Friday, May 20, 2022

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Cyrkle

Artist:The Cyrkle

Song:Turn-Down Day

Album:Red Rubber Ball: A Collection

Back in 1967, Columbia Records had big plans for The Cyrkle to become the second coming of The Beatles or something. But after two big hits, they quickly faded and became disenchanted with the constant touring and split up. The Cyrkle were from Easton, PA. Guitarist Don Dannemann, bassist Tom Dawes and drummer Jim Maiella were students at Lafayette College. Dannemann and Dawes both sang. They formed a cover band called The Rhondells and were spotted playing Atlantic City clubs by entertainment attorney Nathan Weiss and he told his business partner Beatles manager Brian Epstein to check them out. The band name was changed to The Cyrkle. Apparently John Lennon came up with the name. Of course The Byrds were hot at the time. After opening for The Beatles on their 1966 US tour, Dannemann spent a short stint in the US Coast Guard. Meanwhile, Dawes played bass for Simon & Garfunkel. Paul Simon heard The Cyrkle and liked their harmonies. He got got them a deal with Columbia and even gave them the song Red Rubber Ball which Simon had written with Bruce Woodley of The Seekers when Simon lived in England. The album Red Rubber Ball was produced by John Simon (no relation to Paul). At the time Simon was just beginning a long career. This was his first big hit. Red Rubber Ball reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Turn-Down Day was the second single. It reached #16. That song was written by Jerry Keller and David Blume. Keller was best known for the 1959 single Here Comes Summer. They toured but subsequent singles and their 1968 album Neon didn't do nearly as well. The 1967 death of Brian Epstein didn't help. After selling a jingle for a five figure fee, Dawes decided that was more lucrative than constant touring. That led to The Cyrkle split and both Dawes and Dannemann got into jingles. This budget comp has both of their hits. Dawes produced a couple of Foghat albums in the 70s. Dannemann produced music for children's TV and owned his own jingle company. In 2014, former Cyrkle keyboardist Mike Losekamp wanted to reform the band using his current band The Gas Pump Jockeys. Sadly, Dawes died in 2007. Dannemann was retired but he agreed to participate and The Cyrkle have toured ever since. Here's The Cyrkle performing Turn-Down Day on The Hollywood Palace Apr. 22,1967.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Big Topic in WMMA

UFC review and preview. 

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Casey J

Artist:Casey J

Song:Fill Me Up

Album:The Truth

Casey J topped the gospel chart with her 2015 debut single Fill Me Up.  Do you know what a sophomore slump is? That happens in the music business too. She was born Casey Janice Hobbs June 29, 1986 in Atlanta. She grew up singing in church. As a teen, she was in Atlanta Young Singers of Callanwolde. After graduating from the University of Georgia, Casey was a math teacher and worship leader at Fresh Start Church in Duluth, GA. When her rendition of Fill Me Up got a positive response, church pastor Marquis Boone had her record the song. It was written by Will Reagan who has written songs for Tasha Cobbs Leonard. Boone released it through Tyscot Records. Fill Me Up topped the Gospel Airplay chart and the album The Truth topped the Billboard Gospel Album chart. The album was recorded live at Fresh Start Church. Casey wrote half the songs on the album. The producer was pianist Korey Bowie who has worked with Angie Stone and Bri. For Casey's 2019 album The Gathering, Tyscot owner Dr. Leonard Scott signed with Integrity Music to get better distribution. It didn't do as well. According to her website, Casey is working on new music. But I saw no indication of a release date. Here's Casey J performing Fill Me Up on a religious TV show in Atlanta.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Owl City

Artist:Owl City


Album:Ocean Eyes: Deluxe Edition

The 2009 single Fireflies topped the charts. Owl City is another case of a solo artist hiding behind a band name. Adam Young was born July 5, 1986 in Ottumwa, IA and he grew up in Owatonna, MN. He was working at a Coca Cola shipping warehouse when he started messing around with music in his parents basement. He got a following after posting his music to MySpace so he decided to call himself Owl City. Apparently his sister has a pet owl. When his following grew, Young made a deal with CD Baby to make his music available on iTunes. After an EP and the 2008 album Maybe I'm Dreaming had success on Billboard's Electronic Albums chart, Avery and Monte Lipman of Universal Republic wanted to sign Young. But they wanted to pair Young up with big name producers to polish his sound. Young and his manager said no and the 2009 album Ocean Eyes is basically a solo album. Young wrote all the songs and played all the instruments. He does bring in guest singers. The big surprise was when the single Fireflies topped the Billboard Hot 100 after iTunes made it a free Single of the Week. The video is funny as it is made to look like Young is performing in his basement. Fireflies was a worldwide hit and Ocean Eyes was certified Platinum. Ocean Eyes is available in a 2CD Special Edition with seven bonus tracks. One other single from the album charted. Young also scored a top ten hit with the 2012 single Good Time featuring Carly Rae Jepsen. Young continues to release albums but he seems to concentrate on instrumental music that is supposed to be cinematic in nature. He has worked on film music and scoring may be his future. Here's the video for Fireflies by Owl City. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Asuka vs Becky Lynch

