Saturday, March 24, 2007

Eagle Sawai announces retirement

LLPW veteran Eagle Sawai has announced that she will retire after the May 20 Korakuen Hall show. Eagle recently celebrated her 20 year anniversary in joshi on the Feb. 12 Sumo Hall LLPW show and she feels that's a good way to end her career. I would agree with that. The accompanying pic is from the Feb. 12 show. She said she is preparing for married life. When Nikkan Sports asked about a significant other, she said it is possible to prepare for married life alone. Well, I suppose she could always kidnap a husband. Just kidding. Her opponent for her retirement match will be announced at a later time. One other quick LLPW note. They had a show last week that marked the return to joshi of former JD Star Athtress Mizuho Ishikawa. She was brought in to fill in for the injured Francoise. I don't know if she is returning on a regular basis or it's just a one shot deal.

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