Sunday, April 26, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Randa Markos vs Aisling Daly

Here's the fight video of Randa Markos vs Aisling Daly from last night's UFC show in Montreal. Aisling was supposed to fight Claudia Gadelha in Poland. When Claudia pulled out, this fight was set up and the late addition of this fight is why it aired on Fight Pass. Randa lives in Windsor, ON and trains at Michigan Top Team in Dearborn, MI. UFC fighter Daron Cruickshank was in her corner. Randa also trained with Jessica Eye at Strong Style on Cleveland. Randa is an elite grappler which I thought would be kryptonite for Aisling who is terrible on the ground. But the interesting thing is that in round one, Randa was much quicker than Aisling on her feet and was outstriking her. Then she took Aisling down and almost submitted her. Randa used the dreaded headlock takedown a couple of times because her training with Aisling in TUF made her think Aisling was ripe for that move. So I scored round one 10-9 for Randa. This continued in round two until Randa got a little unlucky when she took Aisling down and Aisling ended up on top. An elbow cut Randa above her left eye and I thought that was enough to score round two 10-9 for Aisling. Looking at the cut, I thought Randa would be fine. So who wants it in round three? Things were even until Aisling initiated a takedown and Randa wound up on top. So as Randa was unlucky in round two, Aisling was unlucky in round three. That's how fights go sometimes. I thought Randa's armbar attempt was enough for me to score round three 10-9 for Randa. So I scored the fight 29-28 for Randa and the judges gave her the win by unanimous decision. Was that an upset? Not for me because I thought Aisling was overrated and Randa was underrated. I don't think Randa will be on UFC Fight Pass anymore. Enjoy the fight!

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