Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yahoo LAUNCHCAST song of the day

Artist:Stevie Wonder

Song:Fingertips Part 2

Album:Greatest Hits

When you look at what Stevie Wonder would become, one might look at his earlier music as frivolous. But you have to remember that he was 11 years old when he signed with Motown in 1961. Berry Gordy teamed him with producer Clarence Paul. Wonder wasn't an immediate success and while Motown was trying to figure out how to sell him, DJs started playing an album track fron the 1963 live record The 12 Year Old Genius. Back then, singles were usually three minutes long so it was very unusual for DJs to play a seven minute song. It caught Motown by surprise and they issued Fingertips Part 2 as a single. It's still fun to hear. Of course Stevie's voice would soon change and he'd go through some growing pains but by 1970 he would become the musical genius we all know and love. This Greatest Hits comp was originally released in 1968 and covers Stevie's early material only. There are other comps around including the Close Of The Century box set. Here's Stevie Wonder performing Fingertips Part 2 on the Teen Town TV show. Take note of The Miracles & The Marvelettes coming out at the end.

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