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AccuRadio Song Of The Day=Sophie B. Hawkins

Artist:Sophie B. Hawkins
Song:As I Lay Me Down
Album:The Best Of Sophie B. Hawkins

Singer songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins had two big hits in the early 90s and then seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. She had record company problems but she still records on her own label. She was born Nov. 1, 1967 in New York City. Apparently her parents were alcoholics. She studied African music as a teen and seemed to be headed for a career as a jazz vibraphonist. But then her demo got the attention of Bryan Ferry and he hired her as a percussionist. Eventually her demo got the attention of Columbia A & R exec Rick Chertoff. Chertoff and veteran producer Ralph Shuckett produced Sophie's 1992 debut CD Tongues and Tails. The single Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. The video was banned by MTV as too sexy. They recut it and MTV played the second version. Sophie's second CD Whaler was produced by veteran British producer Steve Lipson (Frankie Goes To Hollywood). Columbia was concerned when the first single Right Beside You stiffed. So to help As I Lay Me Down, they had Sophie perform it on the TV series Party Of Five. It also appeared in the 1995 film Now and Then. It reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the Adult Contemporary chart. Sophie produced and recorded her third album Timbre and Columbia wanted her to rework it. When she refused, they dropped her and released the CD in 1999. This budget comp covers her first two Columbia CDs. Since then Sophie has recorded on her own label Trumpet Swan. Her latest CD The Crossing was released in 2012. Last year she appeared as herself on an episode of the NBC sitcom Community. Apparently she is working on new music right now. Here's the video for As I Lay Me Down by Sophie B. Hawkins.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Satoko Shinashi to return to MMA after six year hiatus

Satoko Shinashi, Ye Jin Jung
A few weeks ago, DEEP announced that Satoko Shinashi will return to MMA after a six year hiatus at the Oct. 26 TDC Hall show. They have now announced that her opponent will be teen kickboxer Ye Jin Jung. Shinashi's record is 29-2-2 and she made her debut in 2001. So I would consider her an MMA pioneer in Japan. She had title belts in Smackgirl and DEEP and was very popular. Her last fight was a win over Yukiko Seki on the Oct. 28, 2008 DEEP show. Then she announced she was pregnant. At the time, DEEP matchmaker Shigeru Saeki said that she would return in about a year after she had the baby. But she didn't return until now. Problem number one is Shinashi is now 37 years old. Who knows what she will be like? And I don't know if she has fought in a cage before. Though Shinashi is classified as Atomweight, that's 48kg and Shinashi fights ideally at 45kg (100lbs) which is called Pinweight. Right now, there are no 45kg female fighters in Japan. Knowing how Saeki thinks, I expected him to bring a CMA Korea kickboxer who has never fought MMA. And that's exactly what he has done. Ye Jin Jung is a 15 year old kickboxer. She has fought a couple of amateur MMA bouts on Road FC shows. DEEP is trying to sell this fight by saying that she's young enough to be Shinashi's daughter. Ugh! I don't know why it's not on a DEEP JEWELS show. They could use Shinashi's star power and it would be a bigger deal. It's just another filler match on a big DEEP show. So why is Shinashi returning? She was an instructor at the now closed DEEP dojo. She may be looking to open her own place and returning is a good way to promote that. She is currently classified as freelance.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Mis-Teeq

Song:One Night Stand
Album:Lickin' On Both Sides

The R & B girl group Mis-Teeq were very successful in their native England. After an unsuccessful attempt to break through in the US, they split up in 2005. Because a rapper was part of the group, I think they were a cross between Destiny's Child and TLC. They started out in 1996. Lead singer Sabrina Washington and rapper Alesha Dixon were in the group Face2Face with Tina Barrett. When Tina left to join S Club 7, she was replaced by Zena McNally and Su-Elise Nash. They signed with Telstar Records and changed the group name to Mis-Teeq. When Zena figured out she was just going to be a background singer with Sabrina singing all the lead vocals, she quit and the group continued as a trio. Lickin' On Both Sides was their 2001 debut CD and it was certified Platinum in England. One Night Stand was the third single and it reached #5 on the British singles chart. The song was written and produced by the Norwegian duo Stargate in their early days. They would soon move to New York and have a lot of success with Ne-Yo and Rihanna. When Mis-Teeq's 2003 CD Eye Candy was also successful, they signed with Reprise Records in the US. Reprise released the 2004 CD Mis-Teeq which was a mix of the first two CDs. The single Scandalous was placed in the film Catwoman. But when that film bombed, Scandalous didn't do as well as hoped. It reached #35 on the Billboard Hot 100 and stalled. When their British label Telstar went bankrupt in 2005, Mis-Teeq decided to disband. Alesha Dixon has had the most successful solo career. She won the TV competition Strictly Come Dancing and then became a judge on the show and then a judge on Britain's Got Talent. She has released three solo albums. Sabrina Washington has released one solo album and was on the reality shows Celebrity Scissorhands and I'm A Celebrity...Get Me out Of Here. Su-Elise Nash lives in Australia and is out of the music business. There have been rumours about a possible Mis-Teeq reunion. Alesha says they have talked but there is nothing yet. Here's the video for One Night Stand by Mis-Teeq. There are two videos for this song. This is the British version.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 9

