Thursday, November 27, 2014

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 20 episode 10

Though there wasn't any drama in this episode of The Ultimate Fighter, there was an overlong Harley-Davidson commercial. The fight on this episode was Jessica Penne vs Aisling Daly in the quarter finals. They're not buddies but they don't hate each other. So other than Aisling getting a visit from her teammate Conor McGregor, this episode emphasized the boredom of the TUF house. So I guess the drama comes out of boredom. I'm not crazy about either fighter. Jessica Penne is a really good 105lb fighter. But in the past she has been overmatched at 115. I don't think she's strong enough to compete with the top fighters in that weight class. Aisling Daly should be able to outmuscle Jessica if she keeps it standing. But she has no ground game and I've seen her stuck in bottom position in the past. Round one was very close but Aisling scored enough to win it 10-9. Jessica couldn't take her down. She did better in round two and I thought it was tied after two rounds. In the extra round, Jessica finally did what was needed to beat Aisling. She took her down and trapped her in bottom position. She was active enough so the ref didn't stand them up. By the time Aisling got out from under, it was too late in the round. Lay and pray is not my favourite strategy by any means. But it's the exact strategy Jessica needed to win. I was not surprised that she went that route. Jessica Penne wins and moves on to the semi final. Next week will be the other two quarter final matches with Carla Esparza vs Tecia Torres and Joanne Calderwood vs Rose Namajunas. I am looking forward to those fights. Enjoy the video!

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