Sunday, April 26, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Alexis Davis vs Sarah Kaufman

Here's the match video of Alexis Davis vs Sarah Kaufman from last night's UFC show in Montreal. Both of these fighters want to get back into the title picture. Alexis is a very good fighter who is error prone. The thing I remember about their 2012 Strikeforce fight was Alexis losing the striking battle with Sarah. By the time she took Sarah down, she lost the first two rounds. Would she make the same mistake? And Alexis did make the same mistake in round one and though I don't think she was ever hurt, Sarah did win round one 10-9. I guess a light bulb went on between rounds because Alexis took Sarah down and got the win with an armbar. And until Sarah develops a ground game, that's how you you beat her. What will it take for her to at least be able to defend on the ground? That weakness has cost her all her losses. Opponents have figured that out. Anyway, it's a big win for Alexis especially after how she lost to Ronda Rousey. But I'm not sure it puts her any closer to a title shot. I don't do fantasy booking so I don't know who Alexis should face next. Enjoy the video!

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