. It says in the promotional material that SmartDrive can be used all day on one charge. It looks like a pretty good product for manual wheelchair users looking for increased mobility. SmartDrive is manufactured by Max Mobility in Tennessee and distributed by Quart Healthcare in Toronto. They can be contacted at 416-757-3731 or That's it from this year's People In Motion. Remember you can check out my blog at or follow me on Twitter @frankp316.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Kaleo

Song:Way Down We Go

Kaleo is a new band that has become popular by placing songs in TV shows. That's how music is promoted these days. Fans hear a song on their favourite TV show and they download it at iTunes or Spotify. Kaleo is from Mosfellsbaer, Iceland. Lead singer JJ Julius Son (Jokull Juliusson), bassist Daniel Kristjansson and drummer David Antonsson were schoolmates. They formed Kaleo with guitarist Rubin Pollack in 2012. Juliusson writes most of the songs and of course he's the lead singer. So blues tinged rock seems to be his big influence. They released their debut album in 2013 and had success at home in Iceland. The song All The Pretty Girls did so well on Spotify that Elektra Records signed Kaleo. The band moved to Austin, TX. On their 2016 album A/B, they worked with Kings Of Leon producer Jacquire King and Arctic Monkeys producer Mike Crossley. Crossley produced Way Down We Go. The song appeared in the film Collateral Beauty and a whole host of TV shows. The single was a worldwide hit and it reached #54 on the Billboard Hot 100. But the real success was it got fans to download the album from iTunes or Spotify and it was certified Gold. Also Kaleo appeared on all the late night shows like Conan etc. Kaleo is currently on tour. Last night they played The Firefly Festival and their set was live streamed on Yahoo. I saw that on my Twitter feed. Elektra deserves a lot of credit for getting Kaleo out there. We'll see if it lasts. Here's the video for Way Down We Go by Kaleo.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Lucie Pudilova vs Ji Yeon Kim

Here's the match video of Lucie Pudilova vs Ji Yeon Kim from this morning's UFC show in Singapore. I was up very early to watch this on UFC Fight Pass. Lucie is from the Czech Republic. She made her UFC debut as a late replacement. She lost to Lina Lansberg. Some thought she did enough in the third round to get a draw after losing the first two rounds. I was not among them. She wasn't dominant enough to get a 10-8. Ji is from Korea. She has wins over Takayo Hashi and Shizuka Sugiyama. The UFC tried to get her to face Rin Nakai in last year's Korea show. She was also offered to Holly Holm on this show. She is mainly a boxer. So I expected mostly a kickboxing match. Round one was very close. I thought Lucie won 10-9 very marginally. I don't think Ji threw enough punches. She seemed to fix that in round two and I thought Ji won that round 10-9. Lucie's guillotine choke attempts were enough to give her round three 10-9. So I scored it 29-28. Round one was close enough that I thought we might see a split decision. But all three judges scored it 29-28. I've seen worse fights but neither fighter was very impressive. Check out the fight for yourself!

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Holly Holm vs Bethe Correia

Here's the match video of Holly Holm vs Bethe Correia from this morning's UFC show in Singapore. This aired on The Fight Network in Canada and UFC Fight Pass everywhere. I'm sure you know by now that Holly won with a highlight reel head kick in round three. Of course the usual idiots overreact to this like Holly is suddenly a great fighter. What these idiots forget is up until that point the fight was terrible. It was the snoozefest I was expecting. Both fighters did nothing for the first two rounds. I scored both rounds 9-9. The crowd was booing and it was so bad that ref Marc Goddard stopped the fight in the second round and told them to stop screwing around. This is something more refs need to do but very few will. And the ironic thing is that Bethe taunted Holly and she was out moments after. So what took Holly so long? Believe it or not, patience is her strategy in all her fights. The problem is that doesn't work most of the time. That's why Holly lost to Valentina Shevchenko and Germaine De Randamie. She waited and waited and waited. And after she lost those fights she gave woulda coulda shoulda excuses. The solution is she needs to be more aggressive from the very start. I don't know if she can do that. Rin Nakai has had the same problem for years and she can't fix it. Sometimes fighters get set in their ways and can't change. Remember this is not a physical problem. It's a mental problem. Maybe she should see a sports psychologist. She has to change. Her manager Lenny Fresquez said he wants Holly to get a title shot either Featherweight or Bantamweight. How do you think patience will work against Cris Cyborg or Amanda Nunes? Enjoy the video!

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Jason Isbell

Artist:Jason Isbell
Song:24 Frames
Album:Something More Than Free

Jason Isbell is an outstanding singer songwriter and a former member of Drive By Truckers. He won Grammys for the album Something More Than Free and the song 24 Frames. His musical roots are in Alabama. He was born Feb. 1, 1979 in Green Hill, AL. His grandfather was a Pentacostal preacher who also played guitar. He taught Isbell various instruments. What got him into Drive By Truckers is he became friends with legendary Muscle Shoals bassist David Hood. His son Patterson Hood was leader of Drive By Truckers. Isbell worked at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals until he joined Drive By Truckers in 2002. After leaving Drive By Truckers in 2007, Isbell released his first solo album. He also formed his band 400 Unit. Though the band isn't always credited on the album cover, they play on all of Isbell's albums and tour with him. The band is guitarist Sadler Vaden of Drivin' N Cryin', pianist Derry DeBorja of Son Volt, bassist Jimbo Hart and drummer Chad Gamble. Isbell began to have success when he started to work with producer Dave Cobb who produced Shooter Jennings. Their first album together was the 2013 CD Southeastern. This was also Isbell's first album after alcohol addiction recovery. The 2015 album Something More Than Free did even better. It won the 2016 Best Americana Album Grammy and 24 Frames won for Best Americana Song. Isbell's new album The Nashville Sound was just released. Isbell and 400 Unit are on tour with special guest violinist Amanda Shires. Be sure to check them out if they are coming your way. Here's Jason Isbell and 400 Unit performing 24 Frames on Conan Aug. 12, 2015.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Asuka vs Nikki Cross vs Ruby Riot elimination match