Here's the match video of Asuka vs Becky Lynch from last night's episode of RAW. As I am sure you have already heard, this was supposed to be a Six Pack match with Sasha Banks, Naomi, Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. added. And as I am sure you have already heard, Sasha didn't like the whole thing and she and Naomi left and this was turned back into Asuka vs Becky. And that's what it should have been in the first place especially with the time it was given. Keep it simple. Why the WWE insists on overcomplicating everything is a mystery to me. It's unnecessary. And obviously Sasha sensed this too which is why she went to Vince and told him she wasn't doing it as booked. And instead of taking her suggestion constructively, he stupidly dug in his heels and that is when Sasha and Naomi left. The WWE's self serving statement is nonsense. The match itself was OK and I really liked the finish. But as I said, the match would have been better if it was given more time. They could have cut that unnecessary Lacey Evans segment. Of course the producers can be very territorial and take changes personally. So I understand why Sasha's objection was taken wrong. But I think she was right in this case and maybe everyone there needs to grow up. A Six Pack match in the time given would have been terrible. Enjoy the video! 

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Jeffrey Shurtleff

Artist:Jeffrey Shurtleff f/Joan Baez

Song:Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man

Album:Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack and More

Jeffrey Shurtleff's claim to fame is he performed The Byrds' Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man with Joan Baez at Woodstock. I guess he appeared in the film and was never heard from again. It looks like Joan liked him, tried to help him out but it didn't work out. Shurtleff was born Jan. 20, 1945 in Vallejo, CA. He attended the University of Stanford and later lived in a commune with his brother and Joan's husband David Harris who founded the Draft Resistance organization. Shurtleff toured with Joan before they performed a set on the first day of Woodstock. Then he appeared on two songs on Joan's 1970 album One Day at a Time. Shurtleff signed with A&M and released the 1971 album State Farm. Joan produced the album in Nashville with veteran session musicians like Norbert Putnam, Charlie McCoy and David Briggs. That was Shurtleff's only album. He went on to own the Central Park Bookstore in San Mateo, CA. He is currently director of several schools in San Francisco. Here's Jeffrey Shurtleff featuring Joan Baez performing Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man at Woodstock 1969. 

Monday, May 16, 2022

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Tropicana All Stars

Artist:Tropicana All Stars f/Paquito D'Rivera

Song:Como Fue

Album:Recuerdo a Beny More

The Tropicana All Stars were a highly acclaimed and Latin Grammy nominated Cuban big band that ended sadly when group leaders Israel Kantor (singer) and Generoso Jiminez (trombone) died soon after this 2004 album was released. Both were born in Cuba. Kantor was a member of Los Van Van when he moved to the US in 1984. He split his time between New York and Miami. He finally got the success he was after when he formed Tropicana All Stars in 2003 in Miami with Jiminez. Jiminez was a member of Beny More's band back in the 50s. Like a lot of Cuban musicians, Jiminez quit playing in the 60s under the dictatorship and was rediscovered after the success of the documentary Buena Vista Social Club. He moved to Miami in 2001. This tribute to Beny More was released in 2004. It was nominated for a Latin Grammy. It was also released on DVD which doesn't seem to be available but the entire concert can be streamed on YouTube. Paquito D'Rivera makes a guest appearance on Como Fue. This song has been a part of D'Rivera's repertoire for years. But because the video is with the Tropicana All Stars, I decided to feature them. The piano solo is by Francisco "Paquito" Hechevarria. Trumpeter Chocolate Armenteros also makes a guest appearance. Sadly the Tropicana All Stars ended after Israel Kantor died on July 1, 2006 at age 56 and Generoso Jiminez died on Sept. 15, 2007 at age 90. Here's the Tropicana All Stars featuring Paquito D'Rivera performing Como Fue on the Tropicana All Stars DVD.


Sunday, May 15, 2022

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Virna Jandiroba vs Angela Hill

Here's the match video of Virna Jandiroba vs Angela Hill from last night's UFC show in Las Vegas. This fight is at Strawweight. On last night's broadcast, they made a big deal about this being Angela's 20th UFC fight. That just means she likes to fight a lot. She's still a one dimensional kickboxer. They said on the broadcast that Angela had worked on her ground skills. The problem is wrestling is Virna's main skill. Once Virna got the fight to the ground, it was all over for Angela. She won easily by unanimous decision. The commentary tried to make the fight seem more competitive than it was. But when you watch the fight you will see that it was an easy win for Virna. All three judges scored it 30-27 for Virna. Enjoy the video! 

