Tuesday, July 25, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Frank Sinatra

Artist:Frank Sinatra
Song:Strangers In The Night
Album:Greatest Love Songs

By the mid-60s, I don't think Frank Sinatra was considering retirement. But the kind of songs he was recording like September Of My Years and It Was A Very Good Year made fans think he was considering it. Instead, the 1966 hit Strangers In The Night was his first number one hit in years. And it turned out to be one of the biggest hits of his career. Though Sinatra and arranger Gordon Jenkins won Grammys for It Was A Very Good Year, it only reached #28 on the Billboard Hot 100. Sinatra thought that reuniting with Nelson Riddle would get him that number one hit. Riddle was his arranger through the 50s. But Sinatra switched to Jenkins shortly after starting Reprise Records in the early 60s. Strangers In The Night was written by German composer Bert Kaempfert for the 1966 film A Man Could Get Killed. The lyrics were written by veteran songwriters Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder. The song was supposed to be sung in the movie by Melina Mercouri. But the producers decided against it and then the song was recorded by Sinatra. The story goes that Sinatra hated the song. And he was not a happy camper during the recording session. The musicians were guys from The Wrecking Crew like drummer Hal Blaine, pianist Leon Russell and guitarist Glen Campbell. Jimmy Bowen produced, Ernie Freeman wrote the arrangement and Riddle conducted. So I'm sure no one was more surprised than Sinatra when Strangers In The Night topped the Billboard Hot 100. The last time he topped the charts was in 1955. Sinatra won a couple of Grammys and Ernie Freeman also won a Grammy. You can get Strangers In The Night on this budget comp. Of course Sinatra retired in the early 70s but he didn't stay retired. Strangers In The Night turned out to be one of the biggest hits of his career. Here's Frank Sinatra performing Strangers In The Night at the Concert for The Americas in the Dominican Republic Aug. 20, 1982.

Monday, July 24, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Jennifer Lopez

Artist:Jennifer Lopez
Song:If You Had My Love
Album:Dance Again...The Hits

Jennifer Lopez was already a movie star when she began her recording career. Fortunately for her, she scored a huge hit with her first single If You Had My Love. She's had mixed success since then. Part of the problem is her music is generic dance pop that sounds like every other singer that does that kind of music. And she's not a great singer so she depends a lot on solid production to carry her. She was born July 24, 1969 in The Bronx, NY. Her parents were Puerto Rican immigrants. Her sister Lynda works for New York radio station WCBS. Growing up Jennifer dreamed of performing. And as a teen, she appeared in the 1986 film My Little Girl. Then she did bit parts in Broadway shows. Her big break was as a Fly Girl on the TV series In Living Color in 1991. That got her to Los Angeles and she left to pursue acting in 1993. Her first decent role was in the 1995 film My Family which led to the biopic Selena. Other films included Anaconda and especially Steven Soderburgh's 1998 film Out Of Sight. So now she wants to record. Tommy Mottola signs her to his Work Group label with Columbia distribution. The album On The 6 was released June 1999. The single If You Had My Love was released May 1999. Jennifer is risking a lot. If her music fails, she probably doesn't get another chance. Fortunately, If You Had My Love was a huge hit and so was the album. The song was written and produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. He wrote it for Michael Jackson but Jackson thought it was suited for a female singer. The album was certified 3XPlatinum. Obviously Jennifer has had other hits. But she was already a movie star so immediate success was important. You can get all her Columbia hits on this budget comp complete with a bonus DVD. In recent years Jennifer has not been as active recording. But she does have a Spanish album coming in September. She recently returned to Epic Records so expect a big splash with her first English album. Right now she is doing her show World Of Dance for NBC and the series Shades Of Blue. And she is appearing in a live TV production of Bye Bye Birdie for NBC in 2018. So Jennifer Lopez ain't going away anytime soon. Here's the video for If You Had My Love by Jennifer Lopez.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

AccuRadio Song of The Day-The Islanders

Artist:The Islanders
Song:The Enchanted Sea
Album:The Golden Age Of American Popular Music: Hits With Strings and Things

This instrumental classic The Enchanted Sea was a top 20 hit in 1959. You might think The Islanders were Hawaiian. Not only were they not Hawaiian but they weren't really a group. The man behind The Islanders was known in New York City as Dr. Warren Nadel The Singing Dentist. He was born July 2, 1930 in The Bronx, NY. He studied violin as a child and then he went to dental school. While establishing his practice, he still messed around with music. Nadel recorded a song called After School in 1957 that was supposed to sound like the Sonny James hit Young Love. Believe it or not, the American Dental Association would not allow Nadel to use his real name so he called himself Randy Starr. After School was a top 40 hit. Nadel appeared on TV and toured. He even appeared on To Tell The Truth. Nadel wanted to continue in music but he didn't enjoy performing. So in 1959 he got together with accordionist Frank Metis. They met on a cruise. Nadel released The Enchanted Sea on the small Mayflower label and it reached #15 on the Billboard Hot 100. Basically Nadel and Metis wanted to record music that sounded like the Martin Denny hit Quiet Village. So it has that feel of exotica without actually being exotic. Nadel played guitar and did the whistling on the record. The Islanders continued to record but they never charted again. Nadel returned to his dentistry practice. But he also became a prolific songwriter especially for Elvis Presley films. Most of the songs were written with veteran songwriter Fred Wise including Kissin' Cousins. Nadel retired from his dentistry practice in the 90s and he lives in New York City. You can get The Enchanted Sea on this Ace Records various artists comp. Here's a video for the Enchanted Sea by The Islanders.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Jiji

Song:Le Chevalier
Album:Ultra Chicks Volume 6: Vous Dansez Mademoiselle

Here's an example of how goofy the record business can be. The year is 1967. The place is France. Yeye is very popular. I think Yeye is the lost music of the 60s. Record companies were constantly looking for pretty girls that they could turn into pop stars. In this case, Decca Records found a girl. They spent a lot of time and money turning her into Jiji. And then she only recorded one EP. Her real name was Nadia Voyevoda. She was brought to Decca Records by her boyfriend Robert Gretch. Gretch was unknown at the time but in the 70s he recorded some jazz guitar albums. Veteran composer Raymond Legrand was brought in to produce. Fans may be familiar with his son Michel Legrand. Raymond Legrand led his own orchestra and worked with Maurice Chevalier. He called her Jiji. Decca took her to famed hairdressers and dress designers to remake her image. They did photo shoots. They had her appear with race car drivers. They sent her to Brussels to record. She recorded three songs including Le Chevalier which was written by Gretch. The EP was released and I guess when it wasn't an immediate success, Decca lost interest on Jiji and that was it. You can get Le Chevalier on this Ultra Chicks various artists CD. So what happened to Nadia. She joined the group Blue Grass Flingou 37 1/2. They recorded an EP in 1968. I think Nadia joined the group after that. It looks like she moved to the US and she may have worked briefly with The Bee Gees. It doesn't look like anything came of that. Jiji looks and sounds OK. I don't know why Decca lost interest in her. Here's a video of Le Chavalier by Jiji. Most of the info about Jiji is from the French blog La Scala Retrouvee.

