Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Jamie Colleen vs Tiffany Masters

Here's the match video of Jamie Colleen vs Tiffany Masters from last night's episode of Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series (DWTNCS) at the UFC Gym in Las Vegas. This aired on UFC Fight Pass. This was the first women's match on the show. the fighters are not only fighting each other but they are competing with the other fighters on the show for a UFC contract. This is supposed to encourage fighters to be aggressive. I guess these two didn't get that memo. Jamie is from Philadelphia and a King Of Cage regular. Tiffany is from Wisconsin and she was supposed to be on last month's Invicta show. I didn't think she looked in shape and I thought her cardio could be a problem. Jamie is know for her striking but she didn't come out very aggressively. Tiffany wasn't much better but she was marginally better and I scored round one 10-9 for Tiffany. She also won round two by taking Jamie down and scoring with some ground and pound. But she needed to go for a finish to get that contract. Instead she pooped herself out. Jamie was read the riot act between rounds. She was much better in round three and ultimately got an armbar submission in the last minute of the fight. But I didn't think either would get that contract. It was the first fight on the show so we had to wait to find out and as I expected, neither got UFC contracts. If Jamie had come out aggressively from the start, she had a chance. But inexplicably, she didn't do that. That's a wasted opportunity. Enjoy the fight!

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