Friday, March 16, 2007

Sendai Girls announces brackets for Battlefield Tournament

Sendai Girls held a press conference on Friday at Rinno-ji Temple Gallery Hall in Sendai City to announce the brackets for the opening round of the Battlefield Tournament. The whole idea behind this tournament is to have the semi finals and final at Sendai's first anniversary show in July. The second round will be on May's show and the first round matches will be Apr. 7 & 8 at Zepp Sendai. The first bracket will be on Apr. 7. The matches are Meiko Satomura vs Tsubasa Kuragaki, Chisako Kanari vs Manami Toyota, Dynamite Kansai vs Toshie Uematsu and Devil Masami vs Mayumi Ozaki. The second bracket will be on Apr. 8. The matches are Aja Kong vs Kyoko Kimura, KAORU vs Mizuki Endo, Akari Okudo vs Sachiko Kanari and Yurie Kaneko vs Ayako Hamada. The one thing that's notable about this is that one of the Sendai rookies is going through to the second round. Does that mean anything? Probably not. She's the boss so one has to assume that Satomura will put herself over. I wouldn't mind seeing a final of Satomura vs Ayako Hamada expecially since Ayako will face one of those rookies in the first two rounds. It doesn't make me feel any better about the way this company is booked.

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