Sunday, August 27, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Kelly Kobold-Schmitz vs Christine Stanley

Here's the match video of Kelly Kobold-Schmitz vs Christine Stanley from Friday's LFA show from Prior Lake, MN. I was asked by fans to post this fight because the finish was controversial. I just try to call it as I see it. This show did not air in Canada. Some LFA shows air on The Fight Network but on Friday there was a Glory show at the same time and they aired that. Long time fans will know that Kelly fought Gina Carano in the early days of televised women's MMA. Kelly is now 34 years old from Minneapolis. Her record is 18-3-1. Of course the problem is her last fight was in 2011. That is an awful long time to be off. What was she doing? Well, I know she played in the Lingerie Football League for a while. But mostly she has owned a gym with her husband. So she always trained. It's just that ring rust is a real thing. She looked in great shape. Christine is an Invicta veteran. She trains at Alliance in San Diego. She's 36 years old and her record is 5-3. She's mostly a striker. For Kelly to win, she needs to take Christine down and go for subs. Round one was very close. But I scored it 10-9 for Kelly. Unfortunately, Kelly got called for an illegal knee and the ref took a point off so that makes it 9-9. I don't agree with the ref taking a point off. Issue a warning. I've seen a lot worse and points don't get taken off. Round two was also very close. I scored it 10-9 for Christine but it could go the other way. I thought Christine did more damage. In round three, Kelly did what she should have done in round two. She took Christine down and kept her there. I scored it 10-9 for Kelly. I didn't think the round was dominant enough for 10-8. There were no near submissions and I also thought Kelly wasn't in control long enough. So I scored the fight 28-28 and so did the judges. It's a draw! But Kelly wins if the point isn't deducted. And I thought that was unnecessary. For someone who hasn't fought since 2011, Kelly Kobold-Schmitz looked damn good. Are you paying attention Invicta? Enjoy the video!

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