Friday, April 24, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Trews

Artist:The Trews
Song:Every Inambition
Album:House Of Ill Fame

The Trews are originally from Nova Scotia and had success on the Canadian charts in the late 90s. Every Inambition was their first single and they would go on to have a couple of number one hits in Canada. The Trews are a family group from Antigonish, NS. Colin MacDonald is the lead singer. His brother John-Angus MacDonald is the guitarist. Cousin Sean Dalton plays drums and childhood pal Jack Syperek plays bass. They formed while in high school as One I'd Trouser after a Monty Python song in The Meaning Of Life. They released an EP under that name and then a fan suggested The Trews which acknowledges their Scottish roots. They moved to Naigara Falls to be closer to the Canadian music business hub in Toronto. In 2002, they won Rocksearch, an annual talent contest held by St. Catherines radio station HTZ-FM and this got them a record deal with Bumstead Productions with Sony BMG Canada distribution. The 2003 debut CD House Of Ill Fame was produced by Big Sugar lead singer Gordie Johnson. Every Inambition was the first single and it reached #14 on the Canadian Rock chart. They went on to have number one Canadian Rock hits like Not Ready To Go, Hold Me In Your Arms and Yearning. Their music is straight ahead Beatles influenced rock. They don't try to get fancy. Of course there's a lot of competition out there and that has made it difficult for The Trews to establish themselves outside Canada. But they still have a big following especially in the Maritimes. Syparek's father owns several clubs in Nova Scotia so he handles their booking. Their latest CD The Trews was released April 2014 and it features a guest appearance by Serena Ryder. They will tour Canada this summer. If you have never heard of them, The Trews are worth checking out. Here's the video for Every Inambition by The Trews.

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