With the WWE Total Divas season finale coming next week, a couple of major storylines have to be resolved. The first is the wedding of Eva Marie and Jonathan and the second is Nattie and TJ's marriage issues. BTW, Nattie admitted in an interview with SLAM Wrestling that the whole storyline is phony. So we begin with Nattie and Rosa Mendes buying cupcakes after working out. And we discover that driving is something else that Rosa is terrible at. We go to Eva Marie's parents house. And the big thing is her dad has cancer so having him at the wedding is a big deal to her. Then in Tampa, John Cena is away shooting his movie. So Nikki invites the girls over and Ariane says she would like a house like John Cena's. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that she and Vinny don't have that kind of money. Nikki will show her some houses. Next Nattie and TJ visit a divorce lawyer to see what would have to be done. Both are horrified when talk turns to dividing up their three cats. At lunch, Eva Marie tells the others about her dad's cancer. Later at RAW, Brie tells her if she needs someone to talk to, she'll be there for her. Eva Marie blows her off. She says she doesn't want to discuss it at work. They show the Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella contract signing. I really enjoyed the end of that segment. Ha ha ha. Nattie and TJ are living in separate rooms and he's wise cracking about splitting up and she starts crying. Nikki shows Ariane a house that is way out of her league. Bryan Danielson explains to Brie that she should let Eva Marie alone about her dad. And they decide to throw her a surprise bridal shower. Nikki shows Ariane another house. It's still too expensive but Ariane likes it enough to show it to Vinny. Nattie invites Trinity to come see her cats. But it turns into an argument and Nattie takes TJ's clothes out of the dryer and throws them on the front lawn. Vinny goes to see the house and almost has a fit when he finds out the price. He doesn't think they can afford it. So they meet with Nikki and they tell her the only way they can make it work is if she waives her commission. That ain't happening so it doesn't end well. Part of the problem is no one knows what Vinny does for a living or how much he makes. It ain't John Cena money. Ariane is offended when Nikki points that out. But she's right. Any real estate agent needs to know what they can afford. Jonathan flies in to Richmond, VA for RAW and The Bella Twins tell him about the bridal shower. He will help surprise Eva Marie. Then Ariane apologizes to Nikki for going overboard trying to buy a house they can't afford. So they aren't mad at each other anymore. Guess what? Another argument at TJ and Nattie's house. He says he's leaving because he's tired of arguing. The girls successfully surprise Eva Marie and Jonathan gives her a new engagement ring. Eva admits that she may have taken Brie asking about her dad the wrong way. And she talks to her mom about keeping her in the loop about her dad's health. She tells Eva to call him more often and that's what she does. Finally, TJ is at RAW for the first time in a long time. Remember he was off for a long time with an injury. Nattie starts a fight with him accusing him of trying to embarrass her. That's ridiculous and it makes her look foolish. This fight ends this episode and I'm sure there will be more on next week's season finale. Enjoy the video!
WWE Total Divas S03E09 2014-10-19 by watchwwelive

