Saturday, April 25, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Mtume

Song:You, Me and He
Album:Soul Hits Of The 80's

You, Me and He was one of two big hits by 80s R & B group Mtume. The other hit, Juicy Fruit, is supposed to be one of the most sampled songs in history. The leader of Mtume was percussionist James "Mtume" Forman. He was born Sept. 27, 1946 in Philadelphia the son of jazz sax legend Jimmy Heath. He started out in Miles Davis' 70s band that was more funk than jazz. Mtume was on the 1972 album On The Corner and the 1974 album Big Fun. Guitarist Reggie Lucas was also in that band. The two left Davis in 1976 for Roberta Flack's band. The two formed Mtume and brought in session singer Tawatha Agee. After two albums on Epic Records had modest success, Lucas left and was replaced by Ed "Tree" Moore. Lucas went on to be one of the producers on Madonna's 1983 debut album. The 1982 single Juicy Fruit topped the R & B charts and is supposedly one of the most sampled songs in history. You, Me and He is more of a slow jam. But it did just as well on the R & B charts in 1984. The sax solo is by Sonny Fortune. Unfortunately, the only Mtume comp released to date is out of print. So you can't get both singles on one CD. I recommend this 3CD various artists budget comp to get You, Me and He. Mtume split up in 1986 and both Mtume and Lucas have had long careers as producers. Tawatha Agee recorded a 1987 solo album and then returned to session singing especially with Luther Vandross. Here's the video for You, Me and He by Mtume.

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