Thursday, August 03, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Superdrag

Song:Sucked Out
Album:Regretfully Yours

You may remember seeing the video for Sucked Out on MTV. But I doubt you know much about the band that recorded it. The MTV play turned out to be the only success for Superdrag. The song didn't cross over to mainstream radio as was hoped by the record company. Superdrag was from Knoxville, TN led by John Davis. He was lead singer, songwriter and he played all the instruments. He formed a band to perform live. His first recruit was guitarist Brandon Fisher who was dating Davis' cousin. The other members were Tom Pappas on bass and Don Coffey Jr. on drums. They were all veterans of other local bands. They released an EP in 1995 which got them a deal with Elektra Records. Regretfully Yours was released in 1996. The video for Sucked Out went into rotation on MTV. The song got some airplay on Alt Rock radio. But it only reached #72 on the Billboard Hot 100. I think Elektra was hoping for better results after the MTV success. The ironic thing is that Sucked Out is about how record companies suck the life out of music. When the second single Destination Ursa Major didn't do well and the album didn't sell, Elektra was going to drop Superdrag. But they agreed to one more album as long as all the songs were radio friendly like Sucked Out. Instead the 1998 album Head Trip In Every Key was the exact opposite. Davis deliberately made uncommercial music to piss off Elektra. Obviously Elektra dropped them. Regretfully Yours is available as a budget CD. Superdrag returned to the label Arena Rock who they worked with before Elektra. They continued to record and tour until Davis disbanded Superdrag in 2010. By then Davis had recovered from alcoholism and become a born again Christian. He believed Superdrag was part of his old life and it had to end. His current band The Lees Of Memory has released a few singles. So I guess that means that Superdrag is officially a one hit wonder. Here's the video for Sucked Out by Superdrag. This video is not on Youtube.

Superdrag - Sucked Out from Rikki Sixx on Vimeo.

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