Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Big Topic in WMMA

 UFC review and preview and Ham Seo Hee update.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Bomshel



Song:Fight Like A Girl

Album:Fight Like A Girl

The country music girl group Bomshel had their biggest hit with the 2009 single Fight Like A Girl. After one album and three EPs, they split up. Kristy Osmunson moved from Idaho to Nashville in 2002. Originally from Lexington, KY, Buffy Lawson was a backup singer and aspiring songwriter. Bob Gaudio spotted her and she appeared on the 1996 Neil Diamond album Tennessee Moon. She sang on the duet Marry Me. Buffy and Kristy met at Fan Fair in Nashville. They played local clubs and that led to Curb Records signing them. They released the 2006 EP Bomshel Stomp. They were getting radio play and were on tour with their own bus. But Buffy decided it wasn't for her and eventually she moved back to Lexington. She has recorded a couple of albums and continues to write songs. She was replaced by 19 year old Detroit native Kelley Shepherd. The album Fight Like A Girl was released in 2009. The single reached #30 on the Country Singles chart. Kristy and Kelley wrote most of the songs usually with a third writer. Fight Like A Girl was co-written by Bob Regan who is in the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. He co-wrote several songs on the album. The album was produced by Curb house producer Chuck Howard. After the 2012 EP Halleluy'all was unsuccessful, Bomshell split up. Kristy went on to form American Young with Jon Stone. They released a 2016 album on Curb. It looks like Kelley left the music business. Here's the video for Fight Like A Girl by Bomshel.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Jason Nelson


Artist:Jason Nelson


Album:The Answer

After gospel singer Jason Nelson wrote hits for Marvin Sapp and others, he started recording his own albums. He has had success on the gospel charts with hits like Forever. He was born Nov. 10, 1974 in Baltimore. His twin brother Jonathan is also a gospel singer. Their father Bishop James D. Nelson Sr. was pastor at Greater Bethlehem Temple Church from 1977-2007. Jason Nelson is now the pastor. So obviously the twins grew up singing in church. After releasing two albums independently, Nelson signed with Verity Records for the 2012 album Shifting the Atmosphere. All three of his albums have done well on the gospel charts. Forever is from Nelson's latest album The Answer released in 2018. It reached #3 on the Gospel Singles chart. Nelson wrote it with his wife Tonya. As is common with gospel albums, The Answer is a live recording. Nelson currently records for RCA Inspiration which is Sony's gospel label after they bought Verity's parent company Jive. It looks like he has new music coming soon. Gospel fans should check him out. Here's the video for Forever by Jason Nelson.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Frank Pozen's Big Bad Podcast

 Hikaru Shida, Asuka, UFC review and preview and Ham Seo Hee.

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Asuka vs Lana

 Here's the match video of Asuka defending her RAW Women's Championship against Lana who won a battle royal by hiding after Nia Jax put her through the broadcast table...again. It;s very unsatisfying when battle royals end that way. Plus Lana should stick to acting and forget about wrestling. The match was a two minute waste of Asuka's talent. Afterwards, Nia put Lana through a table...again. Then she and Shayna Baszler tried to attack Asuka but she got away. And that led to four way clusterf**k tag team match. Asuka deserves better than this. Check out the video for yourself. 

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Love Song


Artist:Love Song

Song:Little Country Church

Album:Love Song

When I wrote about Chuck Girard last year, I mentioned that he was in the very first Christian rock band. That band was Love Song. Little Country Church was their best known song. Before Girard formed Love Song in 1970, he was in the surf music scene. He was a member of The Hondells. Girard was already a Christian and a member of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, CA. Girard was the lead singer and played keyboards in Love Song. Other members were Tommy Coomes and Fred Field on guitar, Jay Truax on bass and John Mehler on drums. Truax was a one time member of The Surfaris. Wall, Field and Mehler left and then returned. The 1971 album Love Song features Little Country Church. Girard remastered the album and released it on CD in 2011. Love Song recorded two albums followed by a live album. They split up in 1976. Of course Girard was very successful recording solo. He was a big part in developing CCM. Coomes joined The Maranatha Singers as a producer and songwriter. He recorded a solo album in 1981 and later led The Tommy Coomes Band. Field and Truax formed Fred Field and Friends. They recorded a 1976 album. Truax went on to The Richie Furay Band. Love Song reunited in 1994 and released a live album. There is currently a Love Song documentary in production scheduled for release vert soon. Here's Chuck Girard performing Little Country Church at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, CA 1979.