Friday, July 21, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Radiohead

Song:No Surprises
Album:OK Computer

Radiohead is one of the more enduring bands from the 90s. Though they have had hit singles in their native England, they are mostly an album and touring band. The 1997 album OK Computer is probably their most popular album. Radiohead are from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England. They met in school. The band is lead singer Thom Yorke, keyboard player Jonny Greenwood, his brother Colin Greenwood on bass, Ed O'Brien on guitar and Philip Selway on drums. They started jamming in school in 1985. But they didn't play any gigs until 1991. And they signed with EMI in 1992. They weren't successful at first. The 1993 album Pablo Honey didn't do well until alternative radio stations like San Francisco's KITS started playing Creep. It began with Israeli DJ Yoav Kutner and Radiohead toured Israel as a result. They got more attention when the video for Creep was played on MTV. The 1995 album The Bends did OK but it didn't build on the momentum from Creep. Radiohead built their own studio to record OK Computer. And they also convinced EMI to allow them to self produce. I guess EMI thought there was nothing to lose as The Bends was a commercial disappointment. But OK Computer was received positively and it was certified 2XPlatinum in the US. In England it was their first album to top the charts and all their albums have done that ever since. They also had three top ten hits in England including No Surprises. OK Computer is the album that established Radiohead and it's the first album you should get. Radiohead is still around. Of course they aren't as popular today as they were. They released a new CD last year and they toured to support it. They recently released a 20th anniversary box set of OK Computer. My guess is we'll see new music from them in 2018 along with a tour. Here's the video for No Surprises by Radiohead.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Germaine De Randamie vs Marion Reneau added to Sept. 2 UFC show

UFC Europe announced today on Twitter that Germaine De Randamie vs Marion Reneau has been added to UFC Fight Night 115 Sept. 2 at Ahoy Rotterdam in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This match will be on the main card on Fox Sports 1 in the US and TSN in Canada. So we all know what happened with Germaine after she won the Featherweight Championship. I don't know why anyone would be surprised that she would refuse to fight Cris Cyborg. Her body language in her post fight interview told me that. So now you're asking why Dana White didn't fire her. It's like I said before. This whole schmozzle was his fault. He put Germaine in that position unnecessarily. And the other thing is at home in The Netherlands, she's a draw because of her days as The Iron Lady of kickboxing. If you think those fans will boo her, you're wrong. They love her. As good as Germaine was at kickboxing, she stinks at MMA. So I don't know how long her contract runs. But I don't expect the UFC to renew it. It's the same thing with Marion. She's 40 years old at the fringes of the Bantamweight division because she lacks aggression. That's what happened in her last fight against Bethe Correia. She did nothing for two rounds. After her trainer Doug Marshall read her the riot act, Marion won round three 10-8 and earned a draw. Afterwards she admitted her lack of aggression cost her a win. Again, I don't know her contract situation. But at her age, she needs to be more aggressive if she wants to get anywhere. Or she should quit MMA and go back to her high school phys ed class. This fight is on the main card because Germaine is fighting at home. But I don't expect a good fight.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Michael Ray

Artist:Michael Ray
Song:Think A Little Less
Album:Michael Ray

Michael Ray parlayed a TV talent contest win into a record deal and the number one country music hit Think A Little Less. He is currently on tour. He was born Michael Ray Roach Apr. 29, 1988 in Eustis, FL which is a suburb of Orlando. His grandfather was a local country gospel musician and he taught Ray to play guitar and allowed him to tag along to gigs. After graduating high school, Ray played locally and was eventually noticed by manager Tony Conway who got him on the CW talent show The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep. You never heard of that one? There was only one season in 2012. John Rich of Big & Rich was Ray's mentor on the show. After Ray won the show, Rich got him a deal with Warner Nashville. First the EP Kiss You In The Morning was released. When the single was a top ten country hit, Ray recorded a full album with veteran producer Scott Hendricks. Hendricks produces Blake Shelton. Ray's debut album Michael Ray was released Aug. 2015. Think A Little Less topped the Country Singles chart. The song was written by Barry Dean, Jon Nite, Thomas Rhett and Jimmy Robbins. Rhett is a successful recording artist and the son of Rhett Akins. The other three guys are all veteran songwriters who have written plenty of hits. Ray has only one songwriting credit on the album. It's likely he will have more input about song selection on his next album. Until then, Ray was opening for Brantley Gilbert and Darius Rucker and he is still on tour. He also appeared in an episode of the CMT series Nashville. Here's the video for Think A Little Less by Michael Ray.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Brett Young

Artist:Brett Young
Song:In Case You Didn't Know
Album:Brett Young

Brett Young scored a couple of top five country hits with his debut album. In Case You Didn't Know crossed over to be a top 20 pop hit. It's too soon to tell if he can have a long music career. He was born Mar. 23, 1981 in Anaheim, CA. He started singing in high school. But he was likely headed for a baseball career as a pitcher. He was drafted out of high school by Tampa Bay and Minnesota. Instead Young attended Ole Miss, Irvine Valley College and Fresno State. But he injured his elbow in 2003. So he turned to music inspired by Gavin DeGraw. It's likely that Young was going to record Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). He self released some EPs and a couple of albums. He decided to try country music and he moved to Nashville. He signed with Big Machine in 2015. An EP was released and when Sleep Without You reached #3 on the Country Singles chart, he recorded an album with producer Dann Huff. Huff also produces Rascal Flatts. That's a group that mixes country and CCM and that's where Young is at too. In Case You Didn't Know reached #2 on the Country Singles chart and it reached #19 on the Billboard Hot 100. Young co-wrote most of the songs. He wrote In Case You Didn't Know with singer songwriter Trent Tomlinson, Tyler Reeve and Kylie Schlienger. Young is currently on tour and I expect him to record after the tour. We'll get a better idea of his longevity with his second album. Here's the video for In Case You Didn't Know by Brett Young.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Patti LaBelle

Artist:Patti LaBelle
Song:If Only You Knew
Album:The Essential Patti LaBelle

Patti LaBelle had her greatest success on MCA Records with her number one hit On My Own in 1986. Before that she had a brief run on Philadelphia International. If Only You Knew was Patti's first number one R&B hit in 1983. By the time she signed with MCA, Patti knew what was needed for success. After LaBelle split up in 1975, Patti signed with Epic Records. She recorded four albums for Epic. The first two were with LaBelle producer David Rubinson and then one each with Skip Scarborough and Allen Toussaint. The albums didn't perform as well as expected and there were no hit singles. So Patti moved to Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff's Philadelphia International (PI) label in 1981. This label was very successful in the 70s. But by this time, they were coming to the end of their run. Patti also appeared in the Broadway musical Your Arms Too Short To Box With God. If Only You Knew is from Patti's second of three PI albums I'm In Love Again and it was her first #1 R&B hit. Patti worked on the album while appearing on Broadway and shooting the film A Soldier's Story. She worked with several producers supervised by Gamble. If Only You Knew was produced by PI house producer Dexter Wansel and Wansel wrote the song with frequent songwriting partner Cynthia Biggs. When they argued over the lyrics, Gamble solved the dispute and that's why he gets a songwriting credit. The song also crossed over to pop and the album was certified Gold. Patti recorded one more album for PI and then they changed distributors from Columbia to Capitol. They would close in 1987. Meanwhile Patti recorded New Attitude for the film Beverly Hills Cop. When that was a top ten hit, Patti signed with MCA and that's when she had her greatest success. But without her success at PI, maybe MCA doesn't sign her. This 2CD comp covers Patti's entire career. Here's Patti LaBelle performing If Only You Knew on Soul Train 1983.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Leslie Smith vs Amanda Lemos

Here's the match video of Leslie Smith vs Amanda Lemos from yesterday's UFC show in Glasgow. This fight aired on UFC Fight Pass. Amanda came in on short notice after Lina Lansberg got injured. She's undersized for a Bantamweight. Leslie is mainly a striker. Of course the UFC likes her because she'll fight anyone. But she's not an elite fighter. Amanda looked good in round one. She landed some good shots and Leslie just kept coming. Amanda ran out of gas by round two and Leslie kept hammering her until the ref stopped the fight. Amanda said afterwards she plans to compete at Flyweight. That's why it can be worthwhile to take a short notice fight. Leslie called out Bethe Correia because she thinks it would be a fun fight. Enjoy the video!

