Thursday, October 18, 2018

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Meiko Satomura vs Lacey Lane

Here's the match video of Meiko Satomura vs Lacey Lane from this week's episode of the Mae Young Classic. As has been the case with a lot of these matches, Michael Cole's commentary was awful. Fans are not idiots. They know that Lacey winning would be a big upset. You don't have to say it over and over. Lacey is under an NXT contract. She's from Winter Park, FL which is where this was taped. She has athletic ability but she is very green. She can learn plenty by spending five minutes in the ring with Meiko. The match went as expected. Meiko could have squashed her in two minutes. But as she did earlier with Killer Kelly, Meiko wanted Lacey to look good. So the match was semi competitive but that's what was needed. Meiko wins with the Death Valley Driver and she will face Toni Storm in the semi final. That will be a tremendous match. Enjoy the video!

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