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Viviane Araujo vs Andrea Lee

Here's the match video of Viviane Araujo vs Andrea Lee from last night's UFC show in Las Vegas. This fight is at Flyweight. Andrea looked really good in her last couple of fights when she was training at Fortis MMA in Houston. But she has returned to Shreveport and her UFC fighter boyfriend Tony Kelley is coaching her. I don't like that change. Viviane is from Brasilia, Brazil. She trains at Cerrado MMA. Though I like her, she's undersized at Flyweight so I would like her a lot better at Strawweight. And Andrea almost knocks Viviane out early in round one. But she lets her off the hook. So it's all downhill from there. Viviane bloodies Andrea's nose later in the round and controls her on the ground. But the knockdown was enough for Andrea to win the round 10-9. But the worm had already turned. Viviane dominated round two enough to get a 10-8 from me and two of the judges. And she won round three so Viviane won by unanimous decision. Enjoy the fight! 

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Katlyn Chookagian vs Amanda Ribas

Here's the fight video of Katlyn Chookagian vs Amanda Ribas from last night's UFC show in Las Vegas. This fight is at Flyweight. Amanda is normally a Strawweight. She was supposed to fight Michelle Waterson in March. When Michelle pulled out due to injury, Amanda took this fight to keep active. She plans to return to Strawweight. That she almost won this fight only shows how lousy Katlyn is. Her fighting style fools judges as she throws a lot of volume but not much lands. Amanda won round one and Katlyn won round three. I thought round two was similar to round one except maybe Katlyn landed a few more punches. I didn't think it was enough so I scored round two 10-9 for Amanda. All three judges scored it 10-9 for Katlyn. Katlyn won the fight by split decision. Amanda also came into the fight with an elbow injury. So though this won Fight Of The Night, I was not impressed with Katlyn winning another squeaker. Enjoy the video! 

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Bobby "Blue" Bland

Artist:Bobby "Blue" Bland

Song:I'm a Blues Man

Album:Z.Zelebration: A Tribute To the Late Great Z.Z. Hill

Fans of blues legend Z.Z. Hill should be interested in this 1994 tribute album released by his label Malaco. Mostly underappreciated during his career, Hill signed with Malaco in 1981 and recorded some of his best albums until his 1984 death. Meanwhile, another underappreciated blues legend Bobby "Blue" Bland signed with Malaco in 1985. Sadly these two greats never got to record together. Malaco released this Z.Z. Hill tribute album in 1994. The idea was to have Malaco artists record songs associated with Hill. Hill recorded I'm a Blues Man in 1983. From what I can tell, Bland recorded the song for this album as it does not appear on any of his Malaco albums. Other artists on the album include Latimore, Shirley Brown, Artie White, Dorothy Moore, The Beat Daddys, Denise Lasalle, Little Milton, Johnnie Taylor, Mike Griffin and Poohanny. I don't have detailed credits so I don't know how many of these were recorded specifically for the album. But Z.Z. Hill fans should check it out. Here's a video for I'm a Blues Man by Bobby "Blue" Bland. 

Saturday, May 14, 2022

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Nelson Rangell

Artist:Nelson Rangell

Song:Let It Be

Album:I Got No Kick Against Modern Jazz: A GRP Artists' Celebration of the Songs of The Beatles

Nelson Rangell is a smooth jazz sax player who had success when he recorded for GRP in the 90s. He sounds a lot like David Sanborn. He was born Mar. 26, 1960 in Castle Rock, CO. He has two brothers and a sister who are all musicians. Rangell first played flute at age 15. He went to the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan for gifted music students. Rangell won a Down Beat magazine award while in high school. After graduating from the New England Conservatory of Music, he moved to New York in 1984 and worked as a sideman with Gil Evans, Eric Marienthal, Hiram Bullock and others. He recorded with Deodato, Tom Browne and he was in the band Members Only who recorded for Muse. Rangell also worked on jingles. He released his debut as a leader To Begin Again on Gramavision in 1988. Then he signed with GRP. Rangell recorded for GRP from 1989-97. Rangell was very successful on the jazz charts. Let It Be is not on one of Rangell's albums but on this 1995 various artists Beatles tribute album. Guitarist Chuck Loeb is the producer. He worked with Rangell on his 1997 album Turning Night Into Day. Other musicians are Jon Werking on piano, Will Lee on bass and Wolfgang Haffner on drums. Since leaving GRP, Rangell has recorded for Shanacie, Koch (now E1), and his last three albums are on his own label with CD Baby distribution. Smooth jazz fans should check him out. Here's a video of Let It Be by Nelson Rangell.