Sunday, August 06, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Simpsons

Artist:The Simpsons f/Tress MacNeille
Song:We Put The Spring In Springfield
Album:Go Simpsonic With The Simpsons

So we're all familiar with The Simpsons. It's probably one of the most successful and enduring TV shows in history. You may also be aware that some albums were released. At first they recorded songs specifically for the albums. But later on they used songs that appeared in the show. We Put The Spring In Springfield is from a 1996 episode and the song won an Emmy. The Simpsons was created by Matt Groening based on his own family. They first appeared on The Tracey Ullman Show and then FOX turned it into a series. As the show became more popular, there was plenty of merchandise for sale. The 1990 album The Simpsons Sing The Blues featured songs that were not on the show. Do The Bartman was a hit single. The other album that was like this was The Yellow Album in 1998. Those two albums were on Geffen Records. For the 1997 album Songs In The Key Of Springfield, the songs had already appeared on the show. It was on Rhino Records. The album was very successful so in 1999 Go Simpsonic With the Simpsons was released. We Put The Spring In Springfield is from the 1996 episode Bart After Dark which is based on the film The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas. The song was written by series songwriter Alf Clausen with lyrics by show producer Ken Keeler. These two wrote many songs together. The song won an Emmy. The lead singer is the madam Belle voiced by veteran voice actor Tress MacNeille. She did many voices on The Simpsons and also Futurama from the same producers. Tress has worked for all the studios. Probably her best known role was as Babs Bunny in Tiny Toon Adventures. Like many voice actors, Tress is very versatile. That's why she works so much. She currently voices Daisy Duck and Wilma Flintstone. Since then, there was a soundtrack album for The Simpsons Movie and the 2007 CD Testify which is songs from the TV show. These CDs are a must for Simpsons fans as they hold up well as recordings. Here's We Put the Spring in Springfield as it appeared in the 1996 The Simpsons episode Bart After Dark.

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