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Cynthia Calvillo vs Joanne Calderwood

Here's the match video of Cynthia Calvillo vs Joanne Calderwood from yesterday's UFC show in Glasgow. Because Joanne is from Glasgow, this was the main event for the crowd. And the crowd vibe was the best thing about the fight. The fight itself wasn't very good mainly because both fighters used the keep away strategy that always results in very little action and a decision. The strategy was better for Cynthia as she was able to land jabs from a distance and she scored a couple of takedowns that almost ended in submissions. And that was enough to give Cynthia the win. I scored the fight 30-27 for Cynthia. So did two of the judges and the third scored it 29-28. I just didn't think Joanne did enough to get the win. I guess her corner told her she was winning. Obviously I'm not a fan of the keep away strategy. But I understand why Team Alpha Male's Justin Buchholtz had Cynthia do it. Joanne is much bigger and Cynthia wanted to stay away from her Muay Thai. And Joanne wanted to avoid takedowns because her defense is terrible. And that's what really decided the fight. Cynthia was still able to score a couple of takedowns and that tipped the scales in her favour. Obviously the crowd was upset by the decision. But the decision was correct. There is really no excuse for Joanne's lack of aggression. I expect her to move up to Flyweight. Expect Cynthia to get an even tougher opponent next time out. Enjoy the video!

AccuRadio Song of The Day-Kevon Edmonds

Artist:Kevon Edmonds
Album:Smooth: Ultimate Late Night Grooves

Kevon Edmonds is the older brother of uber producer Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. Fans should remember Kevon from his days with After 7. But he also scored a top ten hit with 24/7 in 1999. Unfortunately he didn't record again for ten years. He was born Feb. 25, 1958 in Indianapolis. Babyface formed After 7 as a vehicle for Kevon and their other brother Melvin. And they had success in the late 80s. After 7 split up in 1995. Kevon was then involved in the fictional group Milestone formed by Babyface for the film Soul Food. That group was all three Edmonds brothers and KC & JoJo. They even toured briefly but record company politics killed Milestone. Then Kevon signed with RCA and 24/7 was released in 1999. The single 24/7 reached #10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Though Babyface produced most of the album, the song 24/7 was written and produced by Angelo Ray. It was his only big hit. The CD 24/7 is out of print. But you can get 24/7 on this various artists budget CD. After that Kevon did backup vocals. He released a CD in 2009. He is currently part of the reformation of After 7. They released an album Oct. 2016 and they have been touring. The members are original members Kevon Edmonds and Keith Mitchell. The third member is original member Melvin Edmonds' son Jason Edmonds. Babyface produced the album. Here's the video for 24/7 by Kevon Edmonds.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Poor main event sucked the life out of Invicta FC 24

When Megan Anderson and then Tonya Evinger left Invicta to go to the UFC, I thought this show should have been cancelled because the main event was already weak and changing it was going to make it worse. Maybe contractually they can't cancel it. The quality of the show simply confirmed my main criticism of Invicta matchmaking. They need to stop bringing in unproven European fighters for main card matches. Let them prove themselves on the prelims. What they are doing doesn't work. I suggested to a fighter that the undefeated record has a shine to it even if the fighter turns out to be terrible. She said that shine is overrated and I agree except on a superficial level. And there's more to good matchmaking than a zero on the right side. The results bear this out. While we were all watching last night's show, Ayaka Hamasaki announced on Twitter that she is vacating the Invicta Atomweight Championship. She has a couple of options. She could be in the RIZIN Atomweight tournament except Ayaka trains RENA. So I think the more likely destination will be to challenge Ham Seo Hee for the Road FC Atomweight Championship. Like Ham, Ayaka can make real money there. I expect we will see a match for the Invicta Atomweight Championship shortly. After all the changes, the main event had former UFC fighter Milana Dudieva vs newcomer Mara Romero Borella. Not every ex-UFC fighter should be in Invicta. I never thought Milana should have been in the UFC in the first place. She's a terrible fighter and she's boring. Mara is from Italy but she now trains at American Top Team. She won by split decision but the fight was close in a bad way. There was way too much stalling. It was one of those fights where neither fighter did enough to win. Call it a no contest due to incompetence. The co-main event probably determined who will get a shot at the Atomweight belt. Jinh Yu Frey beat Ashley Cummins by unanimous decision. The fight was OK and Jinh won easily as expected. In a Welterweight match, Pam Sorenson beat Helena Kolesnyk by first round armbar. First of all, Pam missed weight. Helena is the undefeated Russian fighter who was supposed to be in the main event. The problem with her is if you watch her matches on Youtube, there's something fishy about her. The Invicta commentators admitted this. So if everyone can see this, why was she brought in? Not surprisingly, Helena looked terrible and didn't last long. In a Flyweight bout, Karina Rodriguez beat Barbara Acioly by first round TKO. Both are Invicta newcomers. Karina is a teammate of Irene Aldana. Barbara is Brazilian but she now trains at Team Alpha Male in Sacramento. She's an attractive girl but based on this fight, she stinks. Karina is 34 years old which at this level is too old. In a Strawweight bout, Miranda Maverick beat Gabby Romero by unanimous decision. Gabby's undoing was the infamous headlock takedown. Trainers need to get fighters to stop doing this move. So Gabby beat herself. In a Strawweight match Sunna Davidsdottir beat Kelly D'Angelo by unanimous decision. Sunna wasn't able to finish but I like her though at 32 years of age, the clock is ticking on her. I could see her on a UFC Europe show sooner rather than later. And in the opening Welterweight bout, Felicia Spencer won over Amy Coleman by first round rear naked choke. Felicia needs better competition. I didn't like Amy the first time I saw her. The next Invicta show will be at the Tachi Palace in Cali end of August. They have announced a couple of fights but I will evaluate the entire card when it is announced.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Of Montreal

Artist:Of Montreal
Song:Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse
Album:Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?