Review of WWE Total divas season 3 episode 8

Again this week E! ran two episodes of WWE Total Divas and the season finale is next week. This episode has two stupid phony storylines. The third seems more plausible. The episode begins with The Bella Twins and Nattie Neidhart discussing the robbery at the Bryan Danielson household and how Danielson chased the robber down the street and put him in a rear naked choke. Then we go to their house and Mark Carrano calls to tell Brie that the two have been invited to the Teen Choice Awards. Not surprisingly, Danielson is not thrilled. But Brie is excited because usually she goes to these events with her sister. Obviously she wants a new dress. But he goes into her closet to show that she doesn't need a new dress. She tells him she can't go to this event wearing a dress she has already worn. He doesn't agree but she's right. It comes with the celebrity territory. And this is the one story that I think is real. Next we go to Eva Marie and Jonathan who are packing to move back to California to be close to family. They decide to do a road trip with Ariane and Vinny. Remember last year's road trip? Me too. This baloney was recycled by the producers. So Rosa Mendes is still looking for the perfect guy and she goes out on a date with a guy at some trampoline place complete with her huge fake boobs. Ugh! The problem with him is he's too young and he's a Christian so he wants to save himself for marriage. She can't wait that long. Eva Marie and Ariane pick up a trailer for their stuff. But I guess the producers thought it would be funny if Eva Marie had trouble driving with the trailer attached. She wrecked it and a new trailer was acquired for the trip. Next we go to The Bella Twins taking their mom out for her 50th birthday. When Brie pays for it, she gets a call from Danielson asking what she is up to. Apparently he gets a text from the bank when her spending exceeds a certain amount. I'm not surprised he's thrifty. How do you think he survived for ten years working for indy wrestling companies? Then we go to RAW in Cleveland and Summer Rae has football player Gary Barnidge backstage. She didn't tell Rosa she was dating him after last week's split. Though she didn't have to tell Rosa about it, she probably should have told her. This is the sort of thing that get Summer in trouble with the other girls. Rosa is pissed and she's a mental case anyway. So the road trip begins. And the big problem is that Jonathan has drawn up a schedule. They have to be in San Antonio for the next RAW. Big mistake and it causes conflict when they fall behind schedule. They're already behind because Vinny's flight from Los Angeles is delayed. Then Brie buys a dress for the Teen Choice Awards but she gets Nikki to pay for it so Danielson doesn't know. As part of the road trip, they stop at a tractor museum. Huh? It reminded me of last week's ostrich farm. It's the kind of stupidity that reality show producers cook up that is just stupid. Jonathan is stressing out. The Bella Twins go for coffee and Danielson calls after Brie pays for it. "Why are you spending $22 on coffee?". Because the road trip is behind schedule, they will have to stop in Mobile, AL. Apparently there are conventions in town because all the hotels are full. So they end up stopping at what appears to be a haunted house with one bed. More dumb stuff cooked up by the producers. Rosa goes out with a guy because she saw his abs on Instagram. Just stupid. And that goes double for the road trip at the house scenes. And the producers play spooky music in the background. Ugh! Brie shows her new dress to Danielson and she tells him what she did and why. He doesn't agree. They go to the Teen Choice Awards and he's not crazy about it but she is excited to be there with him. Afterwards, he admitted that she was right about buying a new dress for this. He will lighten up. Rosa takes Nattie to a lesbian bar. Nattie leaves but Rosa hooks up and stays out all night. As expected, the road trip ends with a four way argument. When they arrive in San Antonio, Eva Marie and Jonathan decide to end the road trip and ship their stuff to LA. In the final scene, Nattie wants to know why Rosa was out all night. Rosa says she swings both ways and had a great time with her one night stand. Grandma Nattie is befuddled but she tells her it's OK but she is concerned about a relapse. On to the next episode. Enjoy the video!
WWE Total Divas S03E08 2014-10-19 by watchwwelive

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Mark Lindsay

Artist:Mark Lindsay
Album:The Complete Columbia Singles

Paul Revere and the Raiders lead singer Mark Lindsay scored a top ten solo hit with Arizona in 1970. He had some other minor hits but Arizona is the most memorable. At the same time, he continued as lead singer of the Raiders. He was born Mar. 9, 1942 in Eugene, OR and he grew up in Idaho. He met Paul Revere Dick while in high school and eventually they formed Paul Revere and the Raiders. The revolutionary war costume gimmick got Dick Clark's attention and he signed them to be regulars on the TV series Where The Action Is. They also signed with Columbia Records and scored a lot of hit singles. By 1968 Lindsay was the main writer and producer of the Raiders and Clark hired them to star in the TV series Happening. Lindsay started to branch out and he produced a country album for Raiders guitarist Freddy Weller. Then he decided to record solo. Fans thought he left the Raiders but Lindsay said his solo albums were just an extension of the Raiders. Lindsay hired Jerry Fuller to produce. Fuller produced Gary Puckett and the Union Gap and became a house producer at Columbia. Arizona was the third single and it reached #10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was written by veteran songwriter Kenny Young who also co-wrote Under The Boardwalk for The Drifters. Some of Lindsay's other songs including Silver Bird charted. When he decided to turn Indian Reservation into a Raiders song, it was the group's only number one hit. Lindsay recorded three albums for Columbia. You can get all his singles on this CD from Real Gone Records. Lindsay left the Raiders in 1975 and worked as a house producer for United Artists Records. He also got into jingles and worked on films, the most notable being Shogun Assassin in 1980. Lindsay continues to record occasionally and tour. He announced his retirement in 2003 but changed his mind. He was part of the Happy Together: 25th Anniversary tour with The Turtles and he released a new CD last year. Here's a video for Arizona by Mark Lindsay.