Here's the match video of Asuka vs Nikki Cross vs Ruby Riot from this week's episode of NXT. I am posting videos of Asuka's matches for those who don't get the WWE Network. This is a rematch from NXT Takeover Chicago except it's an elimination match. The match itself is nothing special. It's very similar to the Chicago match with the usual stuff you see in three way matches. But the post match brawl is worth seeing. Nikki eliminates Ruby with a top rope spinning neckbreaker. After a break, Nikki makes the mistake of underestimating Asuka. Asuka is not insane like Nikki but she is crazy. So they wind up on the floor and Asuka hits a butt bump from the apron. They go brawling to the back. The ref calls the match a No Contest. The problem was Tom Phillips announced that there was no DQ or countout. And as we would soon see, it wasn't necessary anyway. The crowd booed the ref but it wasn't his fault. Someone backstage had a brain fart and told him in his earpiece to do that. We go briefly to the announce desk because they have to make it look like there are no cameras in the back. We finally see Asuka and Nikki on the loading dock beating the crap out of each other. The highlight had Asuka bouncing Nikki's head off the loading dock door several times. They go into the catering area. I was hoping for a food fight. But instead they open a cooler and Nikki tries to drown Asuka. They go back to the arena and they end up on a tech table. You'll notice someone working on the same table a few feet away. They fall off the table through another table and both of them are out. That's the end. The only problem is another angle was shown and they only fell three feet. Except for that, I thought the brawl was well planned. Everything has to be blocked out in advance so the cameras are in place. And I doubt that either Asuka or Nikki had ever done a backstage brawl. You won't know it. They both were great. These kind of brawls can be hit or miss. This one was pretty good. Today a Last Woman Standing match for the NXT Women's Championship was announced for June 28. It will be taped next week. It should be interesting to see what crazy stuff they will do. BTW, both are fine. So they not only executed the brawl properly but neither got injured. Check out the match for yourself.
NXT Women's Championship: Asuka © vs... by therackattackvideos

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Queens Of The Stone Age

Artist:Queens Of The Stone Age
Song:No One Knows
Album:Songs For The Deaf

Queens Of The Stone Age (QOTSA) had their greatest success with the 2002 album Songs For The Deaf. The band is still around. They have a new album coming out in August. But they are way past their prime. QOTSA are from Palm Desert, CA. Guitarist Josh Homme formed them in 1996 after his previous band Kyuss split up. At first they were called Gamma Ray but there was already a band with that name. At first QOTSA was not really a band. Homme just brought in musicians to play on their early recordings. When Homme wanted to tour he more or less reformed Kyuss. And even after signing with Interscope and releasing the 2000 CD Rated R, QOTSA still wasn't really a band. Homme decided to change that for the 2002 album Songs For The Deaf. Former Kyuss bassist Nick Oliveri was already there. And for this album he added Screaming Trees lead singer Mark Lanegan and Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. Of course Grohl has gone on to great success as leader of Foo Fighters. Lanegan co-wrote and sang lead on No One Knows and that turned out to be the band's biggest hit. This band toured in 2004. Homme fired Oliveri for domestic abuse of his girlfriend. Grohl returned to his other activities. He was never supposed to be a full time member. He liked the band and wanted to help them. Lanegan went back to his solo career and has returned to QOTSA occasionally. Songs For The Deaf is available as a budget CD. QOTSA continue to tour and record. They left Interscope after the 2007 album Era Vulgaris. They now record for Matador and a new album Villains will be released in August and they will tour to support that. Their albums still sell OK but I can't help thinking they could have been much bigger. Here's the video for No One Knows by Queens Of The Stone Age.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-808 State

Artist:808 State
Song:Pacific 707

808 State were pioneers in electronic dance music commonly known today as techno or house music. Of course they didn't know they were pioneers. They were just experimenting with electronic instruments. They were especially popular in their native England. 808 State are from Manchester, England. Martin Price owned a record store and he formed Hit Squad Manchester with customers Graham Massey and Gerald Simpson. They were supposed to be a hip hop group. But as they recorded their 1988 debut album Newbuild, they decided to change the name to 808 State. Price released the album on his own label. Simpson left in 1989 and he was replaced by DJs Andrew Barker and Darren Partington AKA The Spinmasters. They released Pacific State as a single and it reached #10 on the British Singles chart. Then they signed with Trevor Horn's ZTT label. Massey says there are several versions and remixes of Pacific State. Pacific 707 was their first single on ZTT and that was apparently the version that charted. Massey is playing the sax in the video clip. 808 State did release the album Ninety. But Pacific 707 was not on the album. However it is on this comp released in 1998. Price left 808 State in 1991 to get into production. The group continued recording their own music and plenty of remixes for other artists. Though 808 State's music was released in the US on Tommy Boy, they never caught on as they did in England. Today they are viewed as pioneers of electronic dance music and very influential. Massey and Barker still perform and record as 808 State. Here's 808 State performing Pacific 707 on Top Of The Pops 1989.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Dories

Artist:The Dories
Song:I Loved Him So
Album:Love Charms: West Coast Hits and Rarities from California Girls and Groups 1957-1962

Here's a one off doo wop single from a group that seemed to change their name like the rest of us change our socks. They are best known as the Safaris. They had a top ten hit in 1960 with Image Of A Girl. But when they formed in 1959 at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, they called themselves The Mystics. There was already a group called The Mystics so they changed it to The Enchanters. The lead singer was Sandy Wiseman and the other members were Marv Rosenberg and Richard Clasky. After one single, Sheldon Briar joined and The Enchanters became The Dories. I Loved Him So was their only single and then Sandy quit to get married. Clasky wrote the song and it's a pretty good doo wop song. You can get it on this various artists budget comp from Jasmine. Jim Stephens replaced Sandy and they changed their name to The Angels. They met trumpeter Herb Alpert and his pal Lou Adler. They were starting a new label and Rosenberg wrote Image Of A Girl after his girlfriend threatened to leave him if he didn't quit music. Alpert didn't like the song and instead had The Angels record A Lover's Poem (To Her) backed by Darlene Love's group The Blossoms. When that went nowhere, The Angels signed with Eldo Records and changed their name to The Safaris. Image Of A Girl became a top ten hit in 1960. When their second single stiffed, the members of The Safaris all quit and went back to school. Stephens joined a folk music group. The other members returned as the Suddens in 1961. After two singles, they all left the music business. Clasky owns a market research firm in Vancouver. Rosenberg has a Ph.D in psychology and Stephens is a sales manager at a bottled water company. Here's a video for I Loved Him So by The Dories. Thanks to Jay Warner's great book American Singing Groups: A History from 1940s to Today for the tangled history of The Dories.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Why Bayley will never get over on RAW

