Thursday, April 02, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Paul Hardcastle

Artist:Paul Hardcastle
Album:Electrofied 80s: Essential Paul Hardcastle

British producer Paul Hardcastle scored a worldwide hit especially on the dance charts with 19 in 1985. Though it was his only North American hit, he did well in England in the 80s and today does very well in Smooth Jazz. He was born Dec. 10, 1957 in London, England. He was a member of Direct Drive and First Light before going solo. When his 1984 single Rain Forest was a dance hit, he signed with Chrysalis Records. Hardcastle was inspired to create 19 after watching the ABC TV documentary Vietnam Requiem. It said that the average age of a soldier in the Vietnam war was 19. His instrumental track was nothing special. But he used samples from Vietnam Requiem and narration by veteran voice over artist Peter Thomas to get his point across. 19 topped the British charts for five weeks in 1985 and it topped charts worldwide. It reached #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the dance charts. MTV played the video heavily which had clips from Vietnam Requiem. Hardcastle scored some other hits in England. But in the mid-80s he started concentrating on composing music for TV along with remixing and producing. He started getting into Smooth Jazz in the 90s recording as Hardcastle and The Jazzmasters. He's done well in that market and is a regular at the top of the Smooth Jazz charts. This 2CD comp from Music Club covers Hardcastle's entire career. Hardcastle's latest CDs Moovin & Groovin and The Jazzmasters VII were released on his own label last year. Here's the video for 19 by Paul Hardcastle.

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