Saturday, April 04, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Juliana Pena vs Milana Dudieva

Here's the fight video of Juliana Pena vs Milana Dudieva from this afternoon's UFC show in Fairfax, VA. Of course as we all know, Juliana won TUF 18 and then blew out her knee during gym horseplay. Then she lied and said she was attacked. She lost a year of her career by pure stupidity. So though I think she's a talented fighter, I also think she is a nut which can be a problem sometimes. Milana won her UFC debut over Juliana's teammate Elizabeth Phillips. The fight was terrible. So I wasn't surprised that Juliana wanted revenge. I expected easy pickings as Milana probably doesn't belong in the UFC. And you will see from the start that Juliana is much quicker than Milana. So even when Milana scores a takedown, she is unable to take advantage and soon Juliana is pounding her from top position. Milana is unable to get out from under and the fight is stopped with about a minute left in round one. So Juliana successfully returns from her knee injury and now I'd like to see her face someone better like maybe Amanda Nunes. That would be a good test. Enjoy the video!

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