Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Mae Young Classic episode 3

Here's the video for The Mae Young Classic episode 3. The first round continues and we begin with Toni Storm vs Ayesha Raymond. Toni is 21 years old. She is billed from Australia. She was born there but she lives in  Liverpool, England. She's worked for STARDOM the last couple of years so I have seen quite a few of her matches. For 21 years old, she's a very mature performer. She can go in the ring and she has natural charisma. She has "it", whatever that is. She is signed to the WWE but her STARDOM contract ends in October. She's in Japan now. Ayesha is 27 years old from England. She's 6 feet tall and she calls herself The Deadlift Diva. She was trained by Ricky Knight (Paige's dad) and she's been a wrestler since 2008. I hadn't seen her before but I didn't like her. As we'll see later in this show, size doesn't necessarily mean slow. And Ayesha is slow. Toni is very quick so that doesn't do Ayesha any favours. She heels it up and misses a top rope splash. Toni rolls her up for the win. Next up is Dakota Kai vs Kavita Devi. Dakota is from New Zealand and fans may have seen her as Evie in SHIMMER. She has that girl next door look. She signed with the WWE last year and this was her TV debut. Kavita is a powerlifter from India. This is more tokenism but this girl has no business being in the ring. Dakota tried to make her look good but it didn't work. Dakota won with a top rope double foot stomp. Next up is Bianca Belair vs Sage Beckett. When the WWE signs guys, they are looking for great athletes that can be taught to wrestle. That's why they go after college football players etc. It's a lot tougher with women which is why they sign a lot of dancers and cheerleaders. Bianca was a track star at the University of Tennessee. She's a great athlete. And she seems to be picking up wrestling. And I love the hair whip because that sets her apart. Sage is the wrestler formerly known as Rosie Lottalove. She trained at Team 3D. She retired in 2012 and returned in 2014 after losing over 100lbs. She signed with the WWE last year. I didn't like her. She's more experienced than Bianca but you wouldn't know that by watching this match. Bianca also has a lot of charisma. She could be a great heel. Bianca won with the hair whip followed by the spear. The final match is Piper Niven vs Santana Garrett. Piper is the Scottish wrestler better known as Viper. I've seen her in STARDOM. She moves well for her size. I'm not a big fan of this kind of wrestler because there's only so much that can be done with her. Santana grew up in wrestling. Her dad was a wrestler. I've seen her several times over the years. She worked for TNA and has also worked enhancement in NXT. She's OK but I don't like that she poses and flips her hair between moves. A woman wrestler once told me "Some wrestlers would rather look good than have a good match". That's Santana Garrett. The match is fine but I never thought Santana could win which is why she was chosen for this match. Piper finished with a senton and a Michinoku driver which was good. As I said, I saw her in STARDOM so I know she's versatile. I'll have episode four tomorrow. Enjoy the video!
ep3 twenty threee onlinw preshow preview by hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

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