Saturday, August 26, 2017

Kanna Asakura wins spot in RIZIN tournament

DEEP JEWELS held their latest show today at Shinjuku FACE. The main event was important. But it looks like the rest of the show was blah. In the main event, Kanna Asakura beat Saori Ishioka to win a spot in the upcoming RIZIN tournament. She will fight Sylwia Juskiewicz in the opening round. Ishioka has been around DEEP JEWELS for a long time. At one time, she was poised to be the top star. She is now 29 years old and she hasn't been that impressive since returning from pregnancy. Kanna is only 20 years old but her record is padded with old ladies set up by her well meaning but misguided father. She hasn't done well when fighting real competition like Syuri or Alyssa Garcia. Now she may get to rematch Alyssa in the RIZIN tournament. Kanna won this fight fairly easily by unanimous decision. So credit to her for rising to the occasion. Maybe time has passed Ishioka by. It's not the first time she lost an important match. In the co-main event, Emi Tomimatsu beat SARAMI by split decision. The fight looks like it was very close. Neither fighter has been very good lately. It just shows how low the DEEP JEWELS talent level is. Tomimatsu says she wants to fight Sugirock who has been showed down by injuries. In other bouts, Shizuka Sugiyama beat Satsuki Kodama who calls herself Komachi Karate by first round armbar. Like Ishioka, Sugiyama has been around DEEP JEWELS for a long time. And to say her career has been disappointing is an understatement. Afterwards, she called out RIZIN's Shinju Auclair. This is what DEEP JEWELS has become, a stepping stone to RIZIN where fighters might make a few bucks. As I have said before, DEEP JEWELS doesn't need to exist anymore. These matches could easily be done on DEEP shows. DEEP JEWELS told her Shinju would have to beat two more tomato first. Yuko Saito beat 16 year old Mizuki Furuse by first round TKO. There were also a couple of amateur matches including another one featuring 12 year old Momo. This time she was fighting Tomomi Souda who has done J-Girls kickboxing and Shoot Boxing. This was her first MMA match. Momo won easily by unanimous decision.

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