Saturday, August 26, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Talita Nogueira vs Amanda Bell

Here's the match video of Talita Nogueira vs Amanda Bell from last night's Bellator show in Verona, NY. Last night Bellator had five women's matches on the show. Three were on the prelims which streamed on the Spike TV website. This fight was the only one I was interested in. It marked the Bellator debut of BJJ whiz Talita Nogueira. Talita was supposed to fight Julia Budd in 2015. But she blew out her knee in training and had reconstructive surgery. I was very disappointed at the time. Honestly, most of the female fighters signed by Bellator have been blah. And that was true of most of the fighters who were on last night's show except for Talita. She's 31 years old from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her record is 6-0 but she has very impressive BJJ credentials. After her recovery, she was supposed to fight Marloes Coenen but Talita missed weight badly and the fight was cancelled. She said last week that her mom died and it affected everything. On this show, she was supposed to fight Gaby Holloway. But Gaby got hurt and Amanda Bell replaced her. Amanda is an Invicta veteran. She's from Medford, OR with a 5-4 record. Amanda has KO power but she also has no defense. Her goal in this fight was to keep it standing. Well that didn't work out very well. Talita is much quicker than Amanda and it wasn't long before she took the fight to the ground. Amanda was never able to get out from under and this led to a rear naked choke finish. So Talita was very impressive and I think you will like her too. She's a threat for Julia Budd's Welterweight belt. The other female fights were about what I expected, not very good. Arlene Biencowe beat Sinead Kavanagh by split decision. I don't like either fighter and the fight was boring. Kate Jackson beat Colleen Schneider by doctor stoppage. Colleen blew out her knee. Kate was on TUF 23. I didn't like her. Colleen is a veteran fighter who just isn't very good. On the main card, Bruna Ellen beat Veta Arteaga by split decision. One look at Bruna and you know why Bellator hired her. But she's nothing special and she needed to be more dominant. And in a fight that happened after the main event, Jessica Sotack and Kristi Lopez fought to a draw. I don't know if anyone saw this fight. I remember Kristi from TUF 23. Pretty girl, crappy fighter. Enjoy the video!

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