Saturday, January 24, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Lisa Loeb

Artist:Lisa Loeb
Song:Stay (I Missed You)
Album:The Very Best Of Lisa Loeb

When a debut single tops the charts as Stay did in 1994, it's all downhill from there. And in Lisa Loeb's case, she didn't even have a record deal at the time. The song rode the success of the 1994 film Reality Bites. Lisa was born Mar. 11, 1968 in Bethesda, MD and grew up in Dallas where her dad was a doctor and her mom was a hospital administrator. Her brother Benjamin Loeb is a classical pianist, sister Debbie Loeb is an electronic dance music producer, brother Phillip Loeb is a recording engineer. Lisa graduated from Brown University with a degree in comparative literature in 1990. She formed Liz and Lisa with roommate Elizabeth Mitchell and guitarist Duncan Sheik. They released a couple of albums independently and then Lisa studied at Berklee in Boston and formed her band Nine Stories. She recorded a cassette that she would sell at gigs. She was playing mostly in the New York area and record companies were showing interest. One of her neighbours in New York City was actor Ethan Hawke. He liked the song Stay and gave it to Reality Bites director Ben Stiller and producer Stacy Sher and they played it over the end credits. It appeared on the soundtrack and they shot a video and released Stay as a single. It shot to the top of the charts. And remember Lisa was unsigned. She soon signed with Geffen Records and her 1995 CD Tails was certified Gold. Her 1997 CD Firecracker was also certified Gold. But Stay turned out to be her only top ten hit. This budget comp is a good intro to her music. She has also recorded for A & M, Artemis and Zoe. Her latest CD No Fairy Tale was released in 2013 on 429 Records. She still tours. She has recorded children's music and written children's books. She's done the reality shows Dweezil & Lisa with then boyfriend Dweezil Zappa on The Food Network in 2004 and Number 1 Single for E! in 2006. She has turned up occasionally on TV, most recently on the Netflix show Orange Is The New Black. And she has her own eyewear line. I give her credit for taking a fluke hit single and turning it into a long term career. Here's the video for Stay (I Missed You) by Lisa Loeb.

Friday, January 23, 2015

AccuRadio Song of the Day-Mica Paris

Artist:Mica Paris
Song:My One Temptation
Album:So Good

British soul singer Mica Paris had all the tools to be a star. It just didn't happen. My One Temptation was her biggest hit in England in 1988. Today she is known for her work on British TV. She was born Michelle Wallen Apr. 27, 1969 in London, England. Mica is a childhood nickname. Her sister is singer Alysha Warren. They grew up singing in church and Mica was a featured vocalist with The Spirit of Watts gospel choir. While she was singing backup with Hollywood Beyond in 1987, she signed with Island's 4th & Broadway label. So Good was her 1988 debut album. My One Temptation reached #7 on the British Singles chart. The album was certified Platinum in England. But she was unable to break through in a big way in the US. Most of So Good including My One Temptation was written and produced by the production duo L'Equipe. They are Miles Waters and Peter Vale and they also produced Jim Capaldi. Special guests on the album included veteran soul singer Will Downing, The Christians lead singer Roger Christian and British sax player Courtney Pine. My One Temptation would turn out to be Mica's biggest hit. She recorded three albums for Island and one for Chrysalis. She last recorded in 2009 and she still performs occasionally. But in recent years Mica has appeared as a TV host on among other things What Not To Wear on BBC. She became a fashion guru and wrote the book Beautiful Within in 2008. She currently works for ITV and has appeared on CelebAir and This Morning. Here's the video for My One Temptation by Mica Paris.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Al Stewart

