Friday, April 10, 2015

Lisa Ellis steps in for injured Ham Seo Hee on May 10 UFC show

Lisa Ellis
This morning it was reported by Adam Ireland of the Aussie site MMA Kanvas that Ham Seo Hee is injured and has been replaced by Lisa Ellis and Lisa will face Bec Rawlings on the May 10 UFC show in Adelaide, Australia. The show will air in North America on May 9. Both fighters were in TUF 20. Lisa has been around a long time but time may have past her by. On the show, she looked like she would rather be at home with her family. And she had a bad knee. She lost to Felice Herrig on the TUF Finale. She didn't look good. If her knee is better, she might look better. And she's also undersized for 115lb. It's like I always say. Father Time always wins and fighters are stubborn losers of that battle. None of them want to retire. In the TUF Finale, Bec lost to Heather Jo Clark who had knee surgery right afterwards. Bec didn't look good. I have never been a fan of hers though I know she's very popular. She's primarily a striker and if Lisa can take her down, she can probably finish Bec. But I don't think Lisa is as quick as she once was. I don't think either are title contenders so I'm not sure it matters much. I just hope it's not a boring clinch against the fence fight.

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