Despite the name, Of Montreal are not Canadian. They aren't even a real group. It's another solo artist hiding behind a group name probably for anonymity. Kevin Barnes was born May 30, 1974 in Rocky River, OH. He grew up in Athens, GA. He did live in Montreal for a time while he was in a relationship. The name Of Montreal represents the breakup. He was having trouble putting a band together. So he moved back to Athens and became part of the Elephant 6 music collective. Elephant 6 was formed in 1991 in Denver. But they moved to Athens and bands like Neutral Milk Hotel and The Olivia Tremor Control come from the larger group. Barnes decided to hire musicians to record and tour based on his needs. There are no permanent members. Of Montreal's music can best be described as psychedelic influenced electropop. They are also known for elaborate stage shows that are more like plays than a standard concert. Barnes has recorded for Polyvinyl Records since 2004. Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse is from the 2007 CD Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?. Barnes says he wrote the song while he was in a depression. He was under the influence of antidepressants. Heimdalsgate was the street he lived on at the time in Oslo, Norway. On this album, Barnes didn't bring in musicians. He recorded it himself. I'm told the video for this song is somewhat representative of his stage show. On his latest album Innocence Reaches, Barnes goes in the direction of Electronic Dance Music. He could go in a different direction for his next album. I guess it depends what kind of mood Barnes is in. Here's the video for Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse by Of Montreal.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Manu Dibango

Artist:Manu Dibango
Song:Soul Makossa
Album:Africadelic: The Very Best Of Manu Dibango

Sax player Manu Dibango scored a fluke top 40 hit in 1972 with Soul Makossa. It turned out to be very influential on funk and hip hop. Dibango was born Dec. 12, 1933 in Douala, French Cameroon. He started out as a founding member of the 50s group African Jazz. Then he moved to Europe in the mid-60s. He had his own band and released a few singles and he also played sessions in Paris. He didn't release an album until 1969. Then he signed with Fiesta Records who specialized in Africans living in France. The story goes that New York DJ David Mancuso found a copy of Soul Makossa at a West Indian record store in Brooklyn. He ran private parties at The Loft. Legendary DJ Frankie Crocker got his hands on a copy of Soul Makossa and played it on his popular show on WBLS in New York. Atlantic Records licensed the record from Fiesta. And then it broke nationally and reached #35 on the Billboard Hot 100. Of course the song's influence was much greater than that. Among others, Kool and the Gang leader Robert "Kool" Bell has acknowledged Soul Makossa's influence. The song has been sampled on many hits including Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' and Rihanna's Don't Stop The Music. And to think that Soul Makossa was a B side of a record celebrating the Cameroon soccer team. Dibango has rerecorded Soul Makossa a couple of times. But you can get the original on this Universal comp. At 83 years old, Dibango still records and tours. He released a new album earlier this year. He also was a Special Francophone Representative for the 2016 Paralympics in Rio. Here's Manu Dibango performing Soul Makossa from the 1976 concert film Salsa. This video is not on Youtube.
Manu Dibango - Soul makossa by madafonka2

Friday, July 14, 2017

Syuri vs Chan-Mi Jeon added to Sept. 23 UFC show

The UFC held a press conference in Tokyo today to announce several matches for UFC Fight Night 117 Sept. 23 at Saitama Super Arena. One of those matches will have Syuri vs Chan-Mi Jeon in a Strawweight match. Didn't someone predict a few months ago that Syuri would appear on this show? Oh, that would be ME! So obviously I'm not surprised. If you're going to talk about Syuri, you have to talk about current Pancrase owner Mazakasu Sakai. Syuri was a dancer when she began to work as Karate Girl for the pro wrestling parody company Hustle. Sakai owned Hustle and after he closed it, he opened Smash. Syuri worked there too. The plan at the time was for Smash to be pro wrestling and MMA but the MMA part never took off. Sakai planned for Syuri to do both pro wrestling and MMA. When the MMA part of Smash didn't happen, he had Syuri do kickboxing for Krush and she became a champion. After Sakai closed Smash, he bought Pancrase. Meanwhile Syuri worked for Reina and other pro wrestling companies. But I wasn't surprised when in Jan. 2016, Sakai announced that Syuri would fight for Pancrase. The goal was for her to get to the UFC. I always thought her physical skills were more suited for MMA than pro wrestling. Syuri trains at the Tokyo branch of the Dutch gym Vos. Her record is 5-0. Her opponent is 19 year old Korean Chan-Mi Jeon. She made her UFC debut on short notice in June. The problem was she looked befuddled against southpaw JJ Aldrich. I'm not sure if a full camp will make much of a difference. Normally a UFC opponent should be a step up in competition for Syuri. I'm not sure that's true in this case. Syuri is a very polished fighter already. And Jeon seemed rough in her UFC debut. It might be too soon to expect much improvement from her. Anyway, congratulations to Syuri for making the UFC.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Ryan Adams

Artist:Ryan Adams
Song:To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)

Most fans became familiar with Ryan Adams as leader of Whiskeytown. He went solo when they split up. Heartbreaker was his 2000 solo debut CD. He's a great singer songwriter but his temper causes problems sometimes. He was born Nov. 5, 1974 in Jacksonville, NC. He was raised by his mother after his parents divorced. But Adams credits his grandmother for getting him into writing. He learned to play guitar as a teen and was in a couple of local bands. He formed Whiskeytown in 1994. And though they had some success, there were constant personnel problems and Adams was always threatening to go solo. He finally did this after Whiskeytown split up in 1999. His debut album Heartbreaker was released in 2000. The album was produced by session drummer turned producer Ethan Johns. The main musicians are the duo of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings who are a very successful act themselves. Rawlings wrote To Be Young with Adams and the duo performs the song too. The album was originally released on the alt country label Bloodshot. But Adams soon signed with Universal's Lost Highway label and they re-released it. It is available as a budget CD. Since then Adams has kept a very busy recording and touring schedule. He also recorded and toured with his band the Cardinals. He disbanded them in 2009. Adams currently records for Blue Note. When Universal bought Blue Note, they closed Lost Highway and moved all the artists to Blue Note. Adams' latest CD Prisoner was released in February and he is currently touring to support it. Here's Ryan Adams performing To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High) on the Dutch TV show 2 Meter Sessies Feb. 2002.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-King Crimson

Artist:King Crimson
Song:In The Court Of The Crimson King
Album:In The Court Of The Crimson King

Of course King Crimson were pioneers of progressive rock. The problem is the band went through so many versions that it can be difficult to tell what is worth listening to. In The Court Of The Crimson King is probably their best known album and their debut. So it's a good place to start. King Crimson began in 1967 as Giles, Giles and Fripp. Brothers Michael (drums) and Peter (bass) Giles advertised for an organist who could sing. Robert Fripp couldn't sing but he can certainly play organ. They released an unsuccessful album and decided to expand the band. They brought in keyboard and sax player Ian McDonald. And he brought Peter Sinfield with him. Though Sinfield did play piano, he was mainly a lyricist and he wrote most of King Crimson's early songs with Fripp. Fripp wanted to go in a more jazz direction. So Peter Giles was replaced by Greg Lake. And that was the band that recorded In The Court Of The Crimson King. The band tried to work with producers. But they ended up writing and producing the album themselves. Sinfield said that King Crimson was deliberately uncommercial. They didn't want any hit singles. They wanted the music to be complicated. Despite that, the album was certified Gold. There were problems with the finished version of the album. But the original masters were found in 2003. So this CD version is remastered and sounds like it is supposed to. As I said, King Crimson went through many changes. The big one at this point was Greg Lake left to join Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Then McDonald and Giles left. Giles and Lake remained to record the 1970 album In The Wake Of Poseidon. Then they left. Fripp brought in pianist Keith Tippett. But he didn't want to be in a band. Mel Collins replaced McDonald. And Gordon Haskell was the new singer. Fripp still leads a version of King Crimson. It's his vision. It doesn't seem to matter much who the other musicians are. I may look at other versions of them. But I wanted to begin here. Here's King Crimson performing In The Court Of the Crimson King.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jango Song Of The Day-The Cramps