Artist:Al Stewart
Song:Time Passages
Album:Greatest Hits

Though he has been around for over fifty years, British singer songwriter Al Stewart is mainly known for his mid-70s hit singles Time Passages and Year of the Cat. He was born Sept. 5, 1945 in Glasgow, Scotland. His father was a lieutenant in the RAF and died in a plane crash before Stewart's birth. His mom moved the family to Wimborne, England. Lonnie Donegan inspired Stewart to play guitar and he was in a couple of early 60s bands. He was influenced by Bob Dylan's success to try folk music and he played London folk clubs. He even lived with Paul Simon when Simon lived briefly in England. Then he got into session work and recorded the single The Elf for Decca in 1966. Jimmy Page played guitar on it. it was unsuccessful but it got Stewart a record deal with CBS. He recorded six albums for CBS that were critically acclaimed but flops. Only one of those six albums was released in the US on Janus Records. Things seemed to turn around for Stewart when he started working with producer Alan Parsons in 1975. He signed a new record deal with RCA and when Year of the Cat reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100, Stewart signed with Arista in the US. Time Passages was his first album on Arista and the single reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100. Stewart wrote it with his guitarist Peter White who also plays the guitar solo. He is now a jazz musician. The sax solo is by session musician Phil Kenzie. You can get both hits on this Rhino comp. Stewart left RCA and Arista in 1980. And though he has never scored another hit single, he has recorded for EMI in England for years and for various labels in the US. His most recent CD was released in 2009. Stewart has lived in Los Angeles since Year of the Cat and he still performs regularly. Here's Al Stewart with Dave Camp on sax and Peter White on guitar performing Time Passages Antwerp, Belgium 1988.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DEEP JEWELS announces Featherweight tournament participants

With Ham Seo Hee vacating the DEEP JEWELS Featherweight Championship for the UFC, DEEP JEWELS announced that a tournament will begin on the Feb. 21 Shinjuku FACE show. There are eight fighters in this tournament and there will be four first round matches on this show. Then they will have the semi finals and then the finals on upcoming shows. The eight fighters participating are as follows: VV Mei, Emi Tomimatsu, Tomo Maesawa, Ayaka Miura, SARAMI, Mina Kurobe, Yukiko Seki and Masako Yoshida. The most notable thing is who isn't in this tournament and the biggest name missing is Ayaka Hamasaki. I'm not surprised as she wants to fight in Invicta and I'm pretty sure she will be on an upcoming show. The other MIA fighters are Saori Ishioka and Naho "Sugi Rock" Sugiyama. Sugi Rock has had knee problems for a while now and it doesn't seem to be improving. Ishioka had an eye problem and may not be ready. Considering who is left, the tournament would be better with four fighters. But it would only take up two shows and with DEEP JEWELS' low talent level, they need to fill as much time as they can. The favourite should be VV Mei. But remember she just lost to Ayaka so this is sloppy seconds. Tomimatsu has never fought at 48kg. Should her first fight at that weight be in a tournament? Of course not but that shows how low the talent level is. And she's not that good. Tomo Maesawa is 4-4 and has bounced between 52 and 48kg. Again, not a great fighter. This is also Ayaka Miura's first fight at 48kg. Her record is 1-1 and her last fight was a loss to Emi Fujino. SARAMI has a 4-5 record. She won her last fight over Korean idol fighter Ga Yeon Song. But that doesn't mean she can beat any of these fighters. In fact, Mina Kurobe beat her in Nov. She's 4-0 but she's also 37 years old. And though normally I wouldn't consider veteran midcard fighters like Seki or Yoshida for this tournament, the talent level is so low they could win and move on to the semis. It depends on the matchups and DEEP JEWELS hasn't said how and when those will be determined. They have announced that MIYOKO vs Miki Araki will be a reserve match. MIYOKO is a veteran low level fighter. her record is 5-8. Miki appears to be a newcomer. she trains at Reversal Tachikawa ALPHA. DEEP JEWELS hasn't named a main event yet so stay tuned for more details as they become available.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-T'Pau

