Monday, March 19, 2007

Emoto wins over Yoshida at Mar. 18 Ibuki show

Mariko Yoshida's Ibuki fed is well on the road to their first Korakuen Hall show on May 5. The Mar. 18 Shin-kiba 1st Ring show is the final show leading to this big show. So you might think Yoshida is looking to put herself over at that show. But Yoshida doesn't approach things in a selfish way and it appears at this point that she plans to put over a couple of wrestlers who have been very loyal to her. Atsuko Emoto had a 30 minute draw with Yoshida on the last show so those two are the main event again. There were 383 fans in attendance.

The opener had Kyoko Kimura against Hiroyo Matsumoto. It looks like it was a pretty good match. Matsumoto still likes to use the back breaker and she stunned Kimura with a lariat. But Kimura came back and finished Matsumoto with a cross arm breaker at 10:56. Kimura said afterwards that Yoshida is afraid of her and she will be very interested in the upcoming announcement of the May 5 main event. Next NEO rookie Aya Yuki won over JD Star rookie Misaki Ohata with a cross body block at 7:14.

Next was Ran YuYu & youngster NAO against Sakura Emi & Aoi Kizuki. NAO is the teenager who has been working for Ibuki the last couple of years. She has just graduated from high school. The match came down to NAO & Kizuki and NAO won with a dragon sleeper at 16:59. Shuu Shibutani & Ayumi Kurihara won over Cherry & Rei when Shibutani hit a diving senton on Rei at 19:55.

So now Atsuko Emoto gets another shot at Mariko Yoshida. One of the problems with Emoto is she still has that cow alter ego so it can be difficult to take her seriously but Yoshida really wants to push her. The match itself was back and forth as one would expect. But the turning point came when Emoto kicked out of two Air Raid Crashes. Emoto came back with a brain buster. Yoshida tried to put Emoto to sleep but Emoto escaped, hit five lariats and finished Yoshida with the B Crash (Jack Hammer) at 24:57. Afterwards, Emoto demanded a singles match with Kyoko Kimura at the big Korakuen Hall show. Typically, Kimura was very coy about it. This was a very big win for Emoto so that's the likely main event.

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  1. It's very very Surprise..Emoto defeated Yoshida. I always see Emoto in Bullfight Sora gimmick and I suppose, her technique is very good but her type ( Bullfight Sora ) makes her look very bad. It's fun while it shown her weck( I looked back the match between Ofune and Bullfight Sora in Atoz 1st Annevesary, it is the best match of her which I see ).