Artist:The Cramps
Song:Goo Goo Muck
Album:Psychedelic Jungle/Gravest Hits

The Cramps were punk music pioneers especially what became known as psychobilly. It's a mix of rockabilly and punk. The basis of The Cramps were the husband wife duo of lead singer Lux Interior (Erick Lee Purkhiser) and guitarist Poison Ivy (Kristy Marlana Wallace). Other members were a revolving door. Purkhiser and Wallace met in 1972 in Sacramento. By 1975, they were part of the developing punk scene at CBGB's in New York City. They recorded a couple of singles produced by Alex Chilton of The Box Tops and Big Star. And this led to a deal with I.R.S. Records. They opened for The Police in England. Their early singles were released on the EP Gravest Hits. Then they moved to Los Angeles. Goo Goo Muck is from the 1981 album Psychedelic Jungle. It's probably The Cramps' most popular album. Other band members at the time were Kid Congo Powers on guitar and Nick Knox on drums. Goo Goo Muck was written and first recorded in 1962 by Ronnie Cook and the Gaylads. He was a rockabilly artist from Bakersfield. Meanwhile they were in a royalty dispute with I.R.S. so The Cramps were on hold for a while. They returned in 1985. But by that time The Cramps style of music wasn't popular anymore. This twofer of Psychedelic Jungle and Gravest Hits is the best of their early sound. The Cramps continued to record and tour. I guess today they are considered punk legends and pioneers. The Cramps retired in 2006 and the Purkhiser died of a heart attack in 2009. Here's The Cramps performing Goo Goo Muck in San Francisco 1981.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Radio Paradise Song Of The Day-Neil Halstead

Artist:Neil Halstead
Song:Full Moon Rising
Album:Palindrome Hunches

Some fans may recall Neil Halstead as the lead singer of the 90s band Slowdive and then Mojave 3. He started recording solo by chance and now he has released a few solo CDs. He was born Oct. 7, 1970 in Reading, England. He was the lead singer and main songwriter of Slowdive from 1989-95. They disbanded in 1995 after losing their record deal. Halstead and two other members of Slowdrive formed Mojave 3 and signed with 4AD Records. They recorded a few albums until they went on hiatus in 2006. Halstead recorded a solo album in 2000. But he decided to go back to it after Mojave 3 disbanded. His solo music is influenced by legendary folksinger Nick Drake. Halstead's interest in surfing attracted noted surfer and singer songwriter Jack Johnson who signed Halstead to his Brushfire label with Universal distribution. The album was produced by fellow Mojave 3 member Nick Holton and the musicians seem to be his friends. Halstead's music will be of interest to folk music fans. It doesn't look like Halstead is recording or touring solo anymore. Slowdive reformed in 2014. Halstead wasn't involved at first. But he joined and Slowdive has been on tour and they released a new album in May. Here's Neil Halstead performing Full Moon Rising at New York radio station WFUV Sept. 8, 2012. BTW, AccuRadio's website has been down today.

Monday, July 10, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Lou Rawls with Les McCann

Artist:Lou Rawls with Les McCann
Song:Blues Is A Woman
Album:Stormy Monday

Most music fans should be familiar with Lou Rawls' R&B hits of the 70s. But he started out in gospel and he began his recording career recording jazz. Stormy Monday was his 1962 debut album. In 1958, Rawls was seriously injured in a car crash. He was pronounced dead before arriving at the hospital. He was in a coma for five days and he eventually recovered. After releasing a couple of singles for small labels, Capitol Records producer Nick Venet saw Rawls perform in a West Hollywood coffee shop and he signed him in 1962. At first Rawls recorded jazz. Stormy Monday was released in 1962 with a trio led by veteran jazz pianist Les McCann along with Leroy Vinnegar on bass and Ron Jefferson on drums. This was McCann's band through most of the 60s. They were known as Les McCann Ltd. Rawls sings jazz standards on the album except for Blues Is A Woman which Rawls wrote. It wasn't on the original album. But it was added as a bonus track when the album was released on CD in 1989. Rawls continued to record jazz until Capitol switched him to R&B and he scored his first number one R&B hit with Love Is A Hurtin' Thing in 1967. Rawls enjoyed performing jazz when he could and it just shows how versatile he was. Here's Lou Rawls with Bobby Hutcherson on vibes, Les McCann on piano, Chris Severin on bass and Billy Kilson on drums performing Blues Is A Woman at the 1989 Mount Fuji Jazz Festival in Japan.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Amanda Nunes withdrawl explained

As you all know by now, Amanda Nunes pulled out of last night's title defense against Valentina Shevchenko. Since then, Amanda has been thrown under the bus by everyone including UFC president Dana White who has himself been accused of unprofessional behaviour in the past. One would think he would know better. He went so far as to say that he thought Amanda's withdrawal was 90% mental. He did say the fight is likely to be rescheduled to UFC 215 in Edmonton. I have a theory about why Amanda pulled out that I was going to write about anyway. But I now have an official explanation from American Top Team owner and head coach Conan Silveira. Silveira told UOL in Brazil that Amanda was suffering from a sinus infection, a sore throat and she wasn't sleeping properly. Amanda has suffered from sinus infections in the past. Silveira says the problems developed during the week and as White said, they considered pulling out before the ceremonial weigh ins. When Amanda's condition hadn't improved on Saturday morning, that's when they took her to the hospital. Silveira said this was a team decision made by himself, Amanda and coaches Mike Brown and Din Thomas. Of course there are two sides to this. There are those who claim that no fighter is 100% and most of them suck it up and fight anyway. And how many times have you watched a fight where the losing fighter didn't look right. Afterwards, we learn the fighter had the flu and sucked it up and regretted it. This happened to Amanda Nunes when she lost to Sarah D'Alelio on the Jan. 5, 2015 Invicta show. If you recall, she didn't look right during that fight. We found out later that she was ill and she probably shouldn't have fought. This was before she moved to ATT. So maybe she decided that in the future she would only fight if she was 100% healthy. Silveira says that if she's not 100% healthy, she doesn't have to take unnecessary risks. He says the camp went great. But she wasn't feeling well and she wasn't improving. The team decided to pull out. I see no indication that there were weight cut problems which was the kneejerk conclusion most jumped to. BTW, Amanda has never had problems cutting weight and I have covered her career since 2010. If she would have fought last night and lost, they have an excuse. We see enough of that nonsense already. Post match excuses drive me nuts. Look, I know Silveira's explanation isn't going to satisfy some. I would prefer that Amanda fought in perfect health so there are no excuses. So I'm OK with it. Reschedule the fight.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Dennis Coffey

Artist:Dennis Coffey
Album:Big City Funk: Original Old School Breaks & Heavy Guitar Soul

Guitarist Dennis Coffey is what we call an unsung legend. Most music fans have never heard of him except maybe for the 1971 top ten hit Scorpio. But you have heard him on many Motown recordings as a member of The Funk Brothers. And he is revered by hip hop guys. They are constantly sampling his music. He was born Nov. 11, 1940 in Detroit. He learned to play guitar as a teen. And he began session work while still in high school. And that's what he did in the 60s usually for Ed Wingate's Ric-Tic label on Edwin Starr records. By 1968, Coffey was working regularly at Motown most notably for producer Norman Whitfield on Temptations hits like Cloud Nine, Ball Of Confusion and Psychedelic Shack. All the guitar solos with the wah wah effect, that's Dennis Coffey. That's his signature style. Then he forms a production company with producer Mike Theodore. Coffey releases the 1969 album Hair and Things on the small Maverick label. This leads to a deal with Clarence Avant's Sussex label and the 1971 album Evolution by Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Army. Scorpio reaches #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Not surprisingly, several Funk Brothers play on the record. Musicians are Ray Monette of Rare Earth and Joe Podorsic on guitar, Bob Babbitt on bass, Earl Van Dyke on piano, Uriel Jones and Richard "Pistol" Allen on drums, "Bongo" Eddie Brown on congas and Jack Ashford on tambourine. All but Podorsic were Funk Brothers. Today the song is considered a funk classic and is frequently sampled by hip hop guys. Meanwhile he is still playing on hits like Edwin Starr's War and Freda Payne's Band Of Gold. Coffey recorded several albums for Sussex until they closed in the late 70s. This comp covers that period. Also, Coffey scored the 1974 film Black Belt Jones. Of course Coffee is featured in the 2002 documentary Standing in the Shadows of Motown. And he published his autobiography in 2004. Dennis Coffey last recorded in 2011. But he still plays Detroit clubs. Here's Dennis Coffey with the Don Was Detroit All Star Revue with Luis Resto on keyboards, Terry "Thunder" Hughley on drums, Don Was on bass, Brian "Roscoe" White on guitar and Dino Lewis on congas performing Scorpio at the Detroit Concert of Colors July 17, 2010.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Tecia Torres vs Juliana Lima

