Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pro Wrestling SUN gets even more silly

So just when you thought that Pro Wrestling SUN had reached the silliness threshhold, they announced the card for Apr. 5 at Shin-kiba 1st Ring. The main event will have Natsuki*Taiyo defend the World-1 Womens Title against Saki Maemura. Some main event, huh? The other title match will have Steve Corino & Toshie Uematsu defending WDB Mixed Tag Team Championship. You may recall that it was reported that Corino conspired with Chris The Bambi Killer to "fix" the title match. I'm not sure why they would bring that up if they're not going to use it in the storyline. The challengers will be KUSHIDA & Tie Chie from Hustle (pictured). They have actually worked as a team over there. Tie Chie is Chie Ishii, the former Nagoya University amateur female wrestler signed by Hustle. There will also be a three way match with Nanae Takahashi, Amazing Kong & Atsuko Emoto and Hikaru will face Shuu Shibutani. SUN president Nakamura sure likes to do some goofy stuff.

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