Song:Heart and Soul
Album:The Greatest Hits

I bet you remember this song even if you don't remember the group. And though T'Pau was a one hit wonder in North America, they were successful in their native England where Heart and Soul wasn't even their biggest hit. They called themselves Talking America when they formed in 1986 in Shropshire, England and then named themselves after a Vulcan character in Star Trek. Lead singer Carol Decker and guitarist Ronnie Rogers were in a relationship and wrote all the songs together. Other band members were Tim Burgess on drums, Michael Chetwood on keyboards and Paul Jackson on bass. Taj Wyzgowski was the original lead guitarist. Dean Howard replaced him in 1987. T'Pau signed with Virgin Records and their debut album Bridge Of Spies was produced by veteran producer Roy Thomas Baker. Heart and Soul flopped when it was first released and I don't think the album was going to be released in North America. But then the song was used in a Pepe Jeans ad and radio stations got requests to play it. It reached #4 on the Billboard hot 100 and the British Singles chart. The song has a repetitive chorus and doesn't have much in the way of verses. Though Heart and Soul was T'Pau's only US hit, the single China In Your Hand topped the British charts. T'Pau recorded three albums and were fading in 1991 when they decided to split up. This EMI Europe comp is a good intro to their music. Carol Decker and Ron Rogers split up in 1993. Carol formed a new T'Pau and they recorded new music in 1998. They have recorded a couple of live CDs and still tour England. Carol was the runner up to Shakin' Stevens in the British version of the TV show Hit Me Baby One More Time. Here's the video for Heart and Soul by T'Pau.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Liz Carmouche vs Lauren Murphy added to Apr. 4 UFC show

The UFC announced today that Liz Carmouche vs Lauren Murphy has been added to UFC Fight Night 63 Apr. 4 at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA. Since Liz was in the very first women's match in the UFC, it's been tough going for her. Last time we saw her she was losing a unanimous decision to Miesha Tate last April. Neither fighter was very impressive but Liz didn't do enough in the first two rounds to offset Miesha's dominant third round. Her trainer Manny Hernandez told her she needed to be more active in top position and she beat herself by not doing that. I actually scored the fight a draw. But Liz is now 1-3 in the UFC and this could be a must win for her or she risks getting cut. Lauren is a former Invicta champ who debuted in the UFC last August. She lost a split decision to Sara McMann but I scored it for Lauren. Sara was the heavy favourite going into the fight but she fought a safe fight and was lucky to squeak out a win. Lauren prefers striking but she showed in that fight that her ground defense is pretty good. She is originally from Alaska but she now trains at PLab in Phoenix. She will want to keep this fight standing. But Liz could take her down and turn it into another lay and pray split decision squeaker. Geez, I hope not.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Etienne Daho

Artist:Etienne Daho
Song:Epaule Tattoo

Etienne Daho emerged in the 80s as one of France's most popular and durable pop singers. Epaule Tattoo is one of his early hits. He would become even more popular in the 90s. He was born Jan. 14, 1957 in Oran, Algeria. His father was a French soldier. Daho was raised by his grandparents who owned a cafe. And he got interested in music by listening to their jukebox. His family moved to Rennes, France in 1965. Daho has credited The Velvet Underground as his biggest influence. In the 70s, he was in bands like Stinky Toys and Marquis de Sade. Marquis de Sade guitarist Frank Darcel helped Daho develop his music and Daho signed with Virgin Records in 1980. Then Daho worked with singer Arnold Turboust. Daho finally had success with the 1986 album Pop Satori and the single Epaule Tattoo. The album was produced by famed producer William Orbit in his early days. Since then Daho has been very successful with several best selling albums and singles. Virgin had Daho record in English in 1989 but there unable to sell him in English speaking countries. This comp CD is a good intro to Daho's music. Daho still records regularly and I guess he's a bit of an elder statesman of French pop music. His 80s recordings will appeal to synth pop fans. Here's the video for Epaule Tattoo by Etienne Daho.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 13

