Friday, November 21, 2014

Ayaka Hamasaki vs VV Mei added to DEEP New Year's Eve show

VV Mei, Ayaka Hamasaki
DEEP held a press conference today to announce four women's matches have been added to DEEP DREAM IMPACT 2014 New Year's Eve at Saitama Super Arena. One of the matches should be great. Not so much for the other three. The big one is that Ayaka Hamasaki will face VV Mei. Of course Ayaka trains at AACC with the one and only Megumi Fujii. Her record is 10-1. She dropped to 48kg on her return from knee surgery and beat Sugi Rock on the Aug. 9 DEEP JEWELS show. Mei has also recently dropped to 48kg. Her record is 12-7-1 and her last fight was a win over Yukiko Seki on the May 18 DEEP JEWELS show. Mei now trains at Riki Gym which she co-owns with former UFC fighter Riki Fukuda. This one should be good. I'm not crazy about the other three fights. Emi Fujino will face Emi Tomimatsu. They are billing this as friends fighting. But Fujino is friends with everyone. Fujino trains at WK Gods. Her record is 14-8 and her last fight was a win over Ayaka Miura on the Nov. 3 DEEP JEWELS show. Tomimatsu trains at Paraestra Matsudo. Her record is 8-8 and her last fight was a win over Song Kyung Hyo on the Nov. 9 Road FC show. They are both midcard fighters but Fujino is better. The other two fights are novelty fights. DEEP JEWELS veteran Shizuka Sugiyama will face boxing champ Raika. Sugiyama trains at Zendokai in Yokohama. Her record is 12-4 but it has been heavily padded in recent years. After she lost to Takayo Hashi on the May 18 DEEP JEWELS show, she dropped to 125lb. like that's the answer to everything. After holding several boxing titles, Raika retired in Jan. 2014. She started training at Kid Yamamoto's gym and decided she wanted to try MMA. The problem is she's 38 years old. Sometimes boxers have difficulty transitioning to MMA. And it can be tough to teach an old dog new tricks. Raika lost her MMA debut to Korean actress/K-1 fighter Lim Jeong Su on the Sept. 12 Revolution show in Korea. The fourth fight will have Satoko Shinashi facing model Rika Hamada in what is being sold as a revenge match. Back in 2005, Shinashi beat a Horipro model named Noriko Okamoto. Hamada is also a Horipro model and friends with Okamoto. She announced a few weeks ago she wanted to get revenge on Shinashi. I don't see this ending well for Hamada.

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