Monday, March 25, 2019

Felice Herrig vs Yan Xiaonan added to June 8 UFC show

Raphael Marinho of Combate in Brazil reported this morning that Felice Herrig vs Yan Xiaonan has been added to UFC 238 June 8 at the United Center in Chicago. The UFC is waiting for the bout agreements to be signed. This fight will be at Strawweight. Felice is 34 years old from Chicago. She trains with former WEC, UFC and Bellator fighter Jeff Curran. Her record is 14-8 and 5-3 in the UFC. She looked great when she won five straight fights. But now she lost her last two and she didn't look good in either fight. So she really needs a win. Yan is 29 years old from China. Her record is 10-1 and 3-0 in the UFC. She beat Syuri Kondo in her last fight. This is a big step up in competition for Yan. And it's her US debut. And if you don't think that's a big deal, you're wrong. I don't expect a finish in this fight. Felice has finished fights in the past but not lately. And Yan is a points fighter. She's nowhere near as good as Weili Zhang. I like this fight because there is pressure on both fighters to win. My concern is both will be tentative and it will result in a boring fight. Who will risk everything and really go for the win.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Morcheeba

Album:Parts Of The Process

Morcheeba was a big part of the 90s Trip Hop movement in England led by Portishead. Morcheeba had success mostly in England. But the 2002 single Otherwise was a dance hit in the US. DJ Paul Godfrey and his keyboard player brother Ross Godfrey moved to London from Kent to get into the music business. At first they produced instrumentals but that went nowhere. They met singer Skye Edwards at a party and Morcheeba was born. After a 1996 EP, they signed with China Records and released the 1996 album Who Can You Trust?. The Godfrey brothers also worked on David Byrne's 1997 album Feelings. They signed with Sire Records in the US. Their next couple of albums were very successful in England. The 1998 album Big Calm was certified Platinum in England. By the time the album Charango was released in 2002, the Godfrey brothers and Skye weren't getting along. So she has a diminished role on that album. The single Otherwise was a dance hit in the US. Skye left to go solo in 2003. She thought Morcheeba was disbanding. But the Godfrey brothers decided to keep the name for the 2005 album The Antidote. They unsuccessfully tried to replace Skye. She released a solo album in 2006. Then she returned to Morcheeba in 2009. After a couple of albums, Paul Godfrey left in 2014. Morcheeba still records and tours. They released an album last year. They're just not as popular as they were in 2002. This comp covers the albums before Skye left. Here's the video for Otherwise by Morcheeba.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Frank Pozen's Big Bad Podcast Mar. 24, 2019

UFC on ESPN+ 6 review and new fight announcement.

Ashley Yoder vs Syuri Kondo added to June 22 UFC show

The Greenville News reported yesterday that UFC on ESPN+ 11 will be June 22 at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, SC. One of the matches announced for this show is Ashley Yoder vs Syuri Kondo at Strawweight. Ashley is 31 years old from Murrieta, CA. She trains at Team Quest. Her record is 6-4 and 1-3 in the UFC. She was in TUF 23. The UFC didn't hire her at first. but she was brought in as on short notice late in 2016. I have seen her since her Invicta days. She's an awful fighter. Syuri is 30 years old from Yokohama, Japan. She trains at Vos. Her record is 6-2 and 1-2 in the UFC. Syuri is a pro wrestler and she was a kickboxing champ in Japan. She's a striker with no power or ground game meaning she's a points fighter. In her last fight she was clobbered by Poliana Botelho in round one. I think she can bounce back from that but she is limited. I just think Ashley is worse than her. This will be Syuri's first fight in the US.

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Randa Markos vs Angela Hill

Here's the match video of Randa Markos vs Angela Hill from last night's UFC show in Nashville. Randa is a very good wrestler who makes too many mistakes. Her striking is sub par. Angela is a kickboxer with no ground game. Even her takedown defense is terrible. And that's the story. Randa scores a takedown. She works on trying to get Angela's back for a choke. But when that stalls, she slickly switches to an armbar and it's over. It's a big won for Randa. This is Angela's second UFC stint. She just hasn't improved at all. Enjoy the video!

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Jennifer Maia vs Alexis Davis

Here's the match video of Jennifer Maia vs Alexis Davis from last night's UFC show in Nashville. This match is at Flyweight. I don't think much of either fighter. Alexis seems to beat herself these days. We know she has good skills. She just does dumb things. Jennifer is a boxer. She doesn't really do anything else. She's useless on the ground. That's how Alexis should win. Instead she gets into light sparring with Jennifer in round one. And Jennifer drops her with a punch and that's enough for Jennifer to win round one 10-9. You'll notice that Jennifer doesn't follow her to the ground. We find out why in round two. Alexis finally gets a takedown. And though Jennifer defends well, she is unable to get out from under and Alexis wins round two 10-9. That's what Alexis should have been doing all along. Instead she goes back to this light sparring junk in round three. Neither of them did much of anything and the judges scored the round 10-9 for Jennifer and she won the fight by unanimous decision. It doesn't make me think Jennifer can beat anyone good. And for the second straight fight, Alexis loses to someone she should have beaten. Yeesh! Enjoy the fight!