Monday, October 19, 2020

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Elvis Presley

 Artist:Elvis Presley

Song:Crying in the Chapel

Album:Peace in the Valley

Elvis Presley scored a top five hit in 1965 with the gospel song Crying in the Chapel. It was a surprise hit that came at a time when Presley's recording career was in a slump. His last top five hit was in 1963. He was doing a lot of movies with terrible songs. And Beatlemania was a factor too. Presley's first gospel album His Hand in Mine was released in 1960. Presley and The Jordanaires all grew up singing in church. And Presley wanted to record an album for his mother. Crying in the Chapel was recorded for this album but Presley wasn't happy with the three takes and it did not appear on the album. Country musician Artie Glenn wrote Crying in the Chapel and his son Darrell Glenn had a hit with it in 1953 and so did pop singer June Valli. Recordings by Rex Allen, The Orioles and Ella Fitzgerald also charted. With Presley in a recording slump, his manager Colonel Tom Parker thought that the time might be right to record a new gospel album. As a test, RCA released Crying in the Chapel as an Easter single with a Gold Standard label to distinguish it from current songs like Do the Clam. Crying in the Chapel reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Then Presley recorded the 1967 gospel album How Great Thou Art. Crying in the Chapel appears on that album. Presley wouldn't have another top ten hit until 1969. So I don't think Crying in the Chapel ended his recording slump. Presley recorded a third gospel album He Touched Me in 1972. All three albums plus bonus tracks are on this 2CD comp. Unfortunately Presley never performed Crying in the Chapel live. So here's a video for Crying in the Chapel by Elvis Presley.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Hikaru Shida vs Big Swole

 Here's the match video of Hikaru Shida defending her AEW Women's Championship against Big Swole from this week's episode of Dynamite. Big Swole looks good but she is sluggish in the ring and she makes a lot of mistakes. Hikaru tries to cover up her mistakes but she can only do so much. It's an OK match but it's lacking and I think Big Swole has trouble keeping up with Hikaru. Of course she slips while attempting a sunset flip power bomb. But Swole does not do the little things that can result in a good match. Of course Hikaru wins with a Shining Wizard. And now they are having Penelope Ford criticizing Swole for her performance after Penelope had a great match against Hikaru a few weeks ago. I think AEW needs to beat the bushes for wrestlers who can work good matches with Hikaru. Because right now their options are limited. Enjoy the video!

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Gillian Robertson vs Poliana Botelho

 Here's the match video of Gillian Robertson vs Poliana Botelho from last night's UFC show in Abu Dhabi. This fight is at Flyweight. Gillian is a grappling whiz originally from Niagara Falls, ON but she has been training for years with Din Thomas in Florida. She earned her BJJ black belt this week. Her striking is subpar. Poliana started out at Strawweight but she has now moved up Flyweight. She's 3-1 in the UFC but all three fighters that she beat have been released. She is primarily a striker who needs to improve her takedown defense and ground game. Poliana said in an interview that she has been working with WMMA pioneer Ana Michelle Taveras at Nova Uniao. Poliana has a significant size advantage. What she needs to do is keep the fight standing. She is able to do this in round one because Gillian doesn't use striking to set up her takedowns. She finally does get a takedown at the end of the round but I scored the round 10-9 for Poliana. In round two, Gillian catches a kick to get a takedown and she controls rounds two and three on the ground. She couldn't get a submission or a finish with ground and pound. I scored the fight 29-28 for Gillian. Afterwards she called out Antonina Shevchenko. I still think Gillian will have problems with the better fighters in the division until she improves her striking significantly. Enjoy the video!

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Jessica Andrade vs Katlyn Chookagian

 Here's the match video of Jessica Andrade vs Katlyn Chookagian from last night's UFC show in Abu Dhabi. This is Jessica's debut at Flyweight. Katlyn is the #1 contender though she has already lost a title fight. Obviously she wants another shot. But if Jessica wins, she will get that title shot. Though Katlyn is much taller than Jessica and has a significant reach advantage, I didn't think she would be able to keep Jessica at bay for three rounds. Jessica wastes no time closing the distance and Katlyn is already backpedaling. She's in trouble already. Jessica lands a body shot that sends Katlyn running to the other side of the cage. Jessica hunts her down and lands a knee. And then instead of going headhunting, she lands another body shot and the ref stops it. Jessica said afterwards that she deliberately went after Katlyn's body because her weight cut leaves her vulnerable to body shots. Jessica is the first female fighter to win in all three UFC weight classes. She got a performance bonus. And she's going to get that Flyweight title shot. Katlyn has been talking retirement recently. That time may be now. Enjoy the video!

