Thursday, November 06, 2014

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 20 episode 7

At The Ultimate Fighter house, Heather Clark is accused of faking a knee injury. After she produces an MRI confirming the injury, the other girls have to apologize to her. Heather said today she will appear on the TUF finale and then have surgery. And of course the girls are still upset that Tecia Torres got back into the tournament. So this week's fight has Rose Namajunas of Team Melendez against Alex Chambers of Team Pettis. I expect Team Melendez to get off the schneid. Rose talks mostly about using MMA to overcome past abuse. And now she wants to set an example for others. I think Rose has a lot of talent. Her only flaw is she sometimes lets her emotions get the best of her and that can be a problem in the cage. She sure cries a lot. Alex has a degree in astrophysics, hence the nickname Astro Girl. Her parents don't approve of her fight career and have never watched her fight. She also admits that at age 35, time's a-wasting. She thinks this is her last run. The fight is over very quickly. Rose uses a side kick to set up what she wants to do and the fight is over via rear naked choke at the end of round one. Alex just never got going. Melendez was happy because he finally got a win. And Rose could win this whole thing. Her next fight will be against Joanne Calderwood. That should be interesting. And today NASCAR's Kevin Harvick announced that his company is managing Rose Namajunas. They already manage Miesha Tate and Donald Cerrone. Next week is the final first round match with Bec Rawlings vs Tecia Torres. Expect more bitching about Tecia especially if she wins. Enjoy the video!

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