After last night's wretched Bayley interview, I thought it was time to answer many of the questions I have been getting about her. First, there is no easy fix for Bayley because there are several reasons why her character doesn't work on the main WWE roster. The other thing is the result was predictable. Her character should have been fixed at NXT. But the character was over there and they didn't think it needed fixing. This has happened with other characters like Adam Rose. So one would think the WWE would learn not to trust the reaction of the Full Sail audience. I guess not. So I remember seeing Bayley when she was Davina Rose in Shimmer. She mostly worked indy feds in Northern California which is where she is from. She's an OK wrestler but not great. She has a non-traditional look and the WWE may have been looking for that when she was signed. The Bayley name and character was created by the late Dusty Rhodes and he would be the first to say that basing a character on a wrestler's real personality is a good thing. But even in NXT, the other wrestlers would make fun of Bayley's goody two shoes character. But Bayley got over at NXT because they tape shows at Full Sail in front of the same fans. We have seen repeatedly that characters go over in NXT but fail on the main roster. It's enough of a pattern that the WWE should be wise to it. What may have hurt Bayley was she had great matches in NXT especially against Sasha Banks and Asuka. When was her last great match on RAW? The answer is she hasn't had a great match on RAW. This is where Bayley is the problem. Bayley has been a wrestler since 2008. She should be good enough to carry a green wrestler to a good match. But she's not. Her technical wrestling skills have not progressed. She's still the same wrestler I saw as Davina Rose in Shimmer in 2011. Asuka is so good that she can carry anyone to a good match. On RAW, Bayley is mostly working with Alexa Bliss. Alexa is a great talker but a green wrestler. It's up to Bayley to carry her to a good match. She's not good enough to do it. She can fix that by improving her ring skills. Bayley's character is a bigger problem since it looks like the WWE won't do anything to fix it. When I watched Bayley at NXT, I never thought her character would do well on RAW. It's a much broader audience. Adjustments like making the Bayley character more confident in promos haven't been made. This is where Dusty Rhodes' death has hurt Bayley. If he was still alive and he saw her on RAW, he would constantly be on her case about her performance. Now there is no one to do that. She seems to need that. Bayley's merchandise sells well and that's why the WWE is reluctant to change her character. They don't want to alienate her core audience of little kids. That's a typical short term WWE viewpoint. For the long term, the WWE needs to take some risks with the Bayley character before she sinks without a trace. Based on last night's interview, I don't think the WWE has the balls to do that. It's sink or swim time for Bayley. And her little kids alone won't help her swim.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Sandie Shaw

Artist:Sandie Shaw
Song:Girl Don't Come
Album:Long Live Love

Pop singer Sandie Shaw had success in her native England in the mid-60s. She never attained the same success in North America and then she retired in the 70s. She was born Sandra Ann Goodrich Feb. 26, 1947 in Dagenham, Essex, England. After graduating high school, she worked in the local Ford plant and modeled part time. A second place in a local talent contest got her a trip to a charity concert in London. Pop singer Adam Faith spotted her and took her to his manager Eve Taylor. Pye Records signed her up and gave her the name Sandie Shaw. They paired her with songwriter Chris Andrews who had written hits for Faith. He wrote most of her songs. But her first number one hit was a cover of the Burt Bacharach Hal David song Always Something To Remind Me which was a hit in the US for Lou Johnson. The next single was I'd Be Far Better Off Without You with Girl Don't Come on the B side. Apparently Sandie didn't like Girl Don't Come. But Eve convinced her to record it anyway. When Sandie performed both songs on TV, fans and DJs preferred Girl Don't Come. It reached #3 on the British singles chart and it became Sandie's signature song. Sandie's other number one hits were Long Live Love in 1966 and Puppet On A String in 1967. She was also successful in other European countries by recording her hits in several languages. This was common practice back then. After Puppet On A String won the Eurovision Song Contest and was a big hit all across Europe, Sandie faded and Eve turned her into a cabaret performer. Sandie retired from music when her Pye contract ended in 1972. You can get all her hits on this comp. Sandie concentrated on writing and acting. She returned to music in the 80s and then again in 2010. So she's still active but not like her heyday in the 60s. Here's Sandie Shaw performing Girl Don't Come on Ready Steady Go 1964.

Monday, June 12, 2017

AccuRadio Song of The Day-The Little Big Horns

Artist:The Little Big Horns
Song:Get Back
Album:Ultra Lounge: On The Rocks Part One

The Little Big Horns were a studio instrumental group put together by Capitol Records. They recorded one album in 1969 and the individual members went back to being jazz musicians. It looks like producer Roger Karshner had the idea for this. At the time he was a house producer at Capitol. He had some success with Time Won't Let Me by The Outsiders. He was a jazz musician. He once had a group with Chuck Mangione called The National Gallery. Mangione was the arranger for The Outsiders and The Little Big Horns. Soon after Mangione returned to his home town of Rochester and we all know that turned out very well. The Little Big Horns recorded the 1969 album My Cherie Amour. It's an album of covers of current hits including The Beatles classic Get Back. At the time jazz rock was becoming popular with groups like Blood Sweat & Tears. And I guess record companies thought jazz rock could be contrived in the recording studio. They were wrong as groups like The Little Big Horns didn't last very long. The horn section was pretty good though. Bobby Keys was a sax player who would have been a session musician at the time. He would go on to tour with The Rolling Stones among others. Frank Vicari played sax in Maynard Ferguson's early 60s band and then he became a studio musician. Howard Johnson is best known as a tuba player but he also played sax and probably played the lead flute on Get Back. He's still active as a sideman. Trumpeter Steve Madaio was a member of The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and later Stevie Wonder's band. After the one album, The Little Big Horns released one more single. And then they went back to their real careers. Get Back appears on one of those Capitol Records Ultra Lounge series CDs. This one is all covers of 60s hits. Here's a video of Get Back by The Little Big Horns.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-JJ Aldrich vs Chanmi Jeon

