Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ga Yeon Song vs Sarami set for Dec. 14 Road FC show

After being called out by veteran DEEP fighter Satoko Shinashi, Road FC has chosen not to take that bait and announced today that 19 year old actress, singer and fighter Ga Yeon Song will face DEEP JEWELS veteran Satomi "Sarami" Takano on the Dec. 14 show in Seoul, Korea. DEEP matchmaker Shigeru Saeki wanted Ga to face Shinashi on DEEP's New Year's Eve show. I'm glad that ROAD didn't fall for that and instead matched Ga up against a lesser opponent. Sarami is more experienced than Ga's first opponent. But she's still not very good. Her record is 3-5. She's on a three fight losing streak. Her last fight was a loss to Mina Kurobe on the Nov. 3 DEEP JEWELS show. She trains at Club Barbarian in Yoyama, the home of MIKU, so one would think she could be a decent fighter. But she's not. Ga should win fairly easily. Sending Ga to Japan or anywhere else would be a huge mistake right now. She is a celebrity in Korea because of her appearance on the reality show Roommates and her singing. So she is a draw in Korea but is unknown elsewhere. They may have to send her elsewhere someday but it's not something ROAD should do in the near future.

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