Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Mae Young Classic episode 2

Here's the video for episode 2 of The Mae Young Classic as we continue with first round matches. The first match is Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li. Mercedes is one of the most experienced and accomplished veterans in this tournament. She is mostly known for her long term association with SHIMMER but she's been everywhere. I'm glad she got into this tournament. Her opponent is Xia Li. The WWE has spent a lot of time in China recently. They just signed a new TV deal there. They had tryouts and Xia Li was one of the signees. She has a background in martial arts and she owns a fitness studio. She's a good athlete but new to pro wrestling. And this is her first TV appearance. So Mercedes is the perfect opponent for her. I think the match went well. Mercedes let Xia do a few things and then Mercedes put her away. That should show everyone what a real pro does. It's why I have been a big Mercedes Martinez fan for years. The second match on this show didn't go so well. It was Rachel Evers vs Marti Belle. Of course Rachel is Paul Ellering's daughter. She's appeared on NXT TV before. She's an OK wrestler. I didn't think she looked in great shape. Marti is best known for her days in TNA Impact but she's worked all over. I didn't think much of her when she worked for TNA. The reason she was in this tournament is she is billed from the Dominican Republic though she grew up in New York. And the WWE wants to make a big deal about this tournament having wrestlers from 13 countries. Based on this match, booking Marti was a big mistake. She's terrible. And she's been a pro wrestler since 2008. So it's not like she's inexperienced. In the past, there have been women wrestlers who get by on their looks and they never try to improve their ring skills. That's Marti Belle. Promoters will still hire her for her sex appeal. Velvet Sky is very similar to her. The rumour is Marti was supposed to win but that was changed during the match. I don't think Rachel knew Marti was that bad. Someone in management should have known. Next was Rhea Ripley vs Miranda Salinas. Rhea is 20 years old from Adelaide, Australia where she wrestled as Demi Bennett. She's tall (5'8"), she's athletic and she has a girl next door look. She also toured Japan in 2015. She worked mostly for Pro Wrestling Diana. She is under WWE contract. Miranda is from Houston. She trained at Booker T's Reality Of Wrestling. She had a WWE tryout a few months ago but I don't think she is signed. They must have thought she needed seasoning and based on this match, she still does. Rhea won in four minutes and she looked great. I look forward to seeing more of her. And the final match had Mia Yim vs Sarah Logan. Both are very experienced pro wrestlers. Mia has worked for just about everyone including several tours of Japan. She is probably best known as Jade in TNA Impact. She made the best of a bad situation. Mia has gotten a lot of publicity for speaking out about domestic abuse. That could get her a WWE contract. I have always liked her so that would be fine with me. Sarah is the wrestler best known as Crazy Mary Dobson. She's also been everywhere. She even trained in Japan with K-Dojo owner Taka Michinoku. She signed with the WWE last year. And at first she worked NXT under her real name Sarah Bridges. Now they have renamed her and given her this horrible Kentucky hillbilly gimmick. I hate, hate, hate this gimmick. I half expect Eric Weissberg's Dueling Banjos from Deliverance to play when she comes out. But she is a good wrestler. And so the match is very good and both wrestlers look good. Mia wins with the Eat Defeat. Stay tuned for episode three tomorrow enjoy the video!
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