Here's the match video of JJ Aldrich vs Chanmi Jeon from last night's UFC show in Aukland, NZ. This fight aired on the UFC Fight Pass prelims. Most fans should remember JJ from Invicta. She was in TUF 23 and she came to the UFC as a late replacement in December. She lost when Juliana Lima sat on her for three rounds. JJ is trained by Trevor Wittman in Colorado and Rose Namajunas is her teammate. JJ is nowhere near as good as Rose. She's a striker with zero ground game which is why she had so much trouble with Juliana. Chanmi is 19 years old from Korea meaning she is the youngest fighter on the UFC roster. She was brought in as a late replacement less than two weeks ago. She signed with Invicta in April and I guess the plan was for her to fight in July. She would have been in training for that. Chanmi is 5-0 and Muay Thai is her background. She doesn't have a ground game either. And she missed weight. I expected a kickboxing match. JJ's strategy was what we call "keepaway". It's designed to win a unanimous decision or as I call it points fighting. JJ's southpaw fighting stance was enough to befuddle Chanmi. It just shows how inexperienced Chanmi is. Maybe she's never even trained with a southpaw. I thought she was very tentative for someone who is supposed to be aggressive. The first round was close but I thought JJ won it. And JJ really got her range in round two. Chanmi showed a little aggression at the end of round two. But she didn't follow it up in round three and JJ won an easy unanimous decision. At 19 years old, Chanmi has plenty of time to improve. And she has plenty of charisma so I am interested in seeing a fully prepared Chanmi Jeon. I thought JJ could have dominated this fight. But she chose to points fight. That approach won't be effective against the better fighters in the division. She was like that in Invicta too. Everyone knows I hate points fighters. Enjoy the video!

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr.

Artist:Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr.
Song:Theme From Mission: Impossible
Album:Mission: Impossible: Music From and Inspired By The Motion Picture

Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. are normally members of U2. This dance remix of the theme from Mission: Impossible scored them a top ten hit in 1996. It's the only time they recorded solo or as a duo. Of course the film was based on the 60s hit TV series Mission: Impossible (M:I). Paramount Pictures had wanted to do a film remake for years. But it finally came together when Tom Cruise and his manager Paula Wagner were starting a production company and Cruise chose M:I as his first project. The film was directed by Brian DePalma and it was a big hit. Alan Silvestri was hired to score the film. But there were creative differences and Cruise hired Danny Elfman to replace Silvestri. Paramount wanted a hit soundtrack album for the film so they made a deal with U2's label Mother Records with Island Records distribution. Of course Clayton and Mullen are big fans of Lalo Schifrin's M:I theme. So they really wanted to record it. But they were nervous about it because they didn't want to mess up. The main change to the theme was by Elfman as the time signature was changed to make the song danceable. They actually recorded two versions. Clayton recorded his in New York and Mullen recorded his in Dublin. There were several remixes done mostly by Junior Vasquez. There was even a music video. The theme from M:I reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album it is on mostly has music that isn't in the movie. That's what "inspired by" means. There is a second CD of Elfman's score for film music collectors. So this was a one shot hit from Clayton and Mullen and they returned to U2. Here's the video for Mission: Impossible Theme by Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Ham Seo Hee vs Mina Kurobe

Here's the match video of Ham Seo Hee vs Mina Kurobe from today's ROAD FC show in Korea. This was the main event of the show for the ROAD FC Atomweight Championship. Several fans have asked me why the UFC released Ham. The correct answer is they didn't release her. Her contract ended and she knew she wasn't a title contender. Part of the problem is she isn't a Strawweight. She's an Atomweight. Real success in the UFC wasn't going to happen for her. She knew that when she signed with the UFC. Her plan was to make some money and then retire. Ham has talked about retirement for years. She's only 30 years old but she's been around for over a decade. She could have gone to Invicta. But I think signing with ROAD FC is a smart move. She'll make more money there than in the UFC. And she can fight as an Atomweight. Mina Kurobe is a decent fighter and the current DEEP JEWELS Atomweight Champion. The big problem with Mina is she's 40 years old. Her success says more about the lack of talent in DEEP JEWELS than anything else. I expected Ham to win. In round one, Ham did what she is good at which is kickboxing. Mina's strategy was to get a takedown. But it didn't really work and by the end of round one, Mina was out of gas. Mina kept trying because she doesn't have the striking to compete with Ham. Ham defended well and she got some submission attempts from the bottom. The only thing that changed in round three was Ham got top position and she pounded Mina long enough to get a TKO with a minute left. Ham Seo Hee is the new ROAD FC Atomweight. So already fans are asking me if Ham will be in the RIZIN Atomweight tournament. Those guys were there. I can't answer that. I guess that depends on what RIZIN wants that tournament to be. Do they want it to be competitive? Or do they just want to crown RENA as queen? I'm not sure they can have both. While you mull that over, enjoy the video.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Margaret Cho

