Sunday, April 12, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Aleksandra Albu vs Izabela Badurek

Here's the match video of Aleksandra Albu vs Izabela Badurek from yesterday's UFC show in Poland. Both were making their UFC debuts. Aleksandra signed with the UFC a year and a half ago to fight in the Bantamweight division. But she hurt her knee and announced last year that she would fight at 115lb. Her official record is 1-0 and there is no video of her so I don't know if she can fight or if she is a glorified fitness model. She started out in bodybuilding and there are plenty of glamour pics of her out there. BTW, her nickname Stitch is from the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch. I assume she is mischievous like Stitch in the movie. To me, Izabela looked like she was signed because they wanted a Polish fighter for this show. I posted one of her fights on my blog and I didn't think she was anything special. Previously Izabela fought at 125lb and she missed weight but made it on the second pass. At the start of round one, Aleksandra started throwing jabs. Izabela didn't like getting hit in the face so she took Aleksandra to the fence for some pointless clinching. Izabela was trying to take her down but couldn't. Aleksandra was much stronger than Izabela. I scored round one 10-9 for Aleksandra. The same pattern continued in round two and probably would have continued for the rest of the fight. Except Izabela attempted a takedown and fell into a guillotine choke and that was it. Aleksandra won but I'm not sure if she's much of a fighter because Izabela was terrible. Aleksandra's jabs were effective but she didn't through enough of them and she didn't throw any combinations. I thought she was a little too willing to clinch on the fence. So until she fights someone better, I'm not sold on Aleksandra. Enjoy the video!

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