Monday, August 14, 2017

Ayaka Miura vs Viviane Araujo Gomes added to Oct. 8 PANCRASE show

Ayaka Miura, Viviane Araujo Gomes
PANCRASE announced today that Ayaka Miura vs Viviane Araujo Gomes has been added to PANCRASE 290 Oct. 8 at Differ Ariake. With DEEP JEWELS being such a waste of time, fans have asked me if PANCRASE is going to get more into women's MMA. After all, PANCRASE owner Masakazu Sakai has very deep pockets. I think the answer is no especially since he was successful in selling Syuri to the UFC. Remember he goes back ten years with Syuri. Does Ayaka Miura have Syuri's potential. The answer to that is also no. My guess is this is her final PANCRASE fight and then she'll go back to DEEP JEWELS. The interest in Ayaka right now is because she resembles a famous Japanese actress. But her fight performances haven't been very good. When Ayaka debuted, she seemed to have potential. But two years away with health problems seems to have taken a lot out of her. She missed weight for her last fight and it became a No Contest. Japanese fighters rarely miss weight. So I brought out the red flag once that happened. So I think this is a make or break fight for Ayaka. Her opponent is a very typical unproven Brazilian fighter similar to other Brazilians that Sakai has brought in for other women's fights. That kind of matchmaking doesn't lead to a full women's division. Viviane Araujo Gomes is 31 years old from Brasilia, Brazil. Her record is 4-1 on the Brazilian regional circuit. Her last fight was a win over Deize de Lima on the July 29 Iron FC show in Bahia. All of her wins have been by submission. It was also noted that Viviane has a height and reach advantage. In the press release, Ayaka said she wants to make up for the shame of her last fight by getting a great victory. I wonder what will happen if she loses.

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