Artist:Margaret Cho
Song:Asian Chicken Salad
DVD:Margaret Cho 3

Though she has had some success on TV, Margaret Cho is known mainly for her stand up comedy. Asian Chicken Salad is one of her more popular routines from her 2003 album Revolution. She was born Sept. 5, 1968 in San Francisco. Her parents were Korean immigrants who owned a book store. Margaret was molested and bullied as a child. The one good thing is it got her into performing and she attended the San Francisco School for the Arts. She was in their improv comedy group. She worked as a phone sex operator and later as a dominatrix. She started performing stand up comedy at a club next to her parents store. Then she started touring and made her name. She opened for Jerry Seinfeld and she was a frequent guest on The Arsenio Hall Show. Margaret won the 1994 American Comedy Award for Best Female Comedian. ABC decided to create a sitcom based on Margaret's comedy. At the time, networks were developing several shows with female comics. The show was created by Empty Nest creator Gary Jacobs and produced by Dolly Parton's company Sandollar and Disney's Touchstone division. All American Girl was heavily hyped but panned critically and ultimately a failure. It only ran 19 episodes. The biggest problem was Margaret had no creative control so the show glossed over her real issues. It could have been funny but it wasn't. Then when things didn't go well, she was blamed. Afterwards, depression drove Margaret to drugs and alcohol. She continued to perform but things didn't go so well until she recovered in 1999. Her show and autobiography I'm The One That I Want details her addiction. She released a few albums on Nettwerk. Asian Chicken Salad is from her 2003 CD Revolution. This album is available as a digital download. But it was also released on DVD and it's available on a 3DVD box set with I'm The One That I Want and Notorious C.H.O. Margaret continues to tour. She had success with the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva and she had a recurring role on 30 Rock. She's even recorded a couple of music albums. But Margaret Cho will mostly be remembered for her stand up comedy. And that's how it should be. Here's Margaret Cho performing Asian Chicken Salad from the 2003 DVD Revolution.

Friday, June 09, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Jack Scott

Artist:Jack Scott
Song:What In The World's Come Over You
Album:The Very Best Of Jack Scott

Jack Scott straddled country and rock in the late 50s. He had a total of four top ten hits in the late 50s including What In The World's Come Over You in 1959. He ran out of gas in the early 60s because his record label was sold and the new owners didn't know what to do with him. He was born Giovanni Scafone Jr. Jan. 24, 1936 in Windsor, ON. At age 10, his family moved to the Detroit suburb of Hazel Park. His mom taught him to play guitar. Growing up Scott was a big bluegrass fan. After graduating high school, He formed The Southern Drifters. After three years, Scott signed with ABC-Paramount Records in 1957. After two singles, Scott moved to Carlton Records owned by former RCA A&R head Joe Carlton. He scored a top five hit with My True Love in 1958. Then he served in the US Army. When he returned, Scott signed with Top Rank Records owned by the British film studio Rank Organisation. Their US branch was run by Bob Shad who would go on to found Mainstream Records. Top Rank was sold to EMI in 1960. It's with Top Rank that Scott had his greatest success. What In The World's Come Over You reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Burning Bridges reached #3. Scott wrote most of his own songs including What In The World's Come Over You. His Top Rank albums were produced by jazz musician and bandleader Sonny Lester who would go on to found Groove Merchant Records. Scott also recorded a gospel album and a Hank Williams tribute album. When EMI bought Top Rank, Scott was moved to Capitol. They released some singles but Capitol didn't seem to know what to do with Scott. One possible answer is that he clicked with Lester but he didn't have chemistry with other producers. After a final album in 1964, Scott left Capitol. You can get all his hits on this 2CD budget comp. Scott continued to tour and he would occasionally record. He had some success in country music in the 70s. Scott still lives in Detroit but he is now retired. He was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame in 2011. Here's Jack Scott performing What In The World's Come Over You on American Bandstand in 1960.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-John Sebastian

Artist:John Sebastian
Song:Welcome Back
Album:Singers & Songwriters 1976-1977

John Sebastian was already famous as the leader of the 60s group The Lovin' Spoonful. But his solo career wasn't going too well when he scored with the 1976 chart topper Welcome Back. It turned out to be his only hit single. He was born Mar. 17, 1944 in New York City. His father was classical harmonica player John Sebastian. His mother wrote radio show scripts. The family lived in Greenwich Village so there were plenty of musicians around like Burl Ives, Woody Guthrie and Lightnin' Hopkins. So it's not surprising that Sebastian was a part of the folk music boom. He started out playing guitar and harmonica on albums by Billy Faier, Fred Neil and Tom Rush. He was in The Mugwumps which split into The Mamas and The Papas and Sebastian's group The Lovin' Spoonful. He could have gone on tour with Bob Dylan. The Lovin' Spoonful were very successful until Zal Yanovsky's weed bust in San Francisco. Sebastian left The Lovin' Spoonful in 1968. After his Broadway musical Jimmy Shine had a brief run, Sebastian made an impromptu appearance at Woodstock. That got him a record deal at Reprise Records. But things didn't go well there. After three unsuccessful studio albums and two live albums, Reprise was going to drop him. He wanted out anyway as Sebastian was making more money in real estate than in music. He owed them one final album. Alan Sachs and James Komack were developing a sitcom for stand up comic Gabe Kaplan. Sachs wanted a theme that sounded like The Lovin' Spoonful. Sachs and Sebastian had the same agent so he set up a meeting. Sachs loved the song so much that he decided to call the show Welcome Back, Kotter instead of Kotter. When the show was a huge hit, folks wanted to buy the theme. But it was never supposed to be a single. Sebastian and producer Steve Barri quickly recorded a longer version of Welcome Back and an album. The single topped the charts. Sebastian still left Reprise. Edsel Records has released all of Sebastian's Reprise albums in a box set. But I think most fans will only want Welcome Back and you can get it on this Time Life 2CD various artists comp. Sebastian hasn't recorded much since then. But he worked a lot for the Nelvana animation studio, most notably their Care Bears movies and TV series. He still tours and he has also produced a series of instructional DVDs. Here's John Sebastian performing Welcome Back 1976.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Sarah Moras vs Ashlee Evans-Smith added to Sept. 9 UFC show

