Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 20 episode 9

This episode of The Ultimate Fighter 20 begins with a Team Melendez slumber party to celebrate Rose Namajunas' win. Some of the girls get drunk and some go to another room to sleep. Felice Herrig vs Randa Markos is the first quarter final. Anthony Pettis has a problem because Carla Esparza has been vocal about not training or even being in the same room with potential opponents. Some other fighters don't care about that. Pettis has a team meeting and his mistake is he puts this issue to a vote. It's a mistake because as he admits later, he can't enforce the result of the vote. Of course Carla, Felice and Jessica Penne are pals so they vote together and training sessions are split in two. Randa ignores this and tells the coaches she is coming in for the second training session to work on cardio. All hell breaks loose. And Pettis isn't there on that day. The coaches can't deal with it. One of them tells Carla what all of us are thinking. She's being silly. When Pettis returns, he admits he can't force Randa to do anything. The team thing is over. Carla and Felice harass Randa. Randa ignores them which makes them angrier. There was also a coaches trivia challenge which was a waste of time. I have covered Felice Herrig's entire career going back to the Fight Girls reality show. And there are two things I can tell you about her. She likes to use animosity towards her opponent to motivate herself. Sometimes she needs to create animosity when it doesn't exist. Manufactured drama. Most fighters don't need to do that. The second is Felice is a kickboxer with zero ground game. Randa knows this so her goal is to take Felice down and submit her. And Randa does that with a very slick scarf hold armbar. You don't see that every day. Anyone thinking this loss would shut Felice up is dreaming. But the real problem seems to be with Carla who offers to fight Randa right there. BTW, I don't expect these two to face each other on TUF. It could happen at the finale. Randa is a poker face and won despite the harassment. Carla is the complete opposite and it could cost her. Next week will have Aisling Daly vs Jessica Penne. Enjoy the video!

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