Wednesday, November 12, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-5 Star

Artist:5 Star
Song:Love Take Over
Album:The Greatest Hits

The R & B group 5 Star were much more successful in their native England than in North America. They had a few R & B and dance hits in the mid-80s. They were a family group. Buster Pearson was born in Jamaica and was a session guitarist in the 70s. After he moved his family to England, he decided to form a group with his children obviously influenced by the Jackson 5. Denise Pearson was the lead singer. The others were Doris, Lorraine, Steadman and Delroy Pearson. Doris was the choreographer. They got a record deal with RCA Records. It took a while but All Fall Down was their first big hit in England in 1985. They had success on the US R & B and Dance charts with Let Me Be The One and Love Take Over. But they were unable to cross over to pop. Their 1985 debut album Luxury of Life was certified Platinum in England. Most of it was recorded in Philadelphia by producer Nick Martinelli who also produced the British group Loose Ends who played on the album. Love Take Over was written and produced by the Dutch duo of Bernard Oattes and Rob Van Schaik who recorded as The Limit. 5 Star continued to have success in England with hits like System Addict and Rain Or Shine. And the won some BRIT Awards. So they were big in England at the time. They started to fade in the late 80s and tried to project a more mature image. So they left RCA for Epic in 1990. You can get all their RCA hits on this budget comp. Epic dropped them after one album. 5 Star split up in 1995. Denise Pearson moved to the US and attempted an unsuccessful solo career. Delroy Pearson moved to the US and was in the group Immature. Denise returned to England in 2001 and reformed 5 Star with Steadman and Lorraine. All five reunited for a couple of shows in 2012. Denise released her debut solo CD Imprint in June 2014. Here's the video for Love Take Over by 5 Star. I guess this typifies the 80s.

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