TSN reported this afternoon that Sarah Moras vs Ashlee Evans-Smith has been added to UFC 216 Sept. 9 at Rogers Place in Edmonton, AB. This fight will air on the prelims on Fox Sports 1 in the US and TSN in Canada. Sarah is from Kelowna, BC with a 4-2 record. She was on TUF 18 but due to injuries, she has only had two fights in the UFC. The last time we saw her she lost a unanimous decision to Jessica Andrade in July 2015. That's before Jessica dropped to Strawweight. Sarah wasn't very good in that fight. She was supposed to fight Lauren Murphy Feb. 2016. But she pulled out due to injury. This was the second time Sarah was out for a long injury layoff. Her problem against Jessica was lack of quickness and then when she lost the first two rounds, no sense of urgency. Ashlee had a similar problem when she lost to Ketlen Vieira in April. She lacked quickness and was completely outclassed. And even in her two wins she hasn't looked very good. Ashlee is from California. So this could be one of those fights where the loser gets a one way trip to Palookaville.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Tim Heintz

Artist:Tim Heintz
Album:Searching The Heart

Smooth jazz fans will want to check out the handful of albums released by pianist Tim Heintz in the 80s. He's still around mostly as a sideman, session musician and film composer. Heintz' parents were missionaries so as a child he lived all over the world. And his church upbringing brought him to Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) in the mid-80s with artists like Bryan Duncan. He was also a member of the R&B group General Kane who released a couple of albums on Motown. When they split up, Heintz signed with the jazz label TBA and he released three albums on that label and then two more on other labels. Someone is from his second album Searching The Heart released in 1988. Someone was recorded by El Debarge in 1986 and it was written by veteran session guitarist Jay Graydon. Musicians are Paul Russo on alto sax, Eric Marienthal on soprano sax, Terence Elliott on guitar, James Jamerson Jr. on bass and Alvino Bennett on drums. This album is available as a digital download and I recommend it to smooth jazz fans. Heintz hasn't released an album since 1992. But he's still a very busy guy. He has toured with Chaka Khan, Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs and John Tesh. He has also worked in films like One Hour Photo and TV shows like Sister, Sister. And he continues to play sessions. He's worked a lot with John Tesh over the years he seems to still be popular with CCM artists. Here's a video for Someone by Tim Heintz.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Lloyd

Artist:Lloyd f/Lil Wayne
Album:Street Love

After modest success in the boy band N-Toon, Lloyd Polite Jr. went solo and has had some success. the 2007 single You featuring rapper Lil Wayne is his biggest hit to date. He was born Jan. 3, 1986 in New Orleans. He grew up in the Calliope Projects and then moved to Decatur, GA. In 1996, former Klymaxx leader Joyce Irby put together the boy band N-Toon of which Lloyd was a member. They released one album on DreamWorks and corporate issues at Universal led to N-Toon disbanding. Lloyd moved to New York City and that's where he met Irv Gotti and signed with his The Inc label distributed by Def Jam in 2004. His debut CD Southside was released. It did OK. The single Southside featuring Ashanti reached #24 on the Billboard Hot 100. His 2007 CD Street Love was certified Gold so that was an improvement. You reached #9 on the Billboard Hot 100. It's Lloyd's biggest hit to date. I'm sure rapper Lil Wayne had much to do with the success. He was hot at the time. You is a rework of the Spandau Ballet classic True. It was produced by Maurice "Big Reese" Sinclair and Jasper Cameron. They knew Lloyd from N-Toon. Sinclair was a producer at DreamWorks and Cameron worked with Joyce Irby. Street Love is available as a budget CD. Lloyd's next single Get It Shawty reached #16 on the Billboard Hot 100. After the 2008 album Lessons in Love, Lloyd left The Inc. and released the 2011 CD King Of Hearts on Interscope.  He has started his own label Young Goldie with Empire Distribution and a new album Out My Window is scheduled for 2017 release. I don't see him being that successful. Here's the video for You by Lloyd featuring Lil Wayne.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Kairi Hojo's Japanese farewell

Here is the video of Kairi Hojo's final Japanese match followed by the farewell ceremony from yesterday's STARDOM show at Shijuku FACE with 533 fans in attendance. As you all know by now, Kairi is coming to NXT and she will be in the upcoming women's tournament. Io Shirai also signed but because her decision was late, she will come after the tournament and do a farewell show similar to this. The match is Kairi Hojo, Konami and Hiromi Mimura vs Io Shirai, HZK and AZM. Hojo also did a gauntlet match. This video has the six girl match and the farewell ceremony. The match is OK but inconsequential. Kairi and Io do get a nice sequence together and Konami looks good as usual. For those who don't know, Konami is 21 years old and a protege of Asuka. Note the bare feet. She was trained by MMA legend Megumi Fujii. That's why Konami wrestles like a veteran. That's the result of proper training. The other three girls seem very green to me. Fans have been asking me about Hojo. Usually there are fears that were heightened when it was reported that she has been asked not to use her trademark elbow drop. I don't have a problem with the change because a flying elbow drop isn't a credible finisher anymore. Besides, I heard she plans to come up with a new finisher anyway. Will she keep her name? Kairi Hojo isn't her real name. Her real name is Kaori Housako. She's been using Kairi Hojo since she was a professional model before she got into pro wrestling. She may not care about the name. I dunno about the pirate gimmick. It depends if it can be copyrighted. She may want to change that too. A new name and gimmick wouldn't surprise me. My big concern about Kairi Hojo is she has suffered two concussions. The most recent concussion was Sept. 2016 and she told Tokyo Sports that she seriously considered retirement after that. I hope she passes the WWE physical. She also told Tokyo Sports that she consulted with joshi puroresu legend Bull Nakano when she got the WWE offer. I expect Kairi and Io to do well in NXT. But as we're seeing with Asuka, clear English is a big hurdle. Actually, Asuka's English is fine but she has a very thick accent. I don't know if the other two speak English. While waiting for events to unfold, enjoy the match and farewell ceremony video.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Fray

Artist:The Fray
Song:How To Save A Life
Album:Through The Years: The Best Of The Fray

