Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Aja Kong is the Wizard Of Oz

The finals of the OZ Academy Wizard Of Oz Title tournament was Mar. 10 at Shinjuku FACE. They had three more tournament matches and then the final. It's a round robin tournament and Aja Kong was leading. Mika Nishio came out to read a letter from Carlos Amano to fans. I guess she was predicting she would win the tournament. In the opener, Dynamite Kansai defeated Amano with a splash mountain at 7:09. So I guess not.

Chikayo Nagashima had to win the next two matches to make the final against Aja Kong. First Nagashima defeated Dynamite Kansai in 4:29. Next Nagashima had to battle Mayumi Ozaki. Of couse Police helped Ozaki. He came out when the previous match ended and kicked Nagashima. Ozaki used weapons on Nagashima. Then they ganged up on her outside the ring. It doesn't look good. But Amano & Kansai stuffed Police in a bag and dragged him away. This was Nagashima's big chance and she beat Ozaki in 8:32.

Ran YuYu & Aja Kong won over Sonoko Kato & Ayako Hamada in 21:59. It looks like Kato got in a little offense in this match but she still lost. Finally the Wizard Of Oz final. Aja Kong vs Chikayo Nagashima. Nagashima attempts to strangle Aja but Aja smashes her into the corner. She splashes her in the corner. Aja sets Nagashima up for the back fist and it's all over in 8:00. Congratulations to Aja Kong for winning the Wizard Of Oz Championship.

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