Saturday, March 31, 2007

Megumi Yabushita makes a triumphant return to MMA

It looks now like the G-Shooto womens MMA company is no longer a seperate promotion. I guess they were losing money so the owners have folded G-Shooto into the Shooto mens MMA promotion and will produce a series called Battle Mix Tokyo. These shows will have an equal mix of mens & womens matches. The latest of these shows was Mar. 30 at Tokyo Kinema Klub. The main story was the return to MMA of Megumi Yabushita.

Megumi Yabushita has been out since suffering a broken wrist in her Atlantic City MMA match last August. The Battle Mix show was her first appearance. She will return to pro wrestling at JWP's Discover New Heroine tournament next week. Her opponent in this 58kg match was Mizuho Sato. She's not a top fighter but this was a good way to get Yabushita back into the swing of things. Sato's main goal was to keep Yabushita from throwing her around. She used strikes to do that and was successful to a point but Yabushita used her considerable judo skills to break through Sato's defense. Check out the accompanying pic. The first round was even but Yabushita had the edge in the second round and won a majority decision. One score card was a tie. Sato's record is now 2-2. Yabushita is now 11-9 and will fight Benkei at Smackgirl's Apr. 28 Osaka show. Benkei has already lost to Sato.

There were two other matches. G-Shooto veterans Ikuko Tamada & Kayo Nagayasu faced off in a Strawweight bout. They had a draw last May. The match went the distance but Tamada won easily when she got Nagayasu in a heel hold in round two. Nagayasu wouldn't submit but Tamada won a unanimous decision. Tamada is now 4-4-2 and Nagayasu is 7-4-1. The other match was a 53kg bout between Smackgirl veteran Kyoko Takabayashi & Yuuko. Takabayashi wasted no time and after a takedown hooked an armbar for a submission at 3:06 of round one. Takabayashi's record is now 7-1 and Yuuko's record is now 4-1-1. At first I wasn't sure what Shooto is up to but it looks like they will be doing a series of Battle Mix shows.

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