Friday, August 04, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Britt Black

Artist:Britt Black
Song:Jet Black Heart

When you listen to the song Jet Black Heart, you may think it's a pretty good Joan Jett record. Except it's not Joan Jett. It's Canadian singer Britt Black. She recorded an album in 2006 that generated some buzz but ultimately went nowhere. She was born Brittin Karroll Feb. 22, 1990 in Vancouver. Her father Peter Karroll is a veteran musician. Back in the 70s, he had a band called Karroll Brothers. But he was also Britt's doorway to the music business. By 1999, Karroll was working with Bif Naked. He brought along his 10 year old daughter Britt who wrote a song with Bif. Then Karroll formed the record label Her Royal Majesty's with Bif. Britt joined the teen girl group LiveonRelease. That group released two albums on Warners and then they split up. Britt was lead guitarist of the band. Karroll decides to concentrate on turning Britt into a solo artist. He renames her Britt Black and he produced the album Blackout. Britt co-wrote most of the songs with her dad and also Todd Kerns who had toured and recorded with Slash of Guns 'N' Roses. Then Karroll sold Her Majesty's to Bodog and that was his fatal mistake. Bodog was a Vancouver based online casino involved with all sorts of things including MMA and the record label Bodog Music. The problem was they had so much debt it all came crashing down in 2008. But they sure were riding high and spending a lot of money for a while. Unfortunately Blackout went nowhere. There's nothing wrong with Britt. She was going to record a second album. Instead she formed the band Stay Beautiful. When that didn't work out, she played guitar for Lillix. It looks like Britt was uncomfortable as a solo artist and preferred to be part of a band. Today Britt is a hairstylist at Clear Hair Studio in Vancouver. She quit the music business with no plans to return. She had potential. You can see that in this video for Jet Black Heart by Britt Black.

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