Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fuuka celebrates 3rd anniversary

You have to understand that when I get annoyed about Fuuka it's not really about Fuuka. It's about the idiots who run JD Star thinking that fans are gullible. So it could be any of the Athtresses but Fuuka is the one they want to push. Seeing Mimi Hagiwara in that white bathing suit just confirms how misguided the Athtress concept is. Mimi was the original idol wrestler but she worked hard in the ring and that's why her matches are memorable 25 years later. So JD star had the Fuuka 3rd anniversary show Mar. 10 at Shin-kiba 1st Ring with some guests and and a pointless ceremony at the end of the show.

The opener had Bullfight Sora & Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Ayumi Kurihara & Misaki Ohata. Matsumoto displayed her power by punishing Ohata with back breakers, brain busters and finished her at 13:39. Afterwards, Ohata was pesented with a commemorative gift upon graduating from high school. Will she ever graduate from wrestling school? Nanae Takahashi came over from Pro Wrestling SUN to wrestle Fuuka on this special show. Fuuka's wrestler brother Kakimoto was her second. JD Star wants you to know Fuuka sported a brand new red outfit. Takahashi won with a backdrop in 14:10. Takahashi controlled most of the match but it appears Fuuka may have performed a little better than she normally does in this kind of match. In time we'll see if it means anything.

The main event was a series of singles matches between Team Araki Place & The Caribbean Army. This angle is starting to drag. JD Star keeps promising a conclusion but have yet to deliver. This had three singles matches and the other Caribbean Army members would be banished from ringside to prevent interference. They actually pulled string to determine the matchups. The first match was Lily Urai vs Caribbean MOON. MOON won with a spinning leg kick at 9:04. Next was Cherry vs Caribbean RUM. Cherry wins in 3:12 with a Majistral Cradle after hitting a missile kick, a German suplex and a Cherryton bomb. So it's tied at one apiece. The final match is Shuu Shibutani vs Caribbean KIM. The ending of this had a ref bump from a Shibutani hurricanrana. While the ref was incapacitated, the other Caribbean Army members ganged up on Shibutani and used the Caribbean Impact on her. The ref recovered in time to count three at 19:02. Of course there was an uproar over the Caribbean Army breaking the rules. KIM admitted it and next week will have a 6 girl elimination tag match promising a conclusion to this feud. Yeah, right.

Fuuka's third anniversary ceremony ended the show. They had damcers and singers. But the main part had Fuuka and her wrestler brother Kakimoto teaming up in a match against two masked guys called DV & DVD. Who are these guys? They turn out to be Fuuka's father and older brother. Mom was at ringside. Dad is an elementary school principal and older brother is a city assemblyman. So they had a little match and had a little fun with it. Fuuka thanked everyone for everything and that was over. JD Star has announced that this year's Princess League tournament will be called Grapple Beauty Future 07 and will begin on Apr. 6.

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