Thursday, October 25, 2018

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Toni Storm vs Meiko Satomura

Here's the match video of Toni Storm vs Meiko Satomura in the semi final of the Mae Young Classic. Because these two were given a lot more time, they were able to do an extended slow build to a finishing crescendo that had the fans in Full Sail go nuts. The pacing was deliberate for the first half of the match. Things picked up after Meiko escaped an STF by reaching the ropes. Meiko really sold that move. Then Toni kicked out of a death valley driver. Then she got another near fall with a pele kick. Then I thought it was smart to have Meiko kick out of Toni's power bomb finisher. Now that both have kicked out of finishers the fans don't know who will win. The answer comes when Toni kicks out of the Scorpio Rising. Another power bomb follows and Toni Storm is in the Mae Young Classic final. Not that I was surprised but it was a great match. I've seen enough of these two to know what to expect. Both are tremendous performers. And at 22 years old, Toni is something else. Fans have asked me if the WWE would sign Meiko. When Meiko's participation in the MYC was first reported in Japan, she told Tokyo Sports she has no plans to leave Japan. Of course she owns Sendai Girls. But she says she is open to making occasional WWE appearances. So I wouldn't be surprised to see her in the WWE again. I am happy anytime Meiko appears on my TV. She has many matches available online. Also, be sure to watch Meiko in the 2000 documentary Gaea Girls on Youtube. You should watch them. Meanwhile, this match is essential viewing so enjoy!

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