Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Mae Young Classic episode 1

Here's the video of episode 1 of The Mae Young Classic. Because the WWE Network is on cable in Canada, this episode aired last night after RAW and the second episode will air tonight after 205 Live. I prefer to watch it this way on my HDTV. Before I get into this episode, I wanted to talk about the announcing. When they announced that Jim Ross and Lita would be the announcers, I thought it was a safe move and maybe they could have gone outside the box. Using JR seems to be a crutch at this point. Look, he's a legend but he doesn't know these wrestlers and he's going off of notes that are given to him. And I understand using a woman on this show but Lita just isn't very good and she had never done colour commentary before. So it didn't surprise me when JR said last week that they had to redo half of the commentary in Stamford. My preference would have been to have Renee Young do PBP. I have no problem with a woman broadcaster. I just don't think Lita is any good. And on colour, SHIMMER owner Dave Prazak was there. He knows all the wrestlers. Most of them have worked for him. He's an expert. Of course the problem is the WWE Women's Revolution should be called Women's Tokenism. Too bad the WWE doesn't know the difference. And I expect we'll see plenty of tokenism in this tournament. The first match is Kay Lee Ray vs Princesa Sugehit. Kay Lee is 25 years old from Scotland. Most fans have probably seen her in SHIMMER or SHINE. She's been all over the world. She is currently in Japan working for STARDOM. I don't think she is under WWE contract. She likes to do high flying even when it's not such a good idea. One problem is her accent is so thick she needs subtitles. Sugehit has been around for 20 years. And I guess this is an example of tokenism. Most Mexicans are under contract to CMLL or AAA. Sugehit is freelance and works for everyone. I'm sure Sarah Stock knows her well. She's an OK wrestler. I'm not as big on lucha libre as some. The match was fine but it wasn't anything special. Sugehit won with an armbar. I would have had Kay Lee win. The second match was Serena Deeb vs Vanessa Borne. Of course Serena left the WWE in 2010 for bad behaviour. So her appearance here is about redemption. After she left the WWE, Serena worked a program with Asuka for Smash in 2011. And then she retired in 2015 due to concussions and she now owns a yoga studio in Richmond, VA. I expect this to be her swan song. I don't think she wants to work a full schedule anyway. Vanessa has been on NXT first under her real name Daniele Kamela. They darkened her look and changed her name so she could work heel. She's a former Arizona Cardinals cheerleader. She can certainly talk. But as we see in this match, she's very rough in the ring. And Serena had ring rust. So the match is not that good and Serena wins with a spear. Next is Shayna Baszler vs Zeda. I think this was Zeda's first TV appearance. Her real name is Julia Ho. She was a model but she trained in BJJ and has a 2-0 amateur MMA record. Fortunately, Shayna is good enough to carry anyone. And the match was short. Of course Shayna is an MMA pioneer but she has really picked up pro wrestling. Of course she's pals with Ronda Rousey and we know this will lead somewhere. I don't know what she calls it but Shayna's finisher is pretty slick. And she is under contract as she is working house shows. The final match is Jazzy Gabert vs Abbey Laith. Of course Jazzy is the real name of the veteran German wrestler known as Alpha Female. The bottom line is she is a big girl. She's worked everywhere including a title run in STARDOM a couple of years ago. Apparently the WWE hasn't signed her to a contract. To be fair, she may not want to move to the US. Abbey is the wrestler formerly known as Kimber Lee. This is her first appearance with a new gimmick playing off her ballet training. I don't like the gimmick or her look at all. The booking is boneheaded. Supposedly Abbey was given Mae Young's finishing pin the Alligator Clutch. So they had her win with that despite Jazzy tossing her around like a sack of potatoes for most of the match. Ugh! The ending ruined the match. I have a feeling this may not be the last booking decision to piss me off. Stay tuned for episode two tomorrow. Enjoy the video!
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