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AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Hot Rize

Artist:Hot Rize
Song:Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
Album:Traditional Ties

Hot Rize was a bluegrass group that started out in the 70s and had some success in the 80s until they disbanded in 1990. They reformed in 2002. They influenced many current bluegrass groups. The formation of Hot Rize began with Pete Wernick aka Dr. Banjo. In the early 70s, he was in the group Country Cooking with Tony Trischka. They recorded two albums for Rounder Records. He moved to Colorado and started working with Tim O'Brien on the 1977 album Dr. Banjo Steps Out. The two added guitarist Charles Sawtelle and bassist Nick Forster. Hot Rize was a flour that sponsored the Flatt & Scruggs radio show. Back in the 30s, flour companies frequently sponsored country music radio shows. Hot Rize recorded two albums for Flying Fish Records. They also performed and recorded as the country swing band Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning is from their 1984 album Traditional Ties. This was their first album on Sugar Hill Records. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning is a traditional gospel song usually performed by blues singers. O'Brien says he heard the song performed by Reverend Gary Davis. Hot Rize recorded four albums for Sugar Hill and disbanded in 1990. Many current bluegrass groups credit Hot Rize as an influence. Tim O'Brien has gone on to a significant solo career. Wernick leads the band Flexigrass and tours with his wife. Nick Forster hosts the eTown radio show. Hot Rize would occasionally reunite until Charles Sawtelle died in 1999. Then they reformed in 2002 with former Kentucky Thunder guitarist Bryan Sutton replacing Sawtelle. They just released their first album of new music in over twenty years titled When I'm Free and are currently touring. Here's Hot Rize performing Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning at the Kentucky Center for the Arts in Louisville, KY July 28, 1987 from the DVD Classic Hot Rize with Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Sammy Kershaw

Artist:Sammy Kershaw
Song:Third Rate Romance
Album:The Definitive Collection

Sammy Kershaw brought some Cajun flavour to country music of the 90s. He had nine top ten hits including this cover of the 70s hit Third Rate Romance. When his music career faded, he turned to Louisiana politics. He has returned to music recently. He was born Feb. 24, 1958 in Kaplan, LA. He is the third cousin of legendary Cajun fiddler Doug Kershaw. After his grandfather gave him his first electric guitar at age 11, Kershaw's father died and he went to work to support his family. He played local clubs at night. While in the 80s band Blackwater, Kershaw became addicted to drugs and alcohol. He quit cold turkey in 1988 and quit the music business. He took a management job at Wal-Mart. But one of his friends convinced Kershaw to send a demo to Mercury Records. He signed in 1990 and worked with producers Buddy Cannon and Norro Smith. Kershaw's 1991 debut CD Don't Go Near The Water was certified Platinum and his debut single Cadillac Style reached #3 on the Country Singles chart. Then from his second CD Haunted Heart, Kershaw scored his only number one country hit She Don't Know She's Beautiful in 1993. With his third album Feelin' Good Train, National Working Woman's Holiday and Third Rate Romance both reached #2 on the Country Singles chart. Of course Third Rate Romance was a top twenty pop hit in 1975 for the Amazing Rhythm Aces and it was written by that group's lead singer Russell Smith. Kershaw started to fade after this. Love Of My Life was his final top five country hit in 1997. He left Mercury in 1999. You can get all his Mercury hits on this comp. Kershaw recorded a duet with Lorrie Morgan in 1997. He became her fifth husband in 2001 and they recorded an album together on her label RCA. They divorced in 2007. While Kershaw recorded a couple of CDs, he turned his attention to politics and unsuccessfully ran twice for Louisiana Lieutenant Governor. He declared bankruptcy in 2007 mostly due to a failed restaurant he owned with Morgan. Kershaw now records for his own label Big Hit Records. In 2013, he released the CD All In The Same Boat with Joe Diffie and Aaron Tippin and they toured together. His latest CD Do You Know Me: A Tribute to George Jones was released in July and Kershaw is currently on tour. Here's the video for Third Rate Romance by Sammy Kershaw.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Claudia Gadelha added to Dec. 13 UFC show

