Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bodog Fight womens show review

Last night's Bodog Fight show was an all womens MMA show with four bouts featuring fighters from around the world. It was on ION in the US and The Fight Network in Canada. I believe they will have repeats on both networks but you can also watch or download the matches at the Bodog Fight website and I have included the url for that as well. Here's the card.

The first match was probably the best match on the show. It was Hitomi Akano vs Tama Chan. Akano trains with Megumi Fujii at the AACC (she was in her corner) and is known for her ground game. Tama Chan is a Smackgirl veteran. All fights were full MMA rules and scheduled for three five minute rounds. Tama Chan showed pretty good defense in the first round. She was able to keep away from Akano most of the time and on the ground was able to counter her as well. This continued in the second round but with about a minute left in the round, Akano was able to get an armbar on Chan and make her submit. The second bout had Shayna Baszley vs Roxanne Modaferri. It didn't go well for Modaferri as Baszley got a chicken wing on her and she submitted halfway through the first round.

Next was Brazilian Carina Damm vs Rosie Sexton from England. Damm is well known because her brother Rodrigo is a top fighter. Her sex appeal gets her a lot of attention in the media. Sexton doesn't have that type of aura. Damm was doing very well early in the match. She was very effective with knee lifts to Sexton. With Damm's training in jiu jitsu, you would think that all she had to do was get Sexton on the mat but when that happened, Sexton got her in an arm bar and won the match. Maybe Damm lost her concentration. It was really odd. The final match had Amanda Buckner vs Julie Kedzie. As we saw in her match against Gina Carano, Kedzie is a kick boxer and doesn't have a ground game. Buckner is a more accomplished fighter. Buckner controlled the match, nailed Kedzie with a right hand and finished her off with a guillotine choke about two minutes into the first round. So it was a decent show. Be sure to check it out.

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