Tuesday, August 01, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Chris Bathgate

Artist:Chris Bathgate
Song:In The City
Album:Salt Year

Those who are into folksingers will want to check out Chris Bathgate. He is frequently compared to guys like Iron & Wine. He was born Apr. 21, 1982 in Pecatonica, IL which is a suburb of Rockford. He began writing as a teen. And then he moved to Ann Arbor, MI to study art and design at the University of Michigan. Bathgate still lives in Ann Arbor. Bathgate played guitar in a heavy metal band. When he moved to Ann Arbor, he formed the folk group Ambitious Brothers with Michael Beauchamp and Karl Sturk. They released a couple of albums and then split up in 2005 when Sturk moved to New York. Bathgate and Beauchamp joined the band The Descent of the Holy Ghost Church led by Jansen Swy. The members were all U of M students. They played a few gigs and disbanded. Bathgate had already released a couple of solo CDs which a local record store sold for him. In 2007, he decided to stay solo instead of joining another band. He signed with the local indie label Quite Scientific. He released the CD A Cork Tale Wake and went on tour. He started generating interest when NPR featured him as song of the day. Because he references local Ann Arbor landmarks in his music, he is popular there. And touring has got him a decent fanbase especially in England. In The City is from Bathgate's 2011 CD Salt Year. His latest CD Dizzy Seas was released in May. All of Bathgate's albums are available as digital downloads. I recommend him to folk music fans. Here's Chris Bathgate performing In The City at the Dream Away Lodge in Becket, MA Apr. 2015. This video is not on Youtube.

Chris Bathgate - In The City (Live @ the Dream Away Lodge) from DeSant Productions on Vimeo.

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