The Fray had their greatest success with the 2005 album and single How To Save A Life. They are still around but nowhere near as successful. I think it's fair to say there was a lot of luck that gave them success because they are nothing special. The Fray are from Denver led by schoolmates Isaac Slade and Joe King. Slade is lead singer and pianist. King is rhythm guitarist. They write most of the songs. Other members are lead guitarist Dave Welsh and drummer Ben Wysocki. They hire a bassist for touring. They all attended Faith Christian Academy in Denver and they learned to play in church bands. After releasing a couple of EPs, The Fray signed with Epic Records in 2004. Their debut CD How To Save A Life was released in 2005. The debut single Over My Head (Cable Car) reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100. How To Save A Life was the second single and it reached #3. The song is about suicide. What really sold the album was when Grey's Anatomy music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas saw The Fray perform in Los Angeles and she decided to use How To Save A Life in an episode of the show and it became the unofficial theme of the show. That's the luck I was talking about. The album was certified 2XPlatinum. Subsequent albums haven't been as successful. The 2008 single You Found Me was their other top ten hit. They haven't had a hit since then. You can get all their hits on this budget comp. The major criticism of The Fray is they are too similar to bands like Coldplay and Keane but those bands are better. That's probably true and that's why luck was a big factor in The Fray's initial success. Without Grey's Anatomy, they don't have the same success or longevity. The Fray's latest CD of new music was released 2014. But the Through The Years comp was released last fall and they are touring to support it. After the tour, I expect them to record new music. Considering their upbringing, I wouldn't be surprised to see The Fray turn to the Contemporary Christian market at some point. They would be very successful there. Here's the video for How To Save A Life by The Fray.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Viviane Pereira vs Jamie Moyle

Here's the match video of Viviane Pereira vs Jamie Moyle from last night's UFC show in Brazil. this aired on UFC Fight Pass. Jamie is a favourite from her Invicta days. She was a disappointment on TUF 23 but she won her UFC debut over Kailin Curran. I think she has wrestling talent but she isn't much on her feet. And she lacks consistency. I'm sure John Wood of Syndicate MMA in Las Vegas is working on that. Viviane is 23 years old from Fortaleza, Brazil. She won her UFC debut over Valerie Letourneau but neither fighter looked very good. Viviane is mainly a striker. Round one was close. I don't think either of them did all that much. But I scored it 10-9 for Viviane because her goal was to keep the fight standing. Viviane looked better in round two and she won the round easily. And Jamie didn't try for any takedowns. The same thing happened in round three. And that's why Viviane won by unanimous decision. She did what she wanted to do and Jamie didn't do much of anything. Enjoy the video!

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Claudia Gadelha vs Karolina Kowalkiewicz

Here's the match video of Claudia Gadelha vs Karolina Kowalkiewicz from last night's UFC show in Brazil. Both have lost to UFC Strawweight Champion Joanna Jedrzeczyk and both want to get back into the title picture. After she lost to Joanna, Claudia decided to leave her long time gym Nova Uniao. Fighters switch gyms all the time. But this was different as Claudia had been there her whole career. She felt she needed a fresh perspective. She moved to the US and went to Albuquerque and the famed Jackson Wink gym. She actually trains at a separate gym in the Jackson Wink building led by police officer and long time Mike Winklejohn pal Chris Luttrell. He specializes in elite UFC fighters. Her goal was to get back to finishing fights which she hadn't done in the UFC. This fight will tell us if that was a good decision. Karolina had one good round in her lopsided loss to Joanna. And she thought that was enough to get another title shot. She's a striker with no power or ground game meaning she is a dreaded points fighter. The big question was could Claudia take Karolina down and keep her down. Well, it didn't take long. Halfway through round one, Claudia got that takedown and it was over in seconds with a rear naked choke. That's exactly what I wanted to see from Claudia. She's probably ready for a title shot. But Claudia said earlier this week that she wants another fight first. For one thing, she's moving to Albuquerque. So I expect Rose Namajunas to get the next title shot. Meanwhile, Dominick Cruz on commentary floated that Claudia's next opponent could be a UFC newcomer. After seeing all kinds of goofy names mentioned, I think that was a red herring. Just remember there are certain fighters outside the UFC like Angela Lee that have lengthy big money contracts and aren't going anywhere. Talk is cheap. She would have to accept a significant pay cut to come to the UFC. I would keep an eye out on an upcoming fight in Scotland between Joanne Calderwood and Cynthia Calvillo. The winner could be Claudia's next opponent. Enjoy the video!

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Les Cooper and the Soul Rockers

Artist:Les Cooper and the Soul Rockers
Song:Wiggle Wobble
Album:Teen Beat Volume 2

Doo wop veteran Les Cooper scored a top 30 hit in 1962 with this instrumental classic. It was a B-side and DJs flipped it over. Cooper was born Mar. 15, 1921 in Norfolk, VA and he grew up in New York City. He was in doo wop groups like the Empires and The Whirlers. And he managed the Charts who scored a top five R&B hit with Deserie in 1957. The Charts split up in 1958 when lead singer Joe Grier went into the service. The Charts were on Everlast Records owned by producer Bobby Robinson and his brother Danny Robinson. Cooper recorded the single Dig Yourself as Les Cooper and the Soul Rockers. The instrumental Wiggle Wobble was on the B-side. In those days, small labels looked at B-sides as throwaways. It was common to put an instrumental on the B-side so DJs would concentrate on the A-side. But in this case, DJs preferred the B-side. And Wiggle Wobble reached #22 on the Billboard Hot 100. The sax solo was by Joe Grier. Cooper released a few more singles but he could never repeat the success of Wiggle Wobble. At least he got songwriting royalties for it. Collectables has released a Les Cooper and the Soul Rockers comp. But it's only a half hour long. And most fans will only be interested in Wiggle Wobble and you can get it on this various artists comp of instrumental hits from Ace Records. Les Cooper died on Aug. 3, 2013 at age 92. Here's a video for Wiggle Wobble by Les Cooper and the Soul Rockers.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Black Moth Super Rainbow

