Wednesday, August 02, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Asobi Seksu

Artist:Asobi Seksu
Song:Walk On The Moon
Album:Asobi Seksu

At first look, you might think that Asobi Seksu is a Japanese band. They were actually from New York. Their music is described as Dreampop. Lead singer, pianist and songwriter Yuki Chikudate was born in Okinawa, Japan. But she grew up in California and moved to New York at age 16. She formed a band in 2001. At first they were called Sportfuck and an EP was released. But she wisely changed it to Asobi Seksu which supposedly means "play sex" in Japanese. So that's the vibe Yuki was going for. When they released their 2002 full length debut CD Asobi Seksu, the other members were James Hanna on guitar, Glenn Waldman on bass and Keith Hopkin on drums. Hanna and Hopkin had previously been in the Space Rock band Three Cornered Season and Theta Wave State. Hanna was the only one of the three that remained with Asobi Seksu long term. Asobi Seksu was self released but when the band signed with Friendly Fire, the CD was rereleased with bonus tracks. Waldman and Hopkin left Asobi Seksu after the band toured. Yuki and Hanna remained as the core of Asobi Seksu with a revolving door of musicians brought in when needed. For the 2009 album Hush, Asobi Seksu moved to Polyvinyl Records. They went on hiatus in 2013. They reunited for a 2014 show in Boston. Yuki has been playing New York clubs but I don't think she has recorded any new music. Hanna formed the band Youth Worship and an album was released in 2015. I recommend Asobi Seksu to fans of Dreampop. Here's the video for Walk On The Moon by Asobi Seksu.

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