Here's the video of last night's episode of WWE Total Divas. On this week's episode, we get a look at a common health issue for WWE Divas turned into an exercise in stubborn stupidity. We get a pointless competition storyline stolen from other Bunim Murray reality shows. And we have the return of Nattie Neidhart's prudish alter ego Grandma Nattie. As usual, we begin with a brief unrelated segment in Kansas City. The girls are watching a match with Brie Bella vs Summer Rae. When Nattie and the others talk trash about Summer Rae, Paige sticks up for her because Summer was nice to her. Then we go to John Cena and Nikki Bella at the gym owned by Cena's pal Rob McIntyre. When Nikki says she runs faster than Cena, McIntyre suggests a competition to see who is better. This is a timewaster stolen from other reality shows. McIntyre will devise this nonsense. Then we go to Los Angeles where Eva Marie is having trouble with her breast implants. She's had them for nine years so they probably need to be replaced. This is a common problem for female wrestlers who have implants especially older silicone ones. Of course Eva isn't really a wrestler. But she thinks she is. Husband Jonathan convinces her to go to the doctor. Next we go to Las Vegas and Paige vs Nattie. Paige is doing this shtick where she crawls suggestively over her downed opponent usually followed by headbutts. Afterwards, Grandma Nattie tells Paige she doesn't like that stuff. Paige agrees not to do it in their matches. Yeah, right. Of course the show producers don't reveal the context. At the time, Paige was the heel in a "frenemies" angle with AJ Lee. And this behaviour was supposed to enhance her heel character. This was approved by WWE management. Of course Grandma Nattie knows this meaning this conflict was contrived by the show producers to make Nattie look foolish. Next Eva Marie goes to the doctor. At brunch, Grandma Nattie continues to complain about Paige. Eva gets a phone call from the doctor's office that her implants are leaking and must be removed. Stupidly, she chooses to delay this. In Seattle, Nikki explains this competition to the girls and they do tell her she's being silly. They show a clip of Eva Marie beating AJ Lee to show that she's getting a push. Or at least what she thought was a push. Then we have the first part of this competition at a go kart track. Nikki is taking this competition way too seriously. Of course when Cena wins, she complains that he cheated. Next is mini golf and when Cena wins again, she complains that he cheated. The same thing happens in the batting cage and Skee Ball. And he's goofing around so that really pisses Nikki off. Next Eva Marie tells Jonathan that she has cancelled her surgery. Of course they argue about this. she doesn't seem to appreciate how serious this is. He leaves a voice mail for WWE Talent relations stooge Mark Carrano which upsets her. Next we go to the final event in this competition. Would you believe beer pong? And Cena is dressed like a preppie. When Cena inevitably wins, Nikki throws a beer in his face. After the commercial, Nikki admits she took it too seriously and all is well. So why did the producers do this again? Never mind. Eva Marie and Jonathan argue again. Then she goes to have dinner with The Bella Twins. Wait a minute. Isn't Nikki supposed to be mad at Brie? No explanation. The good thing is they convince Eva to have the surgery. They convince her that she won't lose her spot. In Houston, Nattie thinks she has convinced Paige to not do what Nattie thinks is suggestive business. Paige agrees to this. But in the match, Paige licks her face among other things. When Nattie confronts her afterwards, Paige says she knows exactly what she's doing and did Nattie listen to the crowd reaction. Nattie finally agrees that maybe Paige is smarter than she thinks. The episode ends with Eva Marie coming home after her surgery. She will be off for a couple of months. Who knows what would have happened if she hadn't has the surgery. Enjoy the video!
Total.Divas.S03E13 by watchwwelive

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Fabian

Album:This Is Fabian (1959-61)

Fabian Forte had three top ten hits in 1959. Tiger was the biggest of those hits. When music fans figured out he couldn't sing, Forte switched to acting. He's had a long acting career mostly on TV. He was born Feb. 6, 1942 in Philadelphia. Chancellor Records owner Bob Marcucci was looking for handsome teenage boys that he could turn into pop singers. He didn't care if they could sing. Marcucci was at a friend's house who lived next door to the Forte family. Fabian's dad suffered a heart attack. and while an ambulance was taking him to hospital, Marcucci spotted Fabian and gave him his card. He resisted at first but eventually his family agreed to let Fabian record. Frankie Avalon knew Fabian and recommended him as well. Marcucci soon realized that Fabian couldn't sing but he thought he could sell him anyway. Fabian appeared on American Bandstand after meeting Dick Clark. They gave him I'm A Man written by the legendary songwriting team of Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman. It was Fabian's first top 40 hit. Then Marcucci really turned up the juice and Fabian's next three singles were top ten hits. First there was Turn Me Loose, then Hound Dog Man. Tiger was the biggest of these hits. It reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was written by Philly doo wop guy Ollie Jones who also wrote the 1957 Nat King Cole hit Send For Me. Fabian's music career ended when he testified during the early 60s payola hearings. You can get all his hits on this Ace Records comp. He acted in some films for 20th Century Fox and then he signed a seven picture deal with American International Pictures in 1965. His biggest hit was the 1966 film Fireball 500. He did a lot of TV guest shots in the 70s. He still sings occasionally and when he does, he tours with his old pal Frankie Avalon. Here's Fabian performing Tiger on The Ed Sullivan Show 1959.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jessica Rakoczy vs Valerie Letourneau added to Apr. 25 UFC show

Last night the UFC announced several matches for UFC 186 Apr. 25 at the Bell Centre in Montreal including Jessica Rakoczy vs Valerie Letourneau. This fight will be on the prelims. Both fighters are Canadian. I think most fans will be familiar with them as Bantamweights but this fight is at Strawweight. I think both are natural 125lb fighters and given a choice would prefer to fight at 115. Jessica is from Hamilton, ON and is a former boxing champ attempting to convert to MMA. The last time we saw her was in the TUF 18 Finale losing to Juliana Pena. At the time, she was nursing a shoulder injury. And she is undersized for Bantamweight. I heard about her dropping to 115 last year. Of course Jessica's biggest problem is she has no ground game. Valerie is from Montreal and she used to train at Tri Star. She now trains at America's Top Team in Florida. She failed to make TUF 18 but got into the UFC as a late replacement and won over Elizabeth Phillips by split decision. She is also more striker than wrestler. Valerie has fought at 125 and 135. But I think this will be her first fight at 115. One would think these two would want to keep the fight standing. But one never knows what may happen.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Anthony Newley

Artist:Anthony Newley
Song:What Kind Of Fool Am I?
Album:The Very Best Of Anthony Newley

Anthony Newley was a triple threat as an actor, singer and songwriter. What Kind Of Fool Am I? is probably one of his best known songs from his 1961 musical Stop The World, I Want To Get Off. He was born Sept. 24, 1931 in London, England. His parents split up when he was a child and Newley was raised by his aunt and uncle in the countryside. He met retired music hall performer George Pescud who taught him performing. After WWII, Newley moved to London hoping to be discovered. His big break was as the Artful Dodger in David Lean's 1948 film Oliver Twist. After a stint in the army, he appeared frequently on radio. The film that made him a star in England was Idle On Parade in 1959 which was influenced by Elvis Presley being drafted. This led to a record contract with Decca and hit singles in England like I've Waited So Long, Why, Do You Mind and Strawberry Fair. So Newley could have been a pop star. But instead he created his own Broadway show with Leslie Bricusse Stop The World, I Want To Get Off. What Kind Of Fool Am I? closed the show and it became one of Newley's most popular songs. Many artists have covered it but the most notable was Sammy Davis Jr. Newley and Bricusse wrote many songs together including the theme for the 1964 film Goldfinger. This budget CD from Universal's British distributor Spectrum covers Newley's Decca recordings from 1959-65. Newley wasn't that active as a recording artist after that. But he continued to write shows and appear on stage, films and TV for decades. Anthony Newley died of cancer on Apr. 14, 1999 at age 67. Here's Anthony Newley performing What Kind Of Fool Am I? on The Hollywood Palace 1969.