Artist:Black Moth Super Rainbow
Song:Sun Lips
Album:Dandelion Gum

Black Moth Super Rainbow (BMSR) will be of interest to fans of neo psychedelia. They use low tech electronic instruments like the vocoder. BMSR are from Allegheny County, PA. The lead singer who likes to use the vocoder is Thomas "Tobacco" Fec. All the members have strange stage names. This appears to be for privacy reasons and I guess it adds to their mystique. He began experimenting with electronic instruments in the mid 90s. At first he recorded with his brother Ken Fec known as Power Pill Fist. Eventually it became a band called Black Moth Super Rainbow. Other members are keyboard player Maureen Boyle known as The Seven Fields of Aphelion, drummer Donna Kyler known as Iffernaut, guitarist Ryan Manon known as Graveface and bassist Pony Diver. They record on their own label Graveface Records. The 2007 CD Dandelion Gum is probably their best known album to date. Sun Lips was their first video. The notable thing about BMSR is they are making electronic music today with instruments that were used in the 80s. With autotune so common today, who uses a vocoder? That's an example of what BMSR is trying to do. It's not commercial music. They aren't going to top the charts. They don't want to anyway. BMSR last released a full album in 2012. But they have released EPs and Tobacco released a solo album last year. It's experimental music that's not for everyone. Here's the video for Sun Lips by Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Friday, June 02, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Apollo 100

Artist:Apollo 100
Album:Joy: The Best of Apollo 100

Raise your hand if you remember this 1972 top ten hit but you know nothing about it. Maybe you heard it in the film Boogie Nights or The 40 Year Old Virgin. It's a rock arrangement of the Bach composition Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. Apollo 100 was a band of British studio musicians led by keyboard player, producer and arranger Tom Parker. He was born in 1944 in Dumfries, England. As a teen he played in jazz clubs. And in the 60s he was briefly a member of Eric Burdon and the New Animals. But by the late 60s he was a house producer and arranger for Miki Dallon's Young Blood label. Among other things he produced and arranged the 1971 Mac and Katie Kassoon hit Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep. He decides to record an album of rock versions of classical compositions. The other musicians in Apollo 100 were session musicians like guitarists Vic Flick and Zed Jenkins, bassist Brian Odgers, drummer Clem Cattini and percussionist Jim Lawless. A rock version of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring was recorded by Jigsaw in 1970. But it wasn't a hit. Joy was on Apollo 100's second album. It was picked up in the US by Nashville's Mega Records which was mainly a country label. Their best known artist was Sammi Smith. Joy reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Joy still gets airplay on oldies radio and it was used in the films Boogie Nights and The 40 Year Old Virgin. Apollo 100 recorded a few albums until Young Blood closed in 1976. This comp is available on CD. Parker went on to lead the New London Chorale in the 80s. This classical crossover group recorded for RCA. Parker retired in the 90s and moved to Spain. He died on Apr. 18, 2013 at age 69. Here's a video for Joy by Apollo 100.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Sara McMann vs Ketlen Vieira added to July 29 UFC show

Dana White announced on the Unfiltered podcast that Sara McMann vs Ketlen Vieira has been added to UFC 214 July 29 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. I expect this match to air on the prelims on Fox Sports 1 in the US and TSN in Canada. Sara is on a three fight winning streak but if she wants to get back in the title picture, she needs to face a higher caliber opponent. She's going to turn 37 years old in September so the clock is ticking. After Sara beat Alexis Davis, Sara was supposed to face Liz Carmouche. But Liz got injured and Sara easily beat late replacement Gina Mazany. Maybe she's trying to keep active but sometimes fighters have to push for a better opponent. Ketlen trains at Nova Uniao in Manaus, Brazil. She's 8-0 so I understand that might have been incentive for Sara to fight her. Ketlen won her first two UFC fights but she wasn't impressive in either fight. First she beat Kelly Faszholz by split decision where neither fighter looked good and Ketlen used a lay and pray offense. Then she beat Ashlee Evans-Smith by unanimous decision. Ketlen was quicker than Ashlee and she won the first two rounds easily. But she ran out of gas in round three. So she won both fights but I said after her last fight that we need to see Ketlen face a higher competition level. So a win for Ketlen gives her a big boost. This fight makes Sara look like a gatekeeper and maybe that's what she is at this point. She probably doesn't know it though. White also confirmed that Cris Cyborg will be on this show. But he says he hasn't figured out her opponent (probably Cat Zingano) or the Welterweight title implications. I will comment on this mishugas when it's settled. But I will say there is only one person to blame for this mess and that's Dana White.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-All-4-One

Song:I Swear
Album:MTV Party To Go Vol. 6

All-4-One scored their only number one hit with I Swear on 1994. They had a couple of other hits but they faded quickly and most fans probably only remember I Swear. All-4-One are from Antelope Valley, CA which is near the Mojave desert but they moved to Los Angeles and formed in 1993. The members are Jamie Jones, Delious Kennedy, Alfred Nevarez and Tony Borowiak. They all grew up singing in church. Borowiak and Nevarez were singing jingles in a Los Angeles recording studio where they met Jones and then Kennedy. All-4-One signed with Blitzz Records owned by producers Tim O'Brien and Gary St. Clair with Atlantic Records distribution. They started out producing The Chambers Brothers in the late 60s. They produced most of the 1994 album All-4-One and the first single, a cover of The Tymes classic so Much In Love. It reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. The second single I Swear topped the charts. I Swear was written by Frank Myers and Gary Baker and John Michael Montgomery topped the country charts with his version. David Foster produced I Swear and one other song on the album. They won a Grammy for I Swear. The influence of Boyz II Men on All-4-One is fairly obvious. The album was certified 4XPlatinum. It was all downhill from there. They had one other top ten hit with another cover of a John Michael Montgomery hit I Can Love You Like That. And that was it. They recorded a third album but a rift between All-4-One, Blitzz and Atlantic forced the group's departure. There is no All-4-One comp in print and the 1994 album All-4-One is out of print. But you can get I Swear on this various artists comp. All-4-One is still around recording on their own label and touring. I guess at this point they are a nostalgia act. Kennedy is one of the founders of the Catalina Film Festival. Here's the video for I Swear by All-4-One.