Here's the match video of Tecia Torres vs Juliana Lima from last night's UFC show in Las Vegas. Tecia took this fight on short notice. She said she is waiting for Michelle Waterson. But when this fight came up, she called Sean Shelby and took the fight. For years Tecia trained at American Top Team in Florida. Now that she's engaged to Raquel Pennington, Tecia has moved to Colorado Springs, CO to train with Raquel at Elevation MMA. I don't think it will make much difference. Tecia is still a one dimensional striker with no power, a points fighter. Juliana is a mediocre fighter. Her main offense is lay and pray. Round one was pretty much what I expected from this, a snoozefest. Most of the round was clinching on the fence with neither fighter doing much of anything. Ref Chris Tognoni tried to get them to stop stalling but they kept going back to it. I scored the round 9-9. But at the start of round two, Juliana attempted a takedown. Tecia took her back and won with a rear naked choke. This was Tecia's first career stoppage. Does it mean she's improved? No it means Juliana is inept. She telegraphed the takedown attempt. And it was so slow that Tecia used her quickness to take her back. I was glad the fight was over so I didn't have to watch a 15 minute snoozefest. It's going to take more than one lucky move on a terrible opponent to change my perception of Tecia. Enjoy the video!

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Angela Hill vs Ashley Yoder

Here's the match video of Angela Hill vs Ashley Yoder from last night's UFC show in Las Vegas. Here's the thing about Angela Hill. She's very popular because she can talk. That doesn't make her a great fighter. I thought she did OK in her UFC return against Jessica Andrade. But who thought she would win? I didn't. Angela is at a level where she will win over fighters she is supposed to beat and lose to elite fighters. I thought she would beat Ashley but I need to see something from Angela that makes me think she can beat an elite fighter. I didn't see it last night. Ashley was in TUF 23 and she probably gets one more fight after this and then goodbye. Angela needed to dominate or finish her. She didn't do that. I scored it 29-28. The judges scored it 30-27. Angela won by unanimous decision. It doesn't mean she can beat an elite fighter. Will she ever have that ability? I've seen enough of her by now that I doubt it. I would have to see a marked improvement and I don't think that will happen. She's still going to be popular because of the stuff she does outside the cage. BTW, UFC should lighten up on the costume restrictions at the ceremonial weigh ins. Fans enjoy it when Angela does that stuff. Of course she called out Paige Van Zant who is famous but not really a good fighter. Angela could win that fight. She can beat some fighters but the way she is now, getting to the elite level isn't in the cards for her. Enjoy the video!

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-MC Hammer

Artist:MC Hammer
Song:U Can't Touch This

MC Hammer's meteoric rise began with the 1990 surprise hit U Can't Touch This. But his fall was just as meteoric and he was mostly forgotten by the end of the decade. He was born Stanley Kirk Burrell Mar. 30, 1962 in Oakland, CA. His dad was a professional gambler. I think we all know the story about Oakland A's owner and screwy old man Charles Finley saw Burrell dance and hired him and his brother as clubhouse attendants. Finley lived in Chicago so Burrell's job was to give Finley play by play over the phone. Reggie Jackson nicknamed Burrell Hammer because he looked like baseball legend Hammerin' Hank Aaron. Finley made Burrell Executive Vice President. His main job was to snitch on players. Burrell wasn't good enough to be a pro baseball player. So after graduating high school, he was in the US Navy for three years trying to figure out what to do with his life. After his discharge, he formed the Christian rap group Holy Ghost Boys and they recorded with CCM singer Jon Gibson. Then he started his own label Bustin' Records and sold records out of his car. He was going to be successful until Capitol Records paid him $1.75M to sign with them. There were no hit singles from the 1988 album Let's Get It Started. But word of mouth was enough for the album to be certified 2XPlatinum. He recorded most of the 1990 album Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em on his tour bus. He performed U Can't Touch This on The Arsenio Hall Show. Capitol did not release it as a single. That's why the record only reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100. Technically it wasn't Burrell's biggest hit. Of course it's his most memorable song. And as most know, the song samples liberally the Rick James classic Super Freak. James wasn't even credited at first but a lawsuit fixed that. The song was a huge worldwide hit and Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em was certified Diamond. There were two other top ten hits from the album, Have You Seen Her and Pray. And he had two more top ten hits from the 1991 album Too Legit To Quit, the title track and Addams Groove. And then he faded. All those hits are on this budget comp. There was criticism about Burrell's habit of sampling entire hooks as he did on You Can't Touch This. After Too Legit To Quit, Burrell signed a new deal with Giant Records. So he didn't release a new album until 1994 called The Funky Headhunter. The album did OK but not as well as previous albums. When his 1995 album Inside Out didn't sell, Giant dropped him. He signed with Death Row Records but none of his recordings were released. Since then Burrell has recorded occasionally but he's not catching lightning in a bottle anytime soon. Burrell has plenty of business interests outside music. So you may not see him much but he's doing something. Here's the video for U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer.

Friday, July 07, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Johnny Paycheck

Artist:Johnny Paycheck
Song:Take This Job And Shove It
Album:The Soul & The Edge: The Best Of Johnny Paycheck

Most music fans should be familiar with Take This Job And Shove It. Johnny Paycheck topped the country music charts with it in 1977. It was even turned into a movie. It turned out to be Paycheck's biggest hit of a long career hampered by a bad temper, alcoholism and jail time. He was born Donald Eugene Lytle May 31, 1938 in Greenfield, OH. As a child, he competed in talent contests. At age 15, he left home and became a hobo. Then he joined the US Navy and he got thrown in the brig for assaulting a superior officer. After discharge, Lytle moved to Nashville. He recorded a few singles as Donny Young. He started working as a sideman and this led to a four year stint with George Jones. Then Lytle changed his name to Johnny Paycheck after a Chicago boxer who had fought Joe Louis. He got together with producer Aubrey Mayhew and they started Little Darlin' Records. Paycheck had some success but he started drinking heavily. Little Darlin' closed in 1969 and Paycheck moved to California. Fortunately, he was found by legendary producer Billy Sherrill and Sherrill signed him to Epic Records. Sherrill's knack for sensing changing musical trends would make Paycheck a star. He had immediate success with the 1971 single She's All I've Got featuring George Jones. It reached #2 on the Country Singles chart. Meanwhile, Paycheck had issues with check forgery, a paternity suit, tax problems and bankruptcy. Paycheck became a regular on the country charts but Sherrill thought Paycheck's bad boy image could get him to the top of the charts. Of course Outlaw Country led by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson was popular at the time. Sherrill used that to boost Paycheck. On the 1976 album 11 Months and 29 Days, Paycheck appeared behind bars on the album cover. Then Sherrill heard David Allan Coe's 1977 recording of his song Take This Job And Shove It. He thought it was perfect for Paycheck. And sure enough, the song became Paycheck's only number one country music hit single. The song was even turned into a 1981 comedy film starring Airplane's Robert Hays. Unfortunately, Paycheck started to self destruct again. First he had a legal battle with his former manager. Then in 1981, he started a fight an a plane and a flight attendant sued him for slander. Then he was accused of rape of which he was cleared. But Epic had enough and dropped Paycheck. Then he got into a barroom brawl in Ohio that led to an aggravated assault charge. Paycheck recorded for Mercury while appealing. He spent two years in prison. Before he went in, he claimed to find religion. After his release, Paycheck recorded occasionally and opened a theater in Branson, MO. He began to have health problems and he died on Feb. 19, 2003 at age 64. This budget comp covers Paycheck's Epic recordings. They are the original recordings. Beware of off label CDs that are not original recordings. Here's Johnny Paycheck performing Take This Job And Shove It 1977.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Striking Matches