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Youngblood Brass Band


Artist:Youngblood Brass Band

Song:Ain't Nobody

Album:Pax Volumi

The Youngblood Brass Band are a New Orleans style brass band mixed with jazz and soul. Like a lot of similar bands, they are worth seeing live. They usually record for their own label. They are from Oregon, WI which is a suburb of Madison. Drummer David Henzie-Skogen and sousaphonist Nat McIntosh went to high school together. When the band first formed in 1995, they were called One Lard Biskit Brass Band. After one album the name was changed to Youngblood Brass Band. They released a couple of albums on their own label. The 2000 album Unlearn featured guest appearances by Taleb Kweli and Mike Ladd. So that generated interest in the hip hop community. Henzie-Skogen started his own Layered Music label in 2005. Since then most Youngblood Brass Band albums are on that label. The exception is the 2013 album Pax Volumi which was on the British label TruThoughts. Though Henzie-Skogen and McIntosh write most of the band's songs, the lead single from Pax Volumi was a cover of the Chaka Khan classic Ain't Nobody. This album marked McIntosh's return after his 2004 departure. Pax Volumi is available as a digital download. Though they have released a couple of EPs, this is their latest album. Obviously they aren't on tour right now. But the Youngblood Brass Band will return when the pandemic ends. They are worth checking out. Here's the video for Ain't Nobody by Youngblood Brass Band.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Frank Pozen's Big Bad Podcast-Special Edition

 BREAKING-RIZIN announces that Ham Seo Hee has relinquished the Superatomweight Championship. I discuss this story with my friend Charlie who lives in Japan. We are the most knowledgeable guys on this subject which is why I asked him to join me.

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Freeez



Album:The Funkin 80s

The British group Freeez started out as a jazz funk group in the late 70s. They had success when they got into dance music in the 80s. Most of their success was in Europe. But the 1983 single I.O.U. topped the US Club Play chart. John Rocca started Freeez in 1978. After releasing a couple of albums on his own label, he signed with Beggars Banquet. The 1983 album Gonna Get You was the first album for Beggars Banquet. The album was produced by Arthur Baker who also produced Afrika Bambaataa. He also wrote I.O.U. with his usual writing partner John Robie. The female singer is Baker's wife Tina B. Rocca is the male singer. Other musicians are Andy Stennett on electric piano, Charles Street on guitar, Peter Maas on bass and Everton McCalla on drums. Stennett, Robie and Fred Zarr played synthesizer. On the album I.O.U. is eight minutes long. After Beggars Banquet released a radio edit, I.O.U. reached #3 on the British Singles chart and it topped the Billboard Club Play chart. It charted internationally. Rocca went solo and charted with the 1984 single I Want It To Be Real. He continued to record into the 90s until he quit the music business in 1993 and went into IT. Maas continued Freeez with the 1985 album Idle Vice. But it was unsuccessful and Freeez split up for good. You can get I.O.U. on this 2CD various artists budget comp that was sold on TV in Europe. Here's the video for I.O.U. by Freeez.

Friday, October 16, 2020

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Eric Reed

 Artist:Eric Reed

Song:Ruby, My Dear

Album:The Dancing Monk

Pianist Eric Reed is probably best known for his days in Wynton Marsalis' 90s band. He has recorded as a leader since the 90s and in recent years he has recorded several Thelonious Monk tribute albums. He was born June 21, 1970 in Philadelphia. He's a Preacher's Kid. He was five years old when he started playing piano in his father's church. But then he got interested in jazz. His family moved to Los Angeles and Reed attended R.D. Colburn School of Arts. And that's where he met Wynton Marsalis. While attending Cal State Northridge in 1988, Reed toured briefly with Marsalis and then he was hired to permanently replace Marcus Roberts in 1989. Reed was in that band off and on until 1995. He also toured with Joe Henderson and Freddie Hubbard and he was in the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. He also recorded as a leader for MoJazz and Impulse and he toured to support those albums. Reed still works as a sideman occasionally. But since 1999, he has led his own band and recorded for Nagel-Hayer, MAXJAZZ, Pony Canyon, WJ3 and Savant. Reed has recorded four Thelonious Monk tribute albums. Ruby, My Dear is from the 2011 album The Dancing Monk on Savant. Musicians are Ben Wolfe on bass and McClenty Hunter on drums. Reed's latest album Everybody Gets The Blues was released last year. Reed plays organ on that album. Here's Eric Reed with Mike Gurrola on bass and Wesley Anderson on drums performing Ruby, My Dear at SF Jazz Oct. 10, 2014.