Monday, April 06, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Kairi Hojo vs Io Shirai

After STARDOM stripped Yoshiko of the World of STARDOM Championship and suspended her, they held a one day four wrestler tournament on the Mar. 29 Korakuen Hall show. This video is the tournament final of Kairi Hojo vs Io Shirai. Never heard of Hojo? She has been working for STARDOM for three years. Before that she was an aspiring actress. She's OK for an idol wrestler. But she has the kind of the flaws you would expect mostly that she lacks quickness. She's not an athlete. She's three years older than Io. But Io has been a pro wrestler for eight years and she has worked hard to be really good in the ring. Logically, there is no way Hojo should beat Io. But remember STARDOM wants to appeal to the dirty old man fanbase. I watched the semi finals for context. Hojo beat Kyoko Kimura. Kimura is a veteran heel and she beats the crap out of Hojo and Hojo wins with a flash rollup. You'll notice that Hojo's right elbow is wrapped. I don't think it's a real injury because Kimura, who has MMA experience, gets her in a kimura and then an armbar. She's through if her arm is really hurt. I think they wrapped it to remind her to sell it which she does forget sometimes. In the other semi final, Io beat Takumi Iroha who was in her last STARDOM match. She is going to work for Chigusa Nagayo's company Marvelous. Io seems to hurt her back and you'll notice in the final that it is taped. But Io wins anyway with a moonsault. In the final, you'll notice that Hojo's outfit and entrance seem to copy Io. It's a tribute as she didn't wear that for the earlier match. Thirty seconds into the match, Io hits a German suplex and a near fall and it looked to me like Hojo forgot to kick out. It was very close to a pin. Then they go out to the floor. And Io does a moonsault from the Korakuen Hall balcony. But Hojo is out of position and doesn't catch her. And there are stairs there. Yikes! Io could have been killed! You see why I don't like idol wrestlers. Hojo can't even do the basics. She also repeats a few spots that she did with Kimura. The end comes when Hojo hits two top rope elbows out of nowhere. I guess STARDOM was running out of TV time. Kairi Hojo is your new World of STARDOM champ. I'm sure Io was pissed when STARDOM owner Hiroshi Ogawa told her she wasn't winning the title. But she did the job like a good little girl. During the ceremony afterwards, Hojo was attacked by Kris Wolf, an American living in Japan who belongs to Kimura's heel stable. She made her wrestling debut last summer. Hey, I know what they could do. Have Io make friends with Hojo and then turn on her. Nah, they won't do that. Enjoy the video!
Io Shirai vs. Kairi Hojo (STARDOM) by JAHMAL1111

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