Monday, October 08, 2018

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Exile

Song:Kiss You All Over
Album:Retro Rock Dance Hits

Kiss You All Over topped the pop charts in 1978. It's one of those songs that is perceived as a one hit wonder. But Exile had some other songs that charted. And they were very successful on the country charts in the 80s. Exile is from Richmond, KY led by singer Jimmy Stokley and guitarist J.P. Pennington. They were formed in 1963 as The Exiles. Pennington says they all had long hair at the time and they thought they were exiles from society. The Exiles toured with the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars for a couple of years. They also released a few singles for Date and Columbia. They changed their name to Exile when they signed with Wooden Nickel/RCA in 1973. Their debut album did not do well. But things would improve. Veteran producer Mike Chapman was born in Australia but he moved to England in the 60s. He usually works with Nicky Chinn. They produced The Sweet among others. He came to the US looking for a self contained group meaning they write their own songs. He heard an Exile demo and then attended one of their concerts. He produced the 1978 album Mixed Emotions and it was released on Curb Records. Kiss You All Over topped the Billboard Hot 100. Though Pennington wrote most of the songs on the album, Kiss You All Over was written by Chapman and Chinn. Pennington and Stokley shared lead vocals. They recorded a couple more albums for Curb. But then Stokley was forced to leave Exile due to health problems. He died in 1985. His replacement Les Taylor helped Exile transition to country with producer Buddy Killen. They signed with Epic in 1983. They had a total of ten number one country hits in the 80s. Exile split up in 1993. Most pop fans will only be interested in Kiss You All Over. So I recommend this Curb Records various artists budget comp. Beware because Exile re-recorded Kiss You All Over and many various artists comps contain that version. This CD has the original recording. Pennington released a solo album in 1991. He formed Burnin' Daylight with another former Exile member Sonny Lemaire and Kurt Howell of Southern Pacific. They released an album in 1997. Pennington and Taylor reformed Exile in 2008 and they still tour. They released a Christmas album in 2015. Here's Exile performing Kiss You All Over on The Midnight Special 1978.

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  1. I still remember that song burning up the airwaves and then disappearing in an instant. Thanks so much for reminding me about this guilty gem of a song Frank.