Artist:Striking Matches
Song:When The Right One Comes Along
Album:Nothing But The Silence

The duo Striking Matches are probably best known for writing several songs for the TV series Nashville. They have since signed with the revived I.R.S. label and their 2015 debut album Nothing But The Silence is worth checking out. Justin Davis and Sarah Zimmermann started working together in 2007 after meeting in a guitar class at Belmont University in Nashville. Davis is from Atlanta. He was a big R&B fan growing up. Sarah is from Philadelphia. Her dad repairs guitars and he got her into music. She is a big Dixie Chicks fan. The two began writing together. And eventually they started performing locally especially at Nashville's famed Bluebird Cafe. They released an EP in 2012. And it was around this time that T-Bone Burnett was beginning work on music for the TV series Nashville. Striking Matches auditioned for Burnett and his assistant Frankie Pine. They liked the duo so much that When The Right One Comes Along was the first song used in the show. It was performed on Nashville by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio. Nine Striking Matches songs were used on the first four seasons of Nashville. Burnett signed them to the newly revived 80s label I.R.S. and Nothing But The Silence was released in 2015. Burnett produced the album. The album did well and they toured to support it. It's available as a budget CD and worth checking out. Striking Matches are still touring and according to their Facebook page, they are writing songs for their next album. They will also tape an episode of Austin City Limits this fall. The two have great chemistry and I think they are one hit single away from being the next big thing. I always like to be ahead of the curve and know about great music before everyone else catches on. You can do that too with Striking Matches. Here's Striking Matches performing When The Right One Comes Along at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles as part of the 1 Mic 1 Take video series.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

RIZIN Women's Grand Prix to begin Oct. 15

Shinju Nozawa-Auclair, Sheena Starr
RIZIN held a press conference to announce several things. But the most important announcement is that the Women's Grand Prix will begin Oct. 15 at Marine Messe in Fukuoka. The weight for this will be 49kg which is Atomweight. Of course they have already announced that RENA will be in this tournament. And as I said when this was announced, she's the favourite to win regardless of who else is involved. I expect gaijin fighters to be involved. But with one possible exception, I'm not expecting anyone good. Miyuu Yamamoto will be in this tournament and she is also fighting Cassie Robb on the July 30 RIZIN show. But she's on the schneid and I don't know if she can beat Cassie. It was also announced that Saori Ishioka will face Kanna Asakura on the Aug. 26 DEEP JEWELS show at Shinjuku FACE. The winner will be in the RIZIN tournament. Saori is a DEEP JEWELS veteran. At one time she was a top young prospect. Now she's 29 years with a 15-10 record and married with a child. I think it's fair to say her fighting career has been disappointing. Kanna is 19 years old with a 7-2 record. She's 1-1 in RIZIN. For me, a red flag came up when I found out her dad trains her and manages her career. It explains matchmaking decisions he made to have her fight women old enough to be her grandmother. That means she wasn't prepared when she was booked in a competitive fight. I'd like to see her leave her dad and get objective training elsewhere. He's way too involved to be objective. I don't think either fighter is a match for RENA. RIZIN also announced that Shinju Nozawa-Auclair will face Sheena Starr. Both are making pro MMA debuts. Shinju is a big deal because her mother Naoko Nozawa is a famous actress in Japan. Shinju is also very attractive. Though she looks Japanese, Shinju was born in New York and she currently lives and trains in Michigan. She is 23 years old and her amateur record is 2-1. I don't know if she's any good. At the press conference, they sold Sheena as being a lot more experienced. What they didn't say is her amateur record is 3-17. She's experienced at losing. And she's also from Michigan. What a coincidence...NOT! This fight is at 52kg but I expect Shinju will be in the Grand Prix if she wins as expected. RIZIN also announced that Gabi Garcia will face Oksana Gagloeva on July 31. Oksana is a 24 year old Russian from the same camp as another Gabi Garcia opponent Anna Maliukova. I guess they grow them big there. Supposedly Oksana is a boxing, grappling and arm wrestling champ. I don't know how much of that is true. It probably doesn't matter. And some are making a big deal out of Gabi facing Megumi Yabushita at the upcoming Shoot Boxing show. For one thing, Shoot Boxing is not kickboxing. It's kickboxing mixed with standing MMA. Yabushita may be an MMA pioneer. But she hasn't won a fight since 2010 and she should only be doing pro wrestling at this point. And I remember a couple of years ago Gabi turned down a fight with Yabushita because she didn't want to do freak shows. Of course now she's changed her mind. She balked when Sakikabara wanted her to fight 53 year old pro wrestling legend Shinobu Kandori. He convinced her that Japanese fans want to see that kind of nostalgiac freak show. She's OK with it now which is why RIZIN is the best place for Gabi. If she was anywhere else, she would be sitting around waiting for fights that never happen. She still hasn't fought anyone decent and I don't think she ever will. Freak show matches are Gabi Garcia's bread and butter now. A few years ago not even Japanese promoters wanted to do freak shows. I guess it's OK to do them now.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Wade Hayes

Artist:Wade Hayes
Song:Old Enough To Know Better
Album:Old Enough To Know Better

Wade Hayes scored his only number one country hit with his debut single Old Enough To Know Better in 1994. It was all downhill from there. He was born Apr. 20, 1969 in Bethel Acres, OK. His dad Don Hayes performed locally and eventually moved to Nashville after he signed with a small label. Unfortunately that label went bankrupt. It didn't discourage Hayes who dropped out of college in 1991 to pursue a career in music after watching Ricky Skaggs on the CMA Awards broadcast. He got together with veteran songwriter Chick Rains who had written hits for Johnny Lee and Mickey Gilley. Rains brought Hayes to producer Don Cook and Cook got Hayes a deal with Columbia. Cook started out as a songwriter. He wrote John Conlee's Lady Lay Down. He also had success producing Brooks and Dunn. So a guy like Hayes was right in his wheelhouse. Old Enough To Know Better was Hayes' debut album and single. Hayes and Rains wrote the song. It topped the country charts. And the album was certified Gold. Other top ten hits included On A Good Night, Don't Stop and What I Meant To Say all from his debut album. On A Good Night was Hayes' second album and the title track reached #2 on the Country Singles chart. Then he started to fade. After a third album, he left Columbia for Monument and the 2000 album Highways & Heartaches. After that failed, Hayes formed the duo McHayes with Alan Jackson's fiddler Marc McClurg. After one unsuccessful album, McClurg returned to Jackson's band and Hayes joined the band of former Alabama lead singer Randy Owen. Since then he has recorded three albums for his own label Conabor including a new album released last month. He is currently on tour. Hayes was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2011 but is now cancer free. Here's the video for Old Enough To Know Better by Wade Hayes.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

