Sunday, November 09, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Godfathers Of Groove

Artist:The Godfathers Of Groove
Song:The Okie Doke
Album:The Godfathers Of Groove

The Godfathers Of Groove are three veteran jazz musicians playing old school organ jazz. Organist Reuben Wilson has been around since the 60s. He was born Apr. 9, 1935 in Mounds, OK and grew up in the Los Angeles area. He became friends with Richard "Groove" Holmes and started playing sessions. He recorded for Blue Note in the late 60s and for Groove Merchant in the 70s. He retired from music in the 80s. But he returned when hip hop guys started sampling his music in the late 80s. Drummer Bernard "Pretty" Purdie is probably the most recorded musician in history. Though he occasionally records as a leader, he has recorded on thousands of records since the early 60s. The third member is guitarist Grant Green Jr. who of course is the son of legendary 60s Blue Note guitarist Grant Green. He plays just like his dad. When the band formed in 2001, they were called Masters Of Groove. That's what they were called on their first couple of CDs on Jazzateria. Wilson and Green recorded solo albums on Jazzateria so it looks like the label may have suggested forming a band. When they moved to 16th & Vine Records for this 2007 release The Godfathers Of Groove, they decided to change the group name to The Godfathers Of Groove. They usually have a guest musician sit in. On this CD it is veteran session bassist Jerry Jemmott. Wilson writes and arranges most of the songs including The Okie Doke. The Godfathers Of Groove last recorded in 2009. I'm not sure if they are still together but all three guys are still around. The Godfathers Of Groove are recommended to fans of 60s organ jazz. Here's The Godfathers Of Groove performing The Okie Doke in the studio 2007. This video is on Youtube but this is the full version.

Masters of Groove ("The Okie Dokie" video) from seth jacobson on Vimeo.

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