Wednesday, April 01, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Jimmy Wilson

Artist:Jimmy Wilson
Song:Trouble In My Home
Album:The Bob Geddins Blues Legacy

Jimmy Wilson was an outstanding 50s blues singer who didn't quite make it and then died in obscurity way before his time. He was born in Lake Charles, LA in 1921 and he was discovered by producer Bob Geddins while performing with a gospel group in California. Geddins led his band The Cavaliers but mainly he owned several small record labels. The pattern in those days was a guy like Geddins would record a singer and then would sell his contract to a larger label if there was interest. Wilson had a beautiful voice so Geddins knew he would attract interest. In 1951, Wilson sang with Bob Geddins' Cavaliers and then Wilson recorded for Geddins' label Cavatone usually accompanied by the excellent guitarist Lafayette Thomas, best known for his many years with Jimmy McCracklin. The much larger Aladdin Records came calling and purchased Wilson's contract. After a few unsuccessful singles for Aladdin, Wilson returned to Geddins and recorded for Geddins' Big Town label for the rest of the 50s. Wilson's first single for Big Town Tin Pan Alley was a top ten R & B hit in 1953. But that was his only big hit. Most of Wilson's songs like Trouble In My Home were gloom and doom offset by Wilson's beautiful voice. That record was licensed to Goldband Records in the late 50s. This 4CD budget box set of Bob Geddins recordings contains most of Wilson's recordings. Wilson moved back to Louisiana in the early 60s and continued to record occasionally. But he had a drinking problem and this led to his death on Feb. 5, 1965 at age 44. Here's a video for Trouble In My Home by Jimmy Wilson.

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