Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 20 episode 8

With Bec Rawlings vs Tecia Torres as this week's fight on The Ultimate Fighter 20, things are getting very testy in the house towards Tecia. Some of the girls are upset that Tecia accepted Dana White's offer to get back into the tournament when Justine Kish dropped out. They're blaming Tecia for accepting an opportunity that any of them would have gladly accepted when they should be mad at White as he could have brought in an alternate. Oh wait, he's the boss. He can do what he wants. It reminds me of when women go on Dr. Phil and blame the other woman for the husband's cheating. Why aren't they mad at him? To her credit, Tecia ignores them and gets ready for her fight. The worst thing is it overshadows Bec's story of leaving an abusive relationship and raising two sons as a single mother. The stuff in the house is childish nonsense. So the first half of this episode is a waste of time. I expected the fight to be close as neither are dominant fighters. They prefer striking but neither has knockout power. And neither has much of a ground game. So it was a technical fight and Tecia won both rounds by a very narrow margin. Her striking was crisper and she landed more volume. But there was never going to be a finish. Some of the girls booed after Tecia was announced as the winner. Joanne Calderwood, who usually has little to say, told them to knock it off. So afterwards, it was announced that Felice Herrig vs Randa Markos will be the first quarter final fight. That could be a tough fight for Felice. The key fight is Joanne Calderwood vs Rose Namajunas. I think the winner of that fight could win the championship. Their staredown was epic. Enjoy the video!

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