Tuesday, March 27, 2007

JD Star announces League Princess 07 participants

I finally have full results for JD Star's Mar. 21 Shin-kiba 1st Ring show. The main event was supposed to be the "final decisive battle" between Team Araki Place & The Caribbean Army. We can only hope. Also, Fuuka had a meltdown after losing to another veteran. But first, JD Star has announced the participants for the League Princess 07 tournament. It will start on April 6 and have a round robin format like last year. They don't have a belt anymore so I don't know how they will reward the winner. They've announced the matches for Apr. 6 so I wanted to discuss the wrestlers involved. I'm familiar with most of them.

There are eight wrestlers and there will be four matches. Arisa Nakajima will face Lily Urai. Nakajima trained at A To Z and is currently the JWP Junior Champion. Urai trained at Gutsworld and has been a part of JD Star's Team Araki Place angle. There is Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Hanako Kobayashi. Matsumoto was trained by Mariko Yoshida and has been very impressive since her debut last July. Kobayashi is a Kaoru Ito trainee and has worked her occasional shows. I think this is her first match outside that company. There's Aya Yuki vs Misaki Ohata. Yuki is a NEO trainee. Ohata is a Jd Star Athtress who debuted in December. Finally JWP trainee Kaori Ohki vs somebody I've never heard of. She just debuted on Mar. 4 and I'm not familiar with the company she works for. I think her name is Murasaki but I'm not sure. We'll figure it out.

Now on to the Mar. 21 show. Ayako Sato won over Misaki Ohata with a missile dropkick at 8:00. Ohata is just weak looking. I saw one of her matches on Youtube. The veteran team of Tsubasa Kuragaki & Leon won over Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara. Kuragaki over Matsumoto in 14:59 with several lariats. Next was Fuuka Top Gun 2. Her opponent was Ayako Hamada. It looks like Ayako beat the crap out of Fuuka. Fuuka got very little offense and couldn't even get her F Doll finisher to work for her. Ayako started the match by stomping Fuuka's face into the mat and finished her with a spin kick and a hip drop at 17:18. Fuuka was left sobbing in the middle of the ring. Afterwards, Fuuka was still crying backstage. She wished she had never been in this match. It was the first time a match was a truly unpleasant experience. She thought Ayako was trying to hurt her. Ayako said Fuuka needed to be taught a lesson and Ayako is the teacher. She doesn't know who is teaching the Athtresses but they're not learning very well. So now on the JD Star website they're questioning Fuuka's future. I don't know if this is an angle but it seems like Ayako may have been legit pissed. I may have to see this match.

The main event is the supposed final confrontaion between Team Araki Place & the Caribbean Army. Shuu Shibutani, Cherry & Lily Urai vs Caribbean KIM, RUM & MOON in a six girl elimination tag match. Team Araki Place attempts to shake hands but the Caribbean Army double teams Shibutani outside the ring. Urai won the first fall over MOON with a moonsault press at 14:25. RUM takes advantage and eliminates Urai with the Caribbean com at 15:09. Cherry hits a plancha outside the ring. Back inside, Shibutani eliminates RUM with a diving senton at 21:20. So that leaves Caribbean KIM alone with Shibutani & Cherry. KIM chops both of them and then hits a swinging DDT and a spine buster to eliminate Cherry at 24:50. So it's down to Shibutani & KIM. KIM lifted Shibutani in her Caribbean Impact finisher but she countered it and rolled her up for the win at 32:02. So a very happy finish for the faces. A big win for Shibutani and KIM even shook hands with her afterwards. Holy mackeral! An actual conclusion to an angle.

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