Claudia Gadelha, Joanna Jedrzejczyk
The Polish website MMA Rocks reported this morning that Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Claudia Gadelha has been added to UFC on FOX 13 Dec. 13 at the US Airways Center in Phoenix. I've known about this fight for a while but I was waiting for a confirmed date. This fight will probably determine the first challenger for the UFC Strawweight Championship. Joanna won her UFC debut over Juliana Lima by unanimous decision on the July 26 show. Joanna is 7-0 and she can really punch. Also, when Lima tried to get in her head by clowning around, Joanna just ignored it and beat her up. Claudia is 12-0 and is also a BJJ whiz. She won her UFC debut over Tina Lahdemaki by unanimous decision on the July 16 show. I thought she won the fight easily but she seemed to run out of gas late in the fight. I was disappointed she didn't finish Tina. Claudia has finished most of her fights but Joanna will be the highest level competition she has ever fought. She will want to take it to the ground but that may not be that easy as Joanna has the power and technique to keep her at a distance. She's a very hard puncher. So I think this will be a good one.

AccuRadio Song of The Day-Adina Howard

Artist:Adina Howard
Song:Freak Like Me
Album:Do You Wanna Ride?

Adina Howard scored a top five hit with her 1995 debut single Freak Like Me and her million selling CD Do You Wanna Ride?. Then she seemingly fell off the face of the earth due to record company problems. She was born Nov. 14, 1974 in Grand Rapids, MI. She signed with the Atlantic Records label East West in 1994 by Atlantic head Sylvia Rhone, one of the more prolific black music talent scouts of the 90s. Adina was criticized by feminist groups for showing her butt on the cover of Do You Wanna Ride?. Some of the songs including Freak Like Me were pretty racy. I think this was done to distinguish Adina from other female artists who weren't doing that at the time. It worked because the album was certified Platinum and Freak Like Me reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was written and produced by the duo Mass Order who released an album on Columbia in 1992 after some success with the single Lift Every Voice. Mass Order was Marc Valentine and Eugene Hanes. They produced other artists but Freak Like Me was their biggest hit. The record samples I'd Rather Be With You by Bootsy's Rubber Band and Sing A Simple Song by Sly & The Family Stone. The 2001 cover of Freak Like Me by Sugababes topped the British charts. Adina recorded her second CD Welcome To Fantasy Island and the single (Freak) And You Know It was released. But Atlantic decided there weren't any more hits on the album and cancelled the release. That was it for Adina on a major label. She tried acting and returned to music in 2004. She has released three CDs on small labels. She is also a chef and she owns a restaurant in Austin, TX. Here's the video for Freak Like Me by Adina Howard.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Charlie Byrd

Artist:Charlie Byrd
Song:Samba de Orpheus
Album:Byrdland/More Brazilian Byrd

Along with Stan Getz, guitarist Charlie Byrd was responsible for bringing Brazilian music to the US with the 1962 hit Desifinado. From there Byrd had a long career as a master of jazz on the acoustic guitar. He was born Sept. 16, 1925 in Suffolk, VA and he grew up in the nearby town of Chuckatuck. His father played guitar and taught Byrd to play at age 10. His younger brother Joe Byrd played bass in Byrd's trio for years. He was in the US Army during WWII and got to play with his idol Django Reinhardt while playing in the US Army band in Paris. After the war, Byrd studied jazz composition at the Harnett National Music School in New York City. He moved to Washington, DC in 1950 and lived in Italy studying with classical guitar legend Andres Segovia. Byrd first recorded as a leader for Savoy Records in 1957. He joined Woody Herman's band in 1959 and it was on a diplomatic tour of South America that Byrd discovered Brazilian music. When he got home, he played some recordings for Stan Getz and the two convinced Creed Taylor to produce the 1962 album Jazz Samba. The album was very successful and launched Brazilian music in the US. This led to a contract with Columbia Records in 1965. Samba de Orpheus is from the 1966 album Byrdland. Samba de Orpheus was written by Luis Bonfa for the 1959 film Black Orpheus and first adapted to jazz by pianist Vince Guaraldi on the 1962 album Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus. Byrdland has Byrd's usual trio of his brother Joe Byrd on bass and Bill Reichenbach on drums. This was his trio for a decade. There are also guest appearances by Hal Posey on trumpet and album producer Teo Macero on sax. Byrdland is available on a Collectables twofer CD paired with the 1967 album More Brazilian Byrd. That has Byrd playing with an orchestra. I think most guitarists would agree with me that Byrd is better in a trio where you can really hear his techniques. Strings can drown him out. Byrd left Columbia in 1971 and recorded for Concord Jazz for the rest of his career. Charlie Byrd continued to record, tour, play local clubs in Maryland and educate until his death on Dec. 2, 1999 at age 74. Here's Charlie Byrd with Joe Byrd on bass and Chuck Redd on drums performing Samba de Orpheus probably in the 80s.