Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sendai Girls hires two new girls

Sendai Girls has hired two girls and it looks like one of them trained at GAEA in 2004, quit the wrestling business and now wants back in. One is a 19 year old named Sonayasai and the other is an 18 year old named Couna. I may have the names a little garbled but I have posted a pic of them. So if I got them wrong, let me know. It seems the older one trained at GAEA. It looks like she may have debuted but then she quit to start a sweatshirt business. I guess that didn't go very well because she approached Meiko Satomura last month and wanted to return. My memory isn't good enough to remember her. The younger one got interested in wrestling through Michinoku Pro. Not surprisingly, her parents and grandparents were against it but she convinced them to let her join Sendai Girls. Satomura says both will debut in the fall.

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