Sunday, August 06, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Alexa Grasso vs Randa Markos

Here's the match video of Alexa Grasso vs Randa Markos from last night's UFC show in Mexico City. So Alexa is from Guadalajara and therefore she is a star in Mexico. She's not a great fighter yet. She's mainly a striker with no power. So yes, she's a dreaded points fighter. She lost for the first time to Felice Herrig because she didn't do enough. She said she will try to rectify that. She did miss weight due to a urinary tract infection. Randa is from Windsor, ON and she trains at Michigan Top Team in Dearborn, MI. Last time out, she beat Carla Esparza for the biggest win of her career. She's mainly a wrestler. Her big problem is she is mistake prone. And that was the key to this fight. In round one, Randa's big mistake was the dreaded headlock takedown. She really needs to stop doing them as it cost her this fight. Alexa got her back and did enough to win the round 10-9. If you look at the whole fight, that one mistake was the difference. I gave Randa round two 10-9 because she took Alexa down a couple of times after catching body kicks. Between rounds, Alexa's corner told her to knock off the body kicks. I thought round three was very close. Randa got a takedown and if she had been able to keep Alexa down, she would have won the fight. But Alexa showed great defense and kicked her off. Then she slowed Randa's momentum with a standing guillotine and she landed some good strikes to a tired Randa to close the fight. I scored the round 10-9 for Alexa and 29-28. But I wasn't surprised by the split decision. It was a close fight. Alexa was better in this fight than in her loss to Felice. But I think she would have big problems with the top fighters in the division. I think it's questionable that she can improve enough to be a title contender. Time will tell. Enjoy the video!

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