AccuRadio song Of The Day-Samantha Sang

Artist:Samantha Sang
Album:Then: Totally Oldies 1

I'm pretty sure when most music fans heard this song on the radio in 1977, they thought it was another Bee Gees record. They were very hot at the time. The Gibb brothers did write, produce and sing backup on Emotion. But the singer was Samantha Sang. It turned out to be her only big hit. She was born Cheryl Lau Sang Aug. 5, 1951 in Melbourne, Australia. Her dad performed as Reg Gray. Cheryl began performing as a child on Australian radio. She released a few singles in the 60s as Cheryl Gray. She realized her career would be limited in Australia so she moved to England in 1969. Barry Gibb heard her and he got his manager Robert Stigwood to sign her. He changed her name to Samantha Sang. She recorded a couple of singles on Polydor that went nowhere. Then she signed with Private Stock Records. Most of her 1978 album Emotion was produced by veteran producers Gary Klein and Nick DeCaro. Barry Gibb agreed to write and produce a song for her. She went to Miami and he gave her Emotion instead of a song that he had originally planned to give her. Emotion was supposed to be in Saturday Night Fever but instead it appeared in the 1978 film The Stud starring Joan Collins. Samantha's version reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. The problem was Private Stock closed soon after. She signed with United Artists and released the 1979 album From Dance To Love produced by Harold Wheeler. It was mostly a disco album. She couldn't get a big hit and then in 1980 United Artists was sold to EMI. After that Samantha became a backup singer. She eventually moved back to Melbourne and she still performs today. You can get Emotion on this various artists budget CD from Varese Sarabande. Here's the video for Emotion by Samantha Sang.

Monday, July 03, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Webley Edwards

Artist:Webley Edwards
Album:Ultra-Lounge Vol. 1: Mondo Exotica

If you're a fan of Hawaiian music, you have probably heard of Webley Edwards. He was the host of the radio show Hawaii Calls and he also recorded albums of Hawaiian music in the 50s. He was born Nov. 11, 1902 in Corvallis, OR. He got into radio while attending Oregon State University. Then he moved to Hawaii in 1928 to become a car salesman. He was so fascinated by native music that he was able to begin broadcasting his radio show Hawaii Calls in 1935 from the Moana Hotel in Wakiki. His show was syndicated to 400 mainland stations. Edwards is also famous as the first radio broadcaster to report the Pearl Harbor attack. He was a correspondent for CBS News during WWII. After the war, Edwards continued his radio show. But he also released twenty albums for Capitol Records in the 50s and 60s. Edwards was not a musician. He used this platform to promote Hawaiian music to the world. Sometimes the musicians were identified but not always. Alika is from the 1960 album Hawaii Calls: Exotic Instrumentals: Favorites Of The Islands Vol. 4. Edwards wrote Alika under his John Kalapana pseudonym. The orchestra is credited as The Hawaii Calls Instrumenalists. I think this was Edwards' attempt to compete with the popular group The Hawaiian Islanders. And at the time, record companies recorded exotic instrumentals to help sell hi-fi to older music fans. Edwards continued to record for Capitol through the 60s. It doesn't look like any of Edwards' albums are available on CD or mp3. But some of his recordings turn up on Capitol's popular Ultra-Lounge series. This one is available as a digital download. I guess space age pop is the audience for Hawaiian music today. Edwards' radio show Hawaii Calls ended in 1972. But he was a senator until he died of a heart attack on Oct. 5, 1977 at age 74. Here's a video of Alika by Webley Edwards.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-C+C Music Factory

Artist:C+C Music Factory f/Martha Wash & Freedom Williams
Song:Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
Album:Gonna Make You Sweat

Gonna Make You Sweat was a worldwide chart topper in 1990. C+C Music Factory was not really a group. Producers Robert Clivilles and David Cole had some success on the dance charts recording as 2 Puerto Ricans, a Blackman, and a Dominican and the song Do It Properly in 1987. This came out of DJ work in New York City clubs. They produced the girl group Seduction and the 1989 top five hit Two To Make It Right. They signed with Columbia and decided to call themselves C+C Music Factory. They used studio musicians like guitarist Paul Pesco, keyboard player Ricky Crespo and drummer Alan Friedman. The singer on most of the songs was background vocalist Zelma Davis along with rapper Frederick "Freedom" Williams. The exception to this was Gonna Make You Sweat featuring Weather Girl Martha Wash. But she didn't appear in the video. Zelma appeared in the video. And Martha didn't get credit. The same thing happened on the Black Box hit Everybody Everybody. So Martha sued both and got a settlement. Gonna Make You Sweat topped the charts worldwide. And the album Gonna Make You Sweat was certified 5XPlatinum. C+C Music Factory had two other top five hits from this album which is available as a budget CD. Their second album Anything Goes! in 1994 didn't do as well. They had success as producers especially with Mariah Carey. And then Cole died in 1995 of complications from AIDS. Clivillo released a third C+C Music Factory album in 1995 but only in Europe. Since then Clivillo has recorded as Robi Rob's Clubworld and he's a producer for hire. He attempted to reform C+C with remix guru Eric Kupper in 2010. They released two singles. Here's the video for Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by C+C Music Factory featuring Martha Wash and Freedom Williams.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Del Fuegos

Artist:The Del Fuegos
Song:I Still Want You
Album:The Best of The Del Fuegos: The Slash Years

The Del Fuegos had modest success in the 80s. But they were looking for more and when it didn't happen, they split up. The Del Fuegos were formed in Boston in 1980 by lead singer, guitarist and main songwriter Dan Zanes and his guitarist brother Warren Zanes. Their relationship has been described as fractious. Other members were Tom Lloyd on bass and Steve Morrell on drums. The Del Fuegos played locally in Boston. They were about to record for a local label when Slash Records and producer Mitchell Froom stepped in and signed them. Slash started out as a punk label but they transitioned to roots music in the 80s after Warner Bros. began distributing them. Los Lobos was probably the best known band on Slash. Froom was a keyboard player for Montrose. He became a successful producer in the 80s with Los Lobos among others. By this time Morrell was replaced by Woody Giessmann. Their first couple of albums did OK. They got some radio airplay and MTV play. Also, Tom Petty was a big fan and they toured with him. I Still Want You is from the 1985 album Boston Mass. They just weren't able to get that big hit single. They went for a more commercial sound with the 1987 album Stand Up. The album was panned and after it didn't sell, Warren Zanes and Giessmann left and Slash dropped them. Dan Zanes and Lloyd brought in replacements and recorded the 1989 album Smoking In The Fields for RCA. That went nowhere and The Del Fuegos split up after that. This comp is available as a digital download. Dan Zanes is the only member who stayed in the music business. He is very successful recording children's music as Dan Zanes and Friends. Warren Zanes is Vice President of Education at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. The Del Fuegos reformed in 2011 to tour and they released an EP. This was to benefit Woody Giessmann's drug addiction rehab program Right Turn. Here's the video for I Still Want You by The Del Fuegos.