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Maycee Barber vs JJ Aldrich

Here's the match video of Maycee Barber vs JJ Aldrich from last night's UFC show in Nashville. Both fighters are making their Flyweight debuts. Maycee had trouble making Strawweight. JJ is Rose Namajunas' teammate. The main thing she has going for her is coach Trevor Wittman. The strategy he gave to JJ worked in round one. But JJ isn't a finisher so it was going to be tough to make it work over three rounds. JJ is able to keep Maycee off balance and is able to outpoint her and win round one 10-9. Maycee's coach Marc Montoya tells her to stop going backwards. And once she does, Maycee nails JJ with a shot and finishes her. Look, Maycee is 20 years old. Her coaches are going to find holes in her game and the key is her ability to adjust. Lately Maycee has been training at Roufusport in Milwaukee. They have plenty of time to polish her up for later. She's pretty good already. Enjoy the video!

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Holy Wave

Artist:Holy Wave
Song:California Took Our Bobby Away
Album:Freaks Of Nature

Neo psychedelia fans will want to check out Holy Wave. They have had some success in the local Austin music scene and the Levitation music festivals. Holy Wave is from Austin, TX. Kyle Hager and Julian Ruiz are from El Paso. But they moved to Austin because the music scene is better. Other members are Ryan Fuson, Joey Cook and Dustin Zozaya. After becoming regulars at the annual Austin Psych Fest, they released the album Knife Hits in 2011. Their 2013 EP The Evil Has Landed got them a deal with Burger Records and the Reverberation Appreciation Society. Burger is a record store and indy label in Fullerton, CA. And they run an annual music festival. The Reverberation Appreciation Society operate the Levitation music festivals and a record label was started as a byproduct of that. They released the 2014 album Relax. California Took Our Bobby Away is from the 2016 album Freaks Of Nature. Holy Wave's latest CD Adult Fear was released last year. Texas has always been a breeding ground for psychedelic music. So it's not surprising that neo psychedelia is still a thing there. Holy Wave are recommended to fans of that sound. Here's the video for California Took Our Bobby Away by Holy Wave.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-William McDowell

Artist:William McDowell
Song:I Won't Go Back
Album:Arise: The Live Worship Experience

William McDowell's last few albums have been very successful on the Gospel charts. His 2011 album Arise and the single I Won't Go Back were his first number one hits. He was born Aug. 31, 1976 in Cincinnati. He learned to play piano as a child. By age 16, he was playing organ and leading the church choir. McDowell moved to Orlando, FL in 2001 and he became musical director for the popular gospel artist Ron Kenoly. And he earned a degree in Business Entertainment at Full Sail University. In 2006 he became pastor at The Gathering Place in Lake Mary, Fl. And then McDowell signed with Koch and released the 2009 CD As We Worship. After eOne purchased Koch, McDowell released the 2011 CD Arise recorded live at the Christian Life Center in Fort Lauderdale. It's a 2CD set. All of McDowell's albums are live recordings which is not unusual for gospel artists. And also eOne has been very successful in the Gospel market. I Won't Go Back topped the Gospel Singles chart and it appeared on a WOW various artists CD. McDowell's 2013 CD Withholding Nothing was nominated for a Grammy. His latest CD Sounds Of Revival II: Deeper also topped the Gospel Album charts. McDowell recently signed with Integrity Music and he will record his next album in May. Here's William McDowell performing I Won't Go Back 2011.

Friday, March 22, 2019

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Bob Crewe Generation

Artist:The Bob Crewe Generation
Song:Music To Watch Girls By
Album:The Best Of The Bob Crewe Generation: Music To Watch Girls By

Most music fans should know Bob Crewe as one of the top hitmakers of the 60s especially with The Four Seasons. But he occasionally recorded as The Bob Crewe Generation and the instrumental Music To Watch Girls By was a top 20 hit in 1967. He was born Nov. 12, 1930 in Newark, NJ. His big break came when his song Silhouettes was a hit for The Rays in 1957. After a couple of lesser hits, Crewe recorded a couple of albums as a singer. The Whiffenpoof Song was a hit in New York in 1961. Then he started working with Bob Gaudio and that's when The Four Seasons were born. That's probably Crewe's greatest success but he produced plenty of other artists. Crewe started his own DynoVoice label in 1965. Probably his biggest hit was A Lover's Concerto by The Toys and several hits by Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels. Crewe heard a demo of a jingle written by Sid Ramin for a Diet Pepsi commercial. Ramin was mainly a Broadway composer. He won an Oscar and Grammy for co-orchestrating West Side Story. Crewe recorded the jingle as The Bob Crewe Generation. Music To Watch Girls By reached #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart. I'm pretty sure listeners thought the record was by Herb Alpert who was very popular at the time. Covers by Al Hirt and Andy Williams also charted. The Bob Crewe Generation recorded a couple of albums including the soundtrack for the film Barberella. This comp covers those recordings. Crewe continued to have success as a producer even into the 70s with Disco-Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes. The Bob Crewe Generation returned with the 1976 disco hit Street Talk. Crewe wasn't as active after that. He was inducted into the Songwriter's Hall Of Fame in 1985. Bob Crewe died on Sept. 11, 2014 at age 83. Here's a video for Music To Watch Girls By by The Bob Crewe Generation.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Frank Pozen's Big Bad Podcast Mar. 21, 2019

UFC on ESPN+5 review and UFC on ESPN+6 preview.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Kokomo

Song:Asia Minor
Album:Alley Oop: 30 One Hit Wonders: US Pop!

Not to be confused with the 70s blue eyed soul group Kokomo, this Kokomo scored a top ten hit in 1961 with the instrumental Asia Minor. The record is a pop version of Edvard Grieg's Piano Concerto in A Minor. The guy behind it was jazz pianist Jimmy Wisner. He was born Dec. 8, 1931 in Philadelphia. He was classically trained and he started playing local jazz clubs while studying psychology at Temple University. At one time he was in Charlie Ventura's band. He formed a trio in the late 50s with Chick Kinney on drums and Ace Tesone on bass. They backed up touring acts like Mel Torme and Dakota Staton. He signed with Decca's Felsted label and he released the 1959 album Blues For Harvey. Wisner got the idea of adapting classical music. He used shellac on the hammers of a piano to make it sound like a honky tonk song. He decided to release it as Kokomo so he wouldn't alienate jazz fans. After record companies turned it down, Wisner released it himself. Felsted picked it up and it reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1961. Wisner released an album as Kokomo. But you can get Asia Minor on this various artists comp. Wisner had success as a writer, producer and arranger. He co-wrote Don't Throw Your Love Away which topped the British charts in 1964 for The Searchers. He worked as an arranger and conductor for Bobby Rydell, Neil Sedaka, Len Barry and many others. And he was in Herbie Mann's late 60s band. Jimmy Wisner died on Mar. 13, 2018 at age 88. Here's a video for Asia Minor by Kokomo.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Sippie Wallace

Artist:Sippie Wallace
Song:Suitcase Blues
Album:Complete Recorded Works Vol. 2 1925-1945

Blues singer Sippie Wallace recorded from 1923-27. And then she quit the music business. She returned in the 60s and performed until her 1986 death. She was born Beulah Thomas Nov. 1, 1898 in Jefferson County, AR but she grew up in Houston. Her older brother George Thomas and younger brother Hersal Thomas were also musicians. Their father was a deacon so they all grew up singing and playing piano in church. At night they all played blues in tent shows. Sippie and Hersal moved to New Orleans in 1915 where she married Matt Wallace. They all moved to Chicago in 1923. And that's when Sippie signed with Okeh Records. She recorded regularly from 1923-27. She usually wrote songs with her brothers. She recorded with some of the top musicians of the era including Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet. Most of those recordings were produced by Okeh house producer Clarence Williams and he also played piano. Document Records has released all of Sippie's Okeh recordings on two albums. They are available as digital downloads. Sadly Hersal Thomas died of food poisoning in 1926 at age 20. After Sippie's contract expired, she quit the music business and moved to Detroit. For years she played organ at Leland Baptist Church in Detroit. She briefly returned in 1945 recording with Albert Ammons. But other than that, she was out of the music business until another blues legend Victoria Spivey convinced her to return in the 60s. In 1966 she recorded the album Women Be Wise for Storyville Records with Roosevelt Sykes and Little Brother Montgomery on piano. This album is available on CD. Sippie continued to tour and record until she suffered a stroke while on tour in Germany. She died on Nov. 1, 1986 at age 88. Here's Sippie Wallace performing Suitcase Blues in 1966.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Beanfield

Song:Code Of Confidence

Beanfield is a group of German producers who had modest success in the 90s in England when Acid Jazz was popular. They have their own label Compost Records. I guess Beanfield can be viewed as a side project as they mostly produce other artists and do remixes. Compost is owned by Michael Reinboth and he was part of Beanfield along with keyboard player Tobias Meggle and bassist Jan Krause formerly of Poets of Rhythm. They produce groups like A Forest Mighty Black. They released the 1995 single Charles as Beanfield. That got enough airplay in British clubs that they decided to record the 1996 album Beanfield. The album did well enough that a second album Human Patterns was released in 1999. After that Reinboth returned to running Compost and it looked like Beanfield was finished. But Krause and Meggle brought in Michael Mettke and recorded the 2004 album Seek as Beanfield. Since then Reinboth continues to run Compost and the others work on various projects. I don't expect Beanfield to reunite anytime soon. Here